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One way to scrapbook a canvas! Official unofficial how to…

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Upon arriving to our last ever scrapbooking class we all recieved a specially made treat from our tutor Carla!

Yummmmmm! Soft, squishy and full of sugar! Kinda looks like a rose, don’t you think?

This, our last lesson, we were asked to each bring a canvas! Anna picked us up THREE for £6 from Book Works, bargain right?

Sooooo, this canvas and frame (above), I think, is 8″ x 8″ and this is how it looked at the end:

We (mummy smurf, papa smurf, three dogs, cat and myself) live across from the green belt, that itself is a pretty sight- either verdant, muddy or ochre, but then the sun sets and so many times a year it makes photographs that make me gasp and swooooooon! I thought that one small picture of our sunset on a 12 X 12 inch scrapbook layout would leave the page a bit sparse and I’d much rather have the picture on display!

So, how to?

You need:

  • a canvas
  • two sided sticky tape
  • your embellishments
  • photo
  • your cardstock
  • sizzix doodah and plates
  • heart punch (scalloped edge!)

My newly decorated room (when I eventually get round to buying paint and decorating) will be in teal or a minty green so I feel a bit bad for this photo/ background… yellow, orange and reds…  where will it go?! But photo I love you so!


  • Right then *ahem* the card I used to cover this 8×8 canvas is 12 x 12 inches and, as advised by tutor Carla, I measured where to cut the card just by putting the canvas in the centre of the card (measured by eye) and folding the card around the canvas as if I were wrapping it up, as you do with birthday prezzies!
  • After doing this, I decided not to cut the card very much- so that the card would cover the sides! But still, if you fold it as far as you can then you know where to trim the excess cardstock =)
  • If you would like to stamp on to the card or embellish it with brads (known to me as “split pins”) and anything that would pierce the card then you should do so before sticking the card to the canvas
  • Fold the card neatly on the corners, but then open the flaps and fold the corners under– much neater, oui?
  • I stuck the card, sides and corners down, at first, using pritt stick (thinking it would be faster than using wetter glues), but using two sided sticky tape squares on the front, sides and corners worked loads better!
  • Matting my photo helped make it stand out better by having a plainer base!
  • The letters for my title were cut out using a sizzix doodah and plates for a font called “round table”- they were also cut out by my friend and fellow classmate Zara (not available in shops) – because I’m a slow poke and had other bits to finish.
  • The flowers were made using pritt stick, card, and a scalloped heart punch and a tutorial from Zara! I made two of them and she made the pretty copper one!  ❤

Happy happy joy joy!

While I volunteered at The Art Org on Station Street (or Hopkinson Bar or The Canteen) there was a peice of work put up that was a huuuuuuuge collage of pictures of sunsets, arranged by colour… I would happily have stolen that… except it would taken a long while nicking and hiding each individual photograph… I think the customers would have noticed and stopped me =P

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February 23, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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weird, quick and clever never ending scrapbook page

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Videoooo of folding pages- mute it? it’s all shuffly and whispery!

Carla took pics of my heat embossing- said it was quite advanced to not use an ink pad or stamps in heat embossing! Here’s the picture I wanted to fill in:

I took with me my chosen colour of embossing powder but then I saw Carla’s pretty, sparkly (so many sparkles!) colours (so many colours!) and decided to do primary colours.

Proud of myself? Having fun? A bit =)

Note: have to remove all of the photos from the page else the heat gun will ruin them and possibly make them go all bubbly- havent tried it though, so bubbly pictures might be a nice effect on any pics you don’t like- like all the one’s my parents used to accidentally take of the ground or the sky.

Gold pollen anddd more colouring in:

And then coloured in parts of the heat embossing that didnt take

So I’m almost done! Just need to finish the last (back) page and do some corner rounding on photos!

Also, look what came from America today!

I never grew out of my spending pocket-money on fountain pens and notebooks phase… >.< but aren’t they pretty!?

and and and look what I baked!

choc/fudge cookies and date and ginger cookies… happy family! I was going to take them to class today but I been a bit ill soooo >.<

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January 26, 2011 at 11:01 pm

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I hope this isnt illegal- but very likely is!

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Methods of binding your paper bag book:

My faves:


Eyelets maybe? But deffo fibers and ribbons.

