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Thursday: I had counseling then went to meet Morag, then we drove to Alyn’s, it was a great day! =D Walkies, computer, origami craft, cakes, chocs, cooking yummy pasta, manic street preachers, fantastic loop pedal music,sculptures, bewks, sunshine, rosemary, ducks, dogs, cannels, trees and boats. Here are some pretty pictures (as always the link opens in a new window). That or just scroll down!

Friday: Preparing for the craft fayre, worrying too much and a break down 😉 yup, that’s all.

Saturday: Crafty Fayre! pretty lights!

Next, a quick trip home with my craft goodies and then right back in to Nottingham for the Dave Gorman Comedy Show.

This is Gorman.
I didn’t take this picture.

I like the links on his links page on his website.

Sunday: I edited pictures, listed 3 more things on Folksy (WOOP!), blogged, made some sunday dinner and… is that all?

We had a teacher called Jess, she was lovely! With her, Jade, Julie, Me and the other three students learnt about silk painting, techniques, effects and that we can use marker pens and iron silk (which makes the silk paint fix TOO!).

Sprinkling on salt wet paint, dripping water on to the painted silk and dripping lighter paint on to darker paint all make funky and beaoooouuuuutiful effects!

I used green marker pen as Gutta, it isn’t fail safe but is pretty and cheap!

Gold and silver marker pens are better gutta!

look up, see the blue, yellow and green circles- tie dye effect with silk paint- painting lines with water on to the silk did that. The yellow blue and purple petal above that speckled effect is from salt.

The bronze below is real gutta.


picture I traced!… repeatedly

And the pretty by-products of silk painting!

Um. Now. Two things. Misplaced my phone again.
And… I bought some guttas, silk paint and silk from ebay. And paper sandwich bags.
I’m sorry.
Craft day at mine some time to make up for it?
I didn’t spend much at least! And t’will be replaced in funds *pout* doh! >.<

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February 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm