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Some day my prince will come…

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Yesterday I smiled and grinned for MOST of the day, I think.

To the tunes of Miles Davis I had a creative day with Dee (yes THE one and only Dee) and Jan. Jan’s LOVELY!

Where to start!?! Well, pictures will help me tell tales of what Dee and Jan taught me.

Firstly we drew our designs on to paper. I misunderstood and thought it would be a mono-printing type activity, instead it was stamp-like! I remember that Dee or Jan said they thought I might design smaller but I drew a HUGE indian-ish, feather or leaf-thing! Which had its faults in not being robust enough- so, with Dee’s advice I re-drew and bulked it out a bit. =) Making lines as thick as she suggested.

Then, from the base up we pressed hard on to the lines of our designs to leave an imprint on the foam below.  The foam was that what you would lay under linoleum flooring and had a plastic film on the back.

We peeled this off and put our stamp type things on to cardboard to make the stamp inflexible.

Here it is =D It’s a bit dotty.  I found it easier to use my pencil to poke dots through the paper on to the foam and then to draw in to the foam, itself, with a pointed but blunt tool that Dee’s hubby had once rescued from a skip. I suppose a pen, other end of  a pencil or any thing else would do nicely too!

Though some of the lines arent perfectly covering the dots or are slightly wonky it didn’t show on the prints at all!

see? =D This was my first go. I Chose prussian blue, gold and flesh tint….

THEN we tried our stamps on gold tissue! Very happy with our results! =D

…meanwhile, Jan’s first go had a MUCH more exciting and bright autumnal colour theme! With added gold and bronze to each paint to give it a sparkly finish!

And then Dee blew BOTH of your minds out of the water with her pretty dotty mix and effects.

SO, along Jan went playing with her stamps.

Here are some of my pictures…

I LUUURRRVE this one and can’t wait to embroider beads on to it!

And here’s one I made with Jan’s colour pallet! Mwhahaha!

with both of these I painted the back ground, and on this one (below) I double stamped.

I made some other stamps too!

heart/strawberry, sun (it looks baaad i know, but the resulting print made me veeery happy!) woop woop for the moon and tweet to the bird…

The paisley isn’t up to my standards but, again, the print looks EXCELLENT! =D You really can’t tell from the stamp, alone… [right now I’m watching a pigeon in the garden]. Heart. Simple but good stuff =)

The star aint great when printed,  the bulb is poop-ish, the heart doesn’t please me but I love the bird =D it’s the negative of the one above- just the left overs but I like it more than the original =D

See? PRETTY Paisley! With SPARKLES!

OOH! That reminds me- Mum got me a pretty box from The Big Jumble Sale at the John Godber Centre in Hucknall. It’s fantastic and BEAUTIFUL and mine all mine!


…Back to the stamps, oui?

…and more?…

heart shape light bulb

play time!

on fabric! Very happy with these =D

and leaves/feathers on brown paper. Burgundy/red with copper is

golds, yellows, red and green

and printed on to a scanned picture of my jewellery! Thanks Dee!

Next to come? Going to show you CAKE! yum…

Written by Cherise

February 6, 2010 at 2:53 pm