Methods of folding and doodhas:


Eyelet version:

Another method- though my machine, I don’t think, would survive this technique

a waste of tiny pegs! but i like the slidy in and out bits of info and memories!

If you need more bags and storage in your book!

Want your book to have handles?

Book with handles gives kiddy thoughts to me- that a kid can carry around their pencils inside their colouring book! Fun, eh? Maybe just for me then.


The End! I mean, they all lived happily ever after…

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January 25, 2011 at 3:15 am

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WOAH! I love this project! I’m making a book from paper bags!

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I have paper bags- it’s just what many craft goodies seem to come in! And there’s something lovely about brown paper, isn’t there? Like brown- package paper!

Then I saw this book that Carly (Scrapbooking Teacher) made;


This is a bag!? Yeah it is!


and see how prettily Carly bounded her book…

Mismatched ribbon *swoon*


Also this week I took a trip to my local crafty shop, I Made This, and bought some paper for my book! I got handmade paper, 12 x 12 textured card stock and some puuuurdy glitters for my creations!

I’ve been enjoying myself making all sorts of late wish I had more photos for you of what I’ve been doing but things aren’t quite complete yet!

a very foldy ‘never ending’ scrapbook page:

Since this picture I’ve been drawing on the page – nicely! And am excited to get some texture, wording and heat embossing on to it! Yellow and black, here I come =D Some silver too, please?


And a book cover in machine class in shaades of pink and purple and green using “confetti applique” techniques! It’s my first attempt and not as good at pretty Thrifty’s book covers but people in class havent seen her book covers and don’t know of the skilled and very talented Thrifty, therefore the attention is on my book cover! mwhahahahhahaha! *ahem*

Anyway, I should be in bed! My head was too poorley to attend art journalling last week so let’s try it again this week =)

Good night my good friend!

…ooh, Bright Young Things is on telly. No no, I’ll go to bed!

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January 24, 2011 at 2:27 am

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January 2011 so far!

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Hulloooo from cheeky polar bear, Casper!

I nabbed some crafty embellishing packs from Pretty Thrifty Dee, muchly enjoed by Casperpuss… But mainly to use with my scrapbookign and art journalling.

Also, who saw BBC Stargazing!? So cool! Erm, I gave my telescope to my nephew yeaaaaars ago because it confuzzled me, so, here’s what my camera picks up without any help:

Might have to pick up another from a charity shop or boot sale this year =)Here’s what I was looking at from my bedroom window:

(click on link to go to mspa forums)

Right then! Let’s jump back to what I havent shown you yet from last year before we broke up for Christmas!

My fave layout yet I think! I saved that long piece of card for months =P Carla said “You’re insistant you’re going to use that card, aren’t you?” “yessssssss”.

Closer look

(says “beauty”)

T’was a lovely day in the arbouretum in summer time having a picnic, musics from friends and from strangers we adopted who were lounging nearby all for…. Marie! The pic of me (looking like I’m strangling a puppy) is taken by my friend Sammy =D

A couple of weeks later in scrapbooking (after I’d missed a week because of snow or germies) I made thissss:

Let me explain! Whilst I was away Carla had asked everyone to bring a picture of themselves to the next lesson, but I didnt know what she had requested. This is one of very few pictures that I had with  me…

…Plus I’d wanted to use this owl paper since i’d seen it at the start of term and it was the last owl sheet! LUCKY.

Also she asked us to use the sewing machine in the layout.

The last description at the bottom might *ahem* be a hopeful opinion rather than fact. I can be a rockstar if I want to.\\\

And this week in Scrapbooking:

Centre: Me and Amy! Faces painted lovingly by a cool lady on-site.
Clock-wise from top left: Louise (Talula) blowing-up a balloon and her friend. Sarah and I came across them at the end of the first day of tree fest in 2009. My luuuuve pot! Very Wonky because I dropped it 4 or 5 times on the way home. Amy made one too! Sarah (Magsy Malone) with biscuits and Dee with knitting. Big smiles! Flutterby Amy and I made for her room or garden our of reed and paper, string, tape and glue =D Amy’s fella made a stick man but was dissed by a kid who said “looks like a spoon!”



I really do love sleep and the night. I prefer to sleep at 4am on.

The pieces of paper (words) are from a review that I cut out are from this flier:

I like the flier so very much too.

