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Second to Last Day of November

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SO much to finish ready for X-mas! X-mas being “two weeks before 25th December”

Right, here’s what I wrote in my bewk after lunch, before scrapbooking.

“Walking down a street that runs from Hucknall Road to the Sherwood end of Mansfield Road (I say walk, I mean totter over ice), Iplod not working, having forgotten my gloves and scarf, the past week had been spent with me feeling poopy, walking up te sandy main road to the shop at the top of the hill to where Art Journalling had moved, with the wind trying to blow me backwards… imagining Judy Garland playing though my head so as not to go crazy (though, if you know me and I tell you it’s been a Judy Garland day, you’ll know the day was going badly), finally! I get in to the warm shop, am met with smiles, met with a “ay up trouble!” and “got a hot spot over here for you!” and then ALL feels better!

…Though Claire asked me, “Are you okay?”
high dismissive voice “Yeh”
unconvinced “Sure?”
high-pitched “Yeh”
are we sure she’s not psychic?

Mug of mango, spices and mandarin tea later and I’m feeling toasty warm and eating one of Roberts mince pies and feeling even more fine! The hard past week and nasty start to the day was so worth it!

Lynn even looked through my book (after asking permission o’course!) and complimented me lots!! I havent put a picture or her work on this blog but her pages are each and everyone brilliant- impressive scenes! I just thought “ahh, she’s an artist” and moved her skills from my head so that I wouldn’t keep thinking “I could never think to do that with that!” and “How did she…!?” so for her to say “ooh, I love how you did…” and “how did you…?” and “I wish I…” and “did you stamp this birdcage? How did you do it?” so that was HUGE and lovely and full of compliments! Her book theme is birds and it’s so damn lovely with colours I wouldn’t dare use and textures I don’t dare try, so maybe I should tell her that because she seemed a bit blue about what she was doing and wasn’t sure about some of her work.

Today we were missing a couple of people from the lesson, but had gained another two, maybe because of the snow? Even after 10 mins in AJing my ears still asked from the frost- but I had so much fun with the brusso that even with having to borrow bus fare, waking through the brisk cold to class without music or warmth, it was much-needed to make me feel alright again!

Scrapbooking is soon and I’ve just eaten chili non carne and had a coffee at Weatherspoons- got to find a nicer, but cheap, place for food an coffee!- but the coffee will hopefully keep me awake  long enough for us to put glue to paper, have a gas about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” (Stacey or Shaun to win!), X factor – Katie and Wagner finally gone but still mourning the loss of Aiden on telly!

Eyes are feeling droopy, need 30 pence coffee from Textile Workshop! More news later…”

So, here’s what I dunned: This is one A5 sheet, cut in half ready to make pages and so I could show you each side in one picture!

I enjoy the effect from splashing droplets of water on the paper and using the heat gun to dry it up where it lands (also, heat gun made my fingers warm!)it
When I looked at these finished sheets in class it made my eyes widen at how bright they turned out!

Both sides of my second sheet of paper! Also,  I used the sewing machine Lynn had used and sewed on the sheets in bright orange before I cut them in half.

Scrap book page result:

In this lesson we had toooo:
Distress white-core card, use two patterned cards and two plain cards- one white core, corner round (again- but I kinda like that), embellish with buttons, use chipboard (see trainer that has very little to do with the rest of the pic- though we did live in trainers while in muddy Ireland.)

Llama grinning and happy

But then Michael blew him a kiss and the llama stopped grinning, lowered his ears and leant away from Mick.
(later on I scratched/distressed the photos too, though that’s what we should be waiting for next lesson)

HA! love it XD Next week in class? Painting and distressing photos.

Also in art journalling we chatted about Claire’s classes next year! There will be MIXED MEDIA CANVASSES!! Gosh. And in the morning (should I choose to wake at half 7am to get to class on time) we’ll be each taking a book (handmade and pre-painted if we like, or a novel we like even!) and in the lesson we’ll each be given two colours to use ALL term! Our own colours, and these books will be passed around class and each person will work in every ones book in their only two colours!

Right then, off I go, lunch time!

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November 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

So sleepy….

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Okay, so maybe this isn’t the best time to update but it’s 16 minutes to 1am and I feel like typing!

I just got off the phone to Dee *waves* and she complimented my blog writing- ignoring our pet peeve of bloggers who hardly ever update *cough* Me *cough*

SO, what has happened in Cherise’s World…

Ahem! I’m a happy little Toaster! I went to see OK Go! … Shut up, their music’s brilliant and fantastic!

Also I made some hand warmers that I have yet to take pictures of, but I heart them and they keep me company on my walks!

I’ll try not to wait so long before updating and giving the internet more tasty, colourful, pixely morsels of pictures!

Good Night/ Bon Nuit

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January 28, 2010 at 12:58 am

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Hi, on the phone with my friend Dee… ooh! now I’m not!

Gosh, my New Years hooseywotsit…um (psst!: what’s it called?!) ahem, oh yeah,  to be more organised is my New Years Resolution … When I was at Dee’s house on December the 22nd and she asked me that question, on my response she giggled and said “organised….*eye roll*” … Yes, she knows as well as the rest of us that creative people such as our selves aren’t organised creatures; we’re ‘Orgaised Chaos’ type people! And slightly reclusive *speaks for self*

So, the connection between this blog and Me chatting on the telephone to Dee? Well, I, bookish geek I am, have bought Myself a diary/planner for this year and have written in the notes a To Do List of:

1: Make the bed and surrounding area.
2: Sort mail- Stuff to be shredded and letters/appointments to be kept.
3: Get an action file- holds letters, notes, bills, To Do lists!
4: USE DIARY! Plan appointments, social outings and work hours.
5: Daily To Do List: Write out each day tasks
6: Manage clutter for 10-20 minutes a day or check for items in the wrong place before leaving the room.
7: Do flea markets of ‘junk’ and unwanted gifts, outgrown toys and things I’ve no use for.
8: Do chores while on the phone- handsy things like washing pots, cooking, organising clothes and misplaced items.
9: Make organising fun- music while cooking, dance while dusting etc, reward self with a telly show etc.

This list comes from Cut Out and Keep’s Online Zine– one of the older issues.

Mais oui, my point: I really didn’t type as much as I could have while on the phone to Dee… guess I’m not as good at multi-tasking as I claim!

So! Chatting with Dee reminded me that I hadn’t updated on my ZigZag Necklace task that turned out to be much more than a task that I ever expected, looking at the picture.

and so, here’s a picture of my result:

Also- ch-ch-check out my rare tan! Credited to holiday in Rhodes *drool seeps from lips* ahem, yes, well… the fella was very pleases with his gifts for his wife (I made a matching bracelet too! he was a very happy chappy) Merry Christmas to “Tommo”, her Mummy and Step-Daddy, with seasons greetings from “Kittie”.

May Your Days Be Merry And Bright…
(I’m surprisingly happy that this Christmas is white!)

But for those that go to the bookies hoping to win a seasonal bet: Does it count as a white Christmas if it snows for days beforehand and then the Sun comes out on Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day?

I ask this because I watched this on Christmas Eve night with my dad- we’re Mark Watson fans, but I also like Paul Kaye and Ruth Jones.

Cuddly cosy warm Christmas to you all, have fun playing with your toys *cough* yarn *cough* craft goods *cough* whatever else creative… the list goes on!



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December 28, 2009 at 12:47 am