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One way to scrapbook a canvas! Official unofficial how to…

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Upon arriving to our last ever scrapbooking class we all recieved a specially made treat from our tutor Carla!

Yummmmmm! Soft, squishy and full of sugar! Kinda looks like a rose, don’t you think?

This, our last lesson, we were asked to each bring a canvas! Anna picked us up THREE for £6 from Book Works, bargain right?

Sooooo, this canvas and frame (above), I think, is 8″ x 8″ and this is how it looked at the end:

We (mummy smurf, papa smurf, three dogs, cat and myself) live across from the green belt, that itself is a pretty sight- either verdant, muddy or ochre, but then the sun sets and so many times a year it makes photographs that make me gasp and swooooooon! I thought that one small picture of our sunset on a 12 X 12 inch scrapbook layout would leave the page a bit sparse and I’d much rather have the picture on display!

So, how to?

You need:

  • a canvas
  • two sided sticky tape
  • your embellishments
  • photo
  • your cardstock
  • sizzix doodah and plates
  • heart punch (scalloped edge!)

My newly decorated room (when I eventually get round to buying paint and decorating) will be in teal or a minty green so I feel a bit bad for this photo/ background… yellow, orange and reds…  where will it go?! But photo I love you so!


  • Right then *ahem* the card I used to cover this 8×8 canvas is 12 x 12 inches and, as advised by tutor Carla, I measured where to cut the card just by putting the canvas in the centre of the card (measured by eye) and folding the card around the canvas as if I were wrapping it up, as you do with birthday prezzies!
  • After doing this, I decided not to cut the card very much- so that the card would cover the sides! But still, if you fold it as far as you can then you know where to trim the excess cardstock =)
  • If you would like to stamp on to the card or embellish it with brads (known to me as “split pins”) and anything that would pierce the card then you should do so before sticking the card to the canvas
  • Fold the card neatly on the corners, but then open the flaps and fold the corners under– much neater, oui?
  • I stuck the card, sides and corners down, at first, using pritt stick (thinking it would be faster than using wetter glues), but using two sided sticky tape squares on the front, sides and corners worked loads better!
  • Matting my photo helped make it stand out better by having a plainer base!
  • The letters for my title were cut out using a sizzix doodah and plates for a font called “round table”- they were also cut out by my friend and fellow classmate Zara (not available in shops) – because I’m a slow poke and had other bits to finish.
  • The flowers were made using pritt stick, card, and a scalloped heart punch and a tutorial from Zara! I made two of them and she made the pretty copper one!  ❤

Happy happy joy joy!

While I volunteered at The Art Org on Station Street (or Hopkinson Bar or The Canteen) there was a peice of work put up that was a huuuuuuuge collage of pictures of sunsets, arranged by colour… I would happily have stolen that… except it would taken a long while nicking and hiding each individual photograph… I think the customers would have noticed and stopped me =P

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February 23, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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Paper Rose! & Cut out + Keep.

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Look what I did!!!

Remember Mother’s Day?

Know those Mother’s Day cards… the ones that have a pretty piece of folded paper inside… on to which you write “To Mum” and “Love from _________” and then “oxoxo” around the printed on sentence that says something like “YOU ARE THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST”? Well, that’s what this rose is made of – that pretty paper =)

Want to make one but don’t know what you’ll need? Then I guess it’s good I can show you the link.

I haven’t any floral tape nor sheet music that I can cut up freely (my singing father would scream!) I do, however, have various jewellery wire! Also, in another version of this I printed off lyrics to my sister’s wedding song (in pink ink) and turned those pages in to a rose!! It would only take  a couple of A4 pages to make this.

I recommend you make a practice rose out of scrap paper and cellotape before moving on to making a rose made of pretty paper and hot glue. I made my first rose our of some fliers and adverts that often drop out of my mother’s Ladies Magazine.

This rose *below* was made by Scarlet (How To extraordinaire) and posted at Cut Out + Keep

Nice, eh? Indeed!

My sister, Kyla’s one year anniversary was on Sunday (9th May). She and her Husby, Michael, went to York and Harrogate where she treated him to war museums galore! And that’s why I made the rose =) along with a Lemony style Victoria Sponge cake! Victoria sponge except with lemon juice and zest and sandwiched together with lemony butter icing and lemon curd and drizzled with lemony syrup! …I thought it would be appropriate for spring time and quite traditional =]

One last picture of my rose… that I’m obviously VERY proud of =P

These pictures were taken using my Dad’s Mobile phone because I had lent Sarah my camera for the weekend for her trip to London… I missed my camera dearly… and Sarah too of course! Mais oui…

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May 12, 2010 at 11:40 am