In art journalling I punched a flower from of each page of my second art book and after sticking in the flier I noticed this lady peeping through the other side of the page!

I wrote some sad stuff on this page. Then a month or two later didnt want it anymore. So i covered it in layers of gesso and acrylic paint- but it kept showing through! Sooo:

Not quite completed this page – needs more purkle!

“the marvelous is always beautiful, everything marvelous is beautiful, nothing but the marvelous is beautiful.” Andre Bretton.

SO, how were your chrimbos and new years?


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January 12, 2011 at 12:32 am

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Second to Last Day of November

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SO much to finish ready for X-mas! X-mas being “two weeks before 25th December”

Right, here’s what I wrote in my bewk after lunch, before scrapbooking.

“Walking down a street that runs from Hucknall Road to the Sherwood end of Mansfield Road (I say walk, I mean totter over ice), Iplod not working, having forgotten my gloves and scarf, the past week had been spent with me feeling poopy, walking up te sandy main road to the shop at the top of the hill to where Art Journalling had moved, with the wind trying to blow me backwards… imagining Judy Garland playing though my head so as not to go crazy (though, if you know me and I tell you it’s been a Judy Garland day, you’ll know the day was going badly), finally! I get in to the warm shop, am met with smiles, met with a “ay up trouble!” and “got a hot spot over here for you!” and then ALL feels better!

…Though Claire asked me, “Are you okay?”
high dismissive voice “Yeh”
unconvinced “Sure?”
high-pitched “Yeh”
are we sure she’s not psychic?

Mug of mango, spices and mandarin tea later and I’m feeling toasty warm and eating one of Roberts mince pies and feeling even more fine! The hard past week and nasty start to the day was so worth it!

Lynn even looked through my book (after asking permission o’course!) and complimented me lots!! I havent put a picture or her work on this blog but her pages are each and everyone brilliant- impressive scenes! I just thought “ahh, she’s an artist” and moved her skills from my head so that I wouldn’t keep thinking “I could never think to do that with that!” and “How did she…!?” so for her to say “ooh, I love how you did…” and “how did you…?” and “I wish I…” and “did you stamp this birdcage? How did you do it?” so that was HUGE and lovely and full of compliments! Her book theme is birds and it’s so damn lovely with colours I wouldn’t dare use and textures I don’t dare try, so maybe I should tell her that because she seemed a bit blue about what she was doing and wasn’t sure about some of her work.

Today we were missing a couple of people from the lesson, but had gained another two, maybe because of the snow? Even after 10 mins in AJing my ears still asked from the frost- but I had so much fun with the brusso that even with having to borrow bus fare, waking through the brisk cold to class without music or warmth, it was much-needed to make me feel alright again!

Scrapbooking is soon and I’ve just eaten chili non carne and had a coffee at Weatherspoons- got to find a nicer, but cheap, place for food an coffee!- but the coffee will hopefully keep me awake  long enough for us to put glue to paper, have a gas about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” (Stacey or Shaun to win!), X factor – Katie and Wagner finally gone but still mourning the loss of Aiden on telly!

Eyes are feeling droopy, need 30 pence coffee from Textile Workshop! More news later…”

So, here’s what I dunned: This is one A5 sheet, cut in half ready to make pages and so I could show you each side in one picture!

I enjoy the effect from splashing droplets of water on the paper and using the heat gun to dry it up where it lands (also, heat gun made my fingers warm!)it
When I looked at these finished sheets in class it made my eyes widen at how bright they turned out!

Both sides of my second sheet of paper! Also,  I used the sewing machine Lynn had used and sewed on the sheets in bright orange before I cut them in half.

Scrap book page result:

In this lesson we had toooo:
Distress white-core card, use two patterned cards and two plain cards- one white core, corner round (again- but I kinda like that), embellish with buttons, use chipboard (see trainer that has very little to do with the rest of the pic- though we did live in trainers while in muddy Ireland.)

Llama grinning and happy

But then Michael blew him a kiss and the llama stopped grinning, lowered his ears and leant away from Mick.
(later on I scratched/distressed the photos too, though that’s what we should be waiting for next lesson)

HA! love it XD Next week in class? Painting and distressing photos.

