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Off day >.< =)

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Positives and Negatives:

+ Teffybum’s birthday yesterday
+ He gave me a BEAUTIFUL watch for my late Christmas present.
+ I’d baked him a cake
– And yet he ate my choconana cake
+ There was a little bit left and I ate it for dessert tonight XD
– Feeling cold
+ Have just switched on my electric blanket
+ Today i had arts on prescription
– Got a lift because I had lots of books to carry, was feeling dozy and lazy.
+ Was given a lift =P
– Dozily tripped up when walking from library to AonP and bruised my knees
+ Didnt break new watch
+ Called Dee and she found my phone at her house
+ We made paper lanterns at AonP.
– I told mum and she teased me when I told her we sat under the table in the dark.
– Teased me a few times after about that too…
+ We did it to better see how GORGEOUS our lanterns look when lit-up =D
– Have to wake at half 8 tomorrow to be able to get to B.E.S.T for 11am.
+ Photographed all my new bits (including re- photographing the hearts so that they might be easier and speedier to edit *cross fingers*)
-…. Now I just have yet to edit and list them on Folksy
+ Something with which to fill my day when I get home from BEST.

Bon, oui?

At Arts On Prescription today we painted white, paper sandwich bags with silk paint- drawing on extra details with metallic pen- this was to make D.I.Y lanterns. They’re simple, I suppose, but they’re SO effective and pretty and I would have never have thought about doing such a thing.

Mine’s the yellow one!

I began painting my indian thang on the other side.

Written by Cherise

February 8, 2010 at 11:54 pm