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paper leaves and a clean ground

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This is the wallpaper in the room to which our singing group moved (warmer than the old room! Woo!)

and this is what the sky looks like at 4:45pm…

EEK! Jeepers.
One of the songs i chose for our group to sing is Cheek to Cheek, so we listened to the Ella and Louis version (my fave version!) and it has us bopping along and me swinging my feet as we sang (yes, 5ft tall, sitting on a chair, I can swing my feet)

Later, in sewing class…

We’re all making reversible bags! So, front 1

Front 2

Back, 2:

Back 1:

my likes this! Next week I shall machine embroider on to the pictures, just in my scribbly style my thinks!

and I’m making the handles in a style so I can tie them together…. erm… not sure how to explain? So, anyway, I had to cut out four strips:

In other news:  Art journal teacher was i’ll last Monday! Meanwhile I’d been going stir crazy over the past week, ants in my pants and impatiently excited… it’s not nice! I was too blue (in mood and because my hands and feet were so cold) to wait around for 4 and a half hours until the next class (scrap booking!) so I went home, got on to the tintanet and ordered water soluble oil pastels! 24 for £4.99! Free p&p!!! I NEEDED them! Yup, I was am crazed.

Then earlier today my sister rang me (waking me toooooo early!) and we drove to Mansfield, in the book works there I bought

  • felt, 10 colours
  • GESSO! booyah. citin.
  • hessian- 6 shees, vaious colours
  • various ribbons of patterns and colours (I understand a picture would be better but I accidentally left my camera at Dee’s the other day- journal enry yet to come from that day!)
  • and silver paint that has rainbow sparkles. SPRARKLIES! SILVER! RAINBOW! Again, you can see it’s serious and needed.

Recently I dug my college art bewk out of the built-in wadrobe ready to get using it again for my own art journal pages!

What else have I been doing?

  • Making candy canes
  • Stars and snowflakezzz
  • Writing stuff n ting- just for something to do- with the help of this book

    When I’m blue (and when I’m not) I like to avoid all sorts of stuff so this is good (or it’s bad) but it stops me talking about/thinking about problems that I can’t deal with/find hard to avoid and fills my head with other things to talk about- memories mostly – which seems good in comparison! 

    However, sometimes this week Magsy Malone and I are meeting to swap thing’s we’ve written – lyrics, musings and poems. I love so many musics but when I got to listen to Ok Go’s (extra nice version) Of The Blue Colour of The Sky, and heard some of their demos so songs that I love and realise that “gosh, the old version’s awful!”- I’m sure it’s not that bad, but this album was made from the rhythm/tune up, so the lyrics are terrible and not properly written to the tracks in the demos- which is lovely to find that they really have to work on it to make good music.

    Also, in stuff I write for poem or music purpose there a recurring thing, a person, who caused trouble, and the hard/ harsh feelings and times…  and in an interview with the band we (fans) find out that the singer has (possibly) gone through divorce or has a failed marriage and it’s obvious in lyrics that there are problems between him and the lady and (in the interview) he says something about it being impossible not to have a same set of sadness, worries, anxieties, problems and concerns show up, soooo, that’s my excuse! 😉

    It’s also lovely that people sing out of tune or play instruments not very well at open mic nights, because I cannae play any instrument except for voice so it shows that It’s okay to not be brilliant.

    So… after telling you that all my writings are blue, that they’re incomplete and that I can’t play an instrument I hope to see you at the open mic night when i finally have a finished song!!! (psst- I actually rather that the bar be half full/ half empty when friends eventually convince me to sing there)


  • Possibly, lastly, sewing paper and poems

    For three weeks in a row of late november to mid december I’ll be doing christmas markets, getting to meet all the other crafty hermits to see what we’ve all been making and imagining! Lovely jubley =D

so… erm erm erm… all cross your fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes and hope, for me, that Art Jounaling’s on tomorrow? PLEASE?! I gots to have my hit of art journaling goodness!

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November 7, 2010 at 9:47 pm

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Philosophically… if a crafter crafts, takes pictures, uploads them and blogs and then posts the blog… but no body reads it, did it really get posted? That’s what Dee and I were asking, but it takes SO long to post a link on Facebook or on other people’s blogs and so long to post on forums that it’s so tiresome to sit to a laptop with the aim of saying “Hi! I love to read your blog posts! I’m a crafter too, here’s a link to my blog, if you’re interested?”…. waiting… and waiting… as seconds and minutes tick by… and tintanet being sooooooooooooo verrrryyy sloowwww to load pages. Phew.  I’m a moody moo lately 😉

Toydayyy I enrolled in three classes, so i’ll have some more tutorials and pretties to show to your eyes, like back when I did Arts on Prescription and when Pretty Thrifty did First Friday Crafts!

On Monday and Wednesday I have two classes/workshops and on Fridays I have one workshop!
Mondays are: Scrapbooking & Art Journalling ❤
Wednesdays are: Singing for Confidence &… either Felting or a Dressmaking for Beginners (cushion covers, purses, curtains, tote bags etc.) I can’t remember which I decided on, so that’ll be a lovely surprise for next Wednesday =)
Fridays are Dressmaking; Improvers! T0 have help making dress patterns *swoon*…
So, where’s my camera battery charger? I need her to be full of energy and ready to document what I’ve been tinkering with! Charger, charger, wherever you might be….

Here are just some (not many) of the pretties I’ve been sewing recently:

Mummy Richardson: “You should make the tails on these fish shapes wider”
Me Richardson: “…They’re leaves!”
Mummy Richardson: “Hahahah! Phillip! You’ll never guess what I just said!”

I latest news, here’s a toad I met today:

Toaddd I love youuuu
If you see a blind toad going around, it’s the one I flashed with my camera >.< I’m so sorry, Mr. Toad, If you’re reading this… and I’m also sorry if you’re actually a “Ms. Toad”. I bet he/she gets stopped in the pavement all the time to have his/her picture taken!

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September 24, 2010 at 1:00 am

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