Also in art journalling we chatted about Claire’s classes next year! There will be MIXED MEDIA CANVASSES!! Gosh. And in the morning (should I choose to wake at half 7am to get to class on time) we’ll be each taking a book (handmade and pre-painted if we like, or a novel we like even!) and in the lesson we’ll each be given two colours to use ALL term! Our own colours, and these books will be passed around class and each person will work in every ones book in their only two colours!

Right then, off I go, lunch time!

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November 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Art Journal and Scrapbooking

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Hullooooooooooooo! I’m in a poopy rut of sleeping from 4am to 12pm! Eek.  DOesn;t help that I come home at 10:30 and behave like it’s day time by having tea, chatting with family, organising/todying and blogging! 😉

Today I wore my new dress! Like like like! and I wore it with burgandy tights XD

Today in art journaling we were given a huuuuuuuuuuuuge sheet of thick paper (or normal card), brusso (as seen on “Dee’s First Friday Crafts”), gesso, sponges, mister bottles (little spray tubes), brushes, water and… foam stamps… and plastic/rubber patterned rolling pins as bought from early learning centre!

this is the result of Robert’s page:

Phwore, right? So much colour and depth!

and now for my page!

after doing this… Claire said, “right! after this, I want you to turn it over, and do it all over again!”

my response, “*gasp* really?”

claire, “yeah?”

me, *grin looking like this sideway face: XD* “eeeeee yaaay”

yup! so, back:

(I added black brusso to the gesso and for the green swirlies I sprayed a stamp with a mix of leaf green brusso and water) for the other swirlies and birds I sprayed a stencil I’d layed down. pretty birdies!

moree hand prints XD it’s fun!

Luuurve it!

SO that’ll make two journal pages (or more if I want to make a smaller book!

Okay, so whyyyy, can’t the class be moooree longererer!

Then, in scrapbooking:

pic of me and my two eldest nieces on a biiiiig slide. We were a terrible trio indeed. Note that they’re wearing ginger spice inspired union jack dresses, I’m not. Yay for denim skirt days!

Want to see my brusso hands? Robert actually bleached his before leaving! But I wasn’t fussed- just makes the loveliness last longer!

So colourful that my tights are red, my hands are blue, purple and green, my scarf red, pink and green and my chocolate brown and green. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Right, nearly 3am. ta ta!


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October 12, 2010 at 1:45 am

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TA-DA! part 1 of update

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I return after a while of blog neglect! Why the neglect? Because the ant that runs on a wheel to make my intenet work has 5 broken legs. So now he has to hop! and waiting for things to load it like watching paint dry for 5 hours.

*ahem*… let it gooo let it go….

sooo, last monday,

my scrapbewk!:

this ain’t a great picture by scrapbookers standards I suppose, however, this is a picture of Oakley Court Hotel from back in the days when my sis, Michaela and her hubby, Michael worked at Moat House Hotel.

Oakley Court is where they filmed Rocky Horror and a few Dracula films and we are deffo Rocky Horror fans… me and Kyla (Michaela) ran up the staircase and in to the time warp room… haha!

See Kyla and Mickle? Yup, he’s holding a carrierbag… I told you it wasn’t a scrabooker-style photograph!

“You’re wet. I think you better both come inside…”

Annddd the first scrapbook page I didn’t get to complete in the first lesson:

A closer look at the raggamuffins…

L-R: meeeeeeeeeee at NINEyears old!, Cherish (my niece, also nine), Collette (eight), Kurtis (5 or 4 years old), Tiffany (my math runs out now but she’s/was the baby) and Heather (1 or 2 at most), doggy: my aunt Carol’s dog, Princess, Precious or Dutchess.

Marisha and our Mum on our old, cushy sofa! ‘Risha holding her baby Cherish, Mum holding me. Cherish and I were born two and a half weeks apart! Marisha was a young mum, and she looks so much like Collette when she was that age and also with her first baby.

Collette’s pregnant again! Babby number three on the way! Time to prepare a bazillion baby items *sigh* so many rabbits and pink, blue, green and yellow decisions *hides*

p.s. I gots a big baby head havent I!?

T’other monday class:

the Richardson House! Our trailing plants, flowers and chalk drawings on the pavement! and down below you might be able to see a dragon fly or two that visit in summer

mum and dad’s names in the right order, (michael’s tooo), but us lots names all mixed up because we have odd names anyways.

