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“HELLO WORLD”? I’m wide awake it’s morni… 11pm…

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This is my old blog, called MakeMe,  I love/luuuurve Blogspot, so take THAT Spotter SNOBS that say WordPress is bettererer.  I’m just here to try Press.  So if you really like me, really do and not just creeping around me, you’ll start there.

I shall apologuise now for this; I’m not faithful to these things I sign up to, they’re all a passing fancy (as you will see from my twice-tried, twice-incompleted Project365 on Spotty)

……seeeeeeee? WordPress won’t upload my picture- a dashing JPEG of me in an afro wig at a gig! BlogSpot already WINS.

The Afro Pic (using URL, grrrr)

Written by Cherise

December 5, 2009 at 10:36 pm