I did the brown spottiesbecause it makes me think if bees? not sure why. But yes! And there’s a nest somwhere in your neighbours roof and these HUUUUUGE bees or wasps (big fat ones!) come to visit our flowers.

Trees because of our fruit trees! And the climbing, stunts, swings, slidey contraptions stefan used to make going from tree to tree. *smile* good times. a D.I.Y harness and holding on to a leather belt wrapped around some rope that runs from tree to tree kept my brother very happy pretending he was in an adventure movie as a teen. And ladders came in useful when he had to go up the apple tree to bring down our (stuck) Katie and Gemonie cats =D Katie was one of Gemonie’s kittens that we kept and got hit by a car… but, on a lighter note, Gemonie lived on until she died of old age a year or two ago! She was 22 and sooo lovely!

Soooo, the gesso background flowers are for all the flowers and butterfly plants set on our pets graves. My parents/our family have lived there a lonnggg time so there are 4 dogs, three cats, lotttttttsss of gold fish, guppies, neon tetras (YES! I buried my dead fish!), my hamster Jazz, stefans two snakes and two of his turantulas! The REAL Pet Cemetary (but without all the gruesome horror movie stuff).

THREE birds for my (for now) grand-nieces and nephew, Sarah- May, Katie and Elias.

FIVE birds on the other side
for Chez, Ket, Kurt, Heather and Tiff, the niece and nephew raggamuffins.

The Bird as People idea I nicked from Claire, our teachererer type person- she has a bird depicting each of her family too!

Nooowww, i’m not in this class but we do scrapbooks and singing in this room, look what pictures the people who do the Chinese Painting Workshops left for us!

Right, off to do the next update!


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October 10, 2010 at 10:12 pm

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Day 2 of Workshops/Classes!

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Firstly, an update about what I do at home:

Some fings I dun while watching films:

dunned while I was watching a film called Post-Grad… something featuring Alexis. B from Gilmore Girls! And and and these are the shapes I varnished a while back.

Take pictures of the apples that are too cold to sit outside:

We have an apple tree (in a pot) growing outside our living room doors on the back garden… um… we have french doors in the living room to the back garden… so our french doors are at the back, our back door is at the left side of our house,  and out front door is at the front, to the right side of our house. Yup. Odd.


Art Journal, 1st time:

Blog entry written at lunch time in a sketch/note-book:
“This week, starting a week after the other workshoppers, I worked on a background, house and trees.  I easily caught up with the other folks in my group….” and then it trails off, haha! Tut, I fail at writing a paper blog!

SO! Art Journaling; last week, the week I missed, the other peeps did the background but tutor lady lent me a heat gun (first time using/ seeing one! ‘citing!) so I could dry my different layers =) I’d heard of heat guns and how people use them for embossing but I didn’t know that I could use one for speeding up the drying process! And I LOVE that there’s a picture on the heat gun at ‘school’ that let me know that I cannot use the heat gun as a hairdryer.

So yesh, on the first layer I used paint pastels (how I never used them before because I was a whuss in the old days of paint crayoning!) and then (enter heat gun) I put white pastey stuff on to the paper with my fingers to make flower shapes (use heat gun) then I did different colours over each flower (enter heat gun), added a house out of funky papers (enter sewing machine, zig zag stitch)!, used a paper punch and argyle rectangles for trees and for the embankment behind the house

Pssst! Check the shimmery blue dots on the tree!

Chalky pens for outlines, windows showing what colour is in each room and next monday I can add some more layers to give the picture depth!

Recent note to self: “Do you like getting dirty?” as tutor asked, and I don’t mind it but remember to wear not good clothes for art journalling.
– Use tea! Nick a darjeeling or a berry tea, use contents of tea bag? Try just adding a small amount of hot water and hope the colour’s more concentrate
– Go to library to order natalie Goldberg bewks.

THEN it was lunch time from 5pm til 6:30 (boringggg) and I had to work really hard on procrastinating…

Procrastination (not an actual class just things I wrote):

“to do:
– blog- art journaling
– ponder what to do between Art Journal + Scrapbooks
– blog- scrapbooking
– blog- joining first aid for 4 lessons

Review each week/ every other day on where inb a shoppy street of Sherewood I go for lunch because I am SO bored.  Today I ate at “Just Potatoes” that makes tatties, cakes, baggies (baguettes), soft rolls and salads… and when her kid rang after scool the only lady working there asked the kid “do you want potato for tea?” ….poor kid… do you think she has to eat left over tatties every day?

Good gosh- must go out of Sherewood for lunch each day- it’s only 5:31 and already I’ve written notes, meandered around the reptile house, consumed a tatty with cheese and coleslaw and made notes to bring £3 a week for materials at Art journal workshop. DAGH!…

Next time I’ll poke around charity shops that close at half 5 before I go for lunch.

Soooo… Awkward silence , that’s what I wrote while bored. Yup. Was it as boring as I felt? =P


What I learnededed:
Started being very popular in the Victorian times apparently and their books would contain items such as news, auricles articles, pictures and found items such as flowers.
Later it was used by the Americans who made it hugely popular.
Most scrapbooks are 12″ x 12 ” but lately you can buy 8.5″ X 11″, 6, 7 or 8 inch squares or even A4!
Photographs must me matted on to acid and lignin-free card using acid- free glue.
Matted is the same as “mounted”.

To class take 6 x 4″ pictures as well as a large picture each week
Google UK Scrapbookers forum.
Take album Kyla bought for me for birthday times, else have to buy an album for £15!
Can find reasonable craft goods from The Range and Homesense… but not Hobbycraft 😉 and I learned that my album is “post-bound” (has little nuts and bolts type things)!

Our first thang was to look at Carla’s (the tutor’s) scrapbook containing pictures of her little girl. Nice to see the humorous side =P

I like this bit XD might nick the idea to put at the edge of a page in art journaling.

Second we were asked to pick three pieces of card- two plain, one patterned.

This niffs (smells) nice… paper chemically but okay. And the pattern feels good.

It’s okay, in scrapbook class it’s normal to sniff paper. Teacher says so!

Then we cut a 4″ x 9″ rectangle (being American, it’s alllllllllllllllll in inche) and cut another strip, maybe 1.5″ x 9″? I can’t remember sisnce telling pretty thrifty over the phone this morning! And two 6.5 X 4.5 rectangles for my pictures (because, almost running late, but arriving 5 mins early to Art Journal class, forgot my pictures… pah!) *flops*

Then I used

to crank through latter plates contained in here

to make very tidy lettering like this…

At one point I misplace my scissors, then one of my cream photo matts (as you can see) and misplaced my letter ‘c’… but as a fellow learner said, “at least you didnt loose your ‘S’!”

check out the funky letter swirls!

And now! For your eyes only… and who ever else has these books… book porn!

Just one of my excellent birthday prezzies from Dee Pretty Thrifty!

I like words and letters (I know, you never guessed, paper nerd, book nerd AND font nerd? yup. hang on kids for a cool ride!) and my tutor in A.J. has cut out words like this for her “home” themed page

And recently I found out you can get canvas books with canvas pages! *drool* and I like that idea because it was be damn fun to have some fabric pages and some ‘norma’ cartridge and blotting type papers, all in one book. Then I could really go wild with things like this…

… without worrying about hurting the page too much! Usually I wouldn’t worry and would just give it a go but beading seems to take longer, I think…

❤ dragonflies

and now for scrapbook porn!

what kyla bought for meeee XD

and a book I bought for myself a while back from book works

…obviously for a younger user

On the subject of scrapbookin, Pretty Thrifty helped me realise that I dont have to go every week because I think that if I can’t shake up what I can do in class then I’d worry about being able to enjoy it enough and attending each week and then getting home quite late. Today I was knackerd all day and didn’t even wake til Pretty Thrifty rang at 10:40!

By the way, wordpress doesn’t like me putting “knackered” and if i check spell check it suggests knockers and knickers. Tut. Or maybe it’s just dirty because I think it sounds dirty. ahem. Back to scrapbooking…

So oui, might attend every other week or every third week. I feel like I’d be a naughty kid for saying “I know it’s my book but it’s your class and despite that I’m going to sketch and paint and add fabrics, beads and do it differently!”

Tomorrows classes are Sewing Machine for Beginners (to make cusion covers, bags and purses) and Singing for Confidence and then I’m going to open mic night at Jam Cafe to meet a friend, Anna, and to sing a couple of songs… if it doesn’t seem to scary…

ta ta!

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September 28, 2010 at 9:04 pm