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Rumaging for answers in the pages! =D It’s contagious!

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Mais oui, today I will (hopefully):

-Make some hearts and paisley pendants

– Make peanut butter cookies

– Price and prepare my new things for the craft fayre tomorrow:

– Charge my camera’s battery and upload yesterday’s pictures

– Do a blog entry for yesterday (It’s called, *atchoo!* Day out with Alyn & Morag)

– Shower, dress in warm clothes and go to Light Night in Nottingham! (Click on Light Night to see the story! Don’t worry, my links open in a new window.)

– Then to come home and make/pack food and drinks for tomorrow!

-Then? Collapse in a heap on my bed… until bright and early tomorrow morning!

On Sunday (Valentines Day) expect a recipe for Peanut butter cookies and other foodie tips AND pics of what sparkly things I made today! OOH! AND of LIGHT NIGHT!

Pics of  Last years Light Night, accidentally stumbled upon by myself, John Berridge and Piotr Skowroński… yes, I copied and pasted his surname…

THIS is a water feature!


The Council House

Old Hard Rock Cafe/ New Vienna

Nottingham Wheel Returns (>.<) and they put out a stage and have musical performances…

Illuminated trees at Notts Castle

Okay, so my pictures of the night may not show it to be a fantastic, amazing beautiful night but it IS! And it seems that most people stumbled upon it last year, possibly this year too, but it should be advertised better and people should seek it out- various places in Nottingham are doing great things and putting on theatrical processions and doing fantastical story telling, some will be ghostly and some will be historical, but definitely all events to see (if only you could be in two or three places at once!) and absolutely something I’m VERY excited about!

See you later alligator.

Written by Cherise

February 12, 2010 at 11:30 am

Off day >.< =)

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Positives and Negatives:

+ Teffybum’s birthday yesterday
+ He gave me a BEAUTIFUL watch for my late Christmas present.
+ I’d baked him a cake
– And yet he ate my choconana cake
+ There was a little bit left and I ate it for dessert tonight XD
– Feeling cold
+ Have just switched on my electric blanket
+ Today i had arts on prescription
– Got a lift because I had lots of books to carry, was feeling dozy and lazy.
+ Was given a lift =P
– Dozily tripped up when walking from library to AonP and bruised my knees
+ Didnt break new watch
+ Called Dee and she found my phone at her house
+ We made paper lanterns at AonP.
– I told mum and she teased me when I told her we sat under the table in the dark.
– Teased me a few times after about that too…
+ We did it to better see how GORGEOUS our lanterns look when lit-up =D
– Have to wake at half 8 tomorrow to be able to get to B.E.S.T for 11am.
+ Photographed all my new bits (including re- photographing the hearts so that they might be easier and speedier to edit *cross fingers*)
-…. Now I just have yet to edit and list them on Folksy
+ Something with which to fill my day when I get home from BEST.

Bon, oui?

At Arts On Prescription today we painted white, paper sandwich bags with silk paint- drawing on extra details with metallic pen- this was to make D.I.Y lanterns. They’re simple, I suppose, but they’re SO effective and pretty and I would have never have thought about doing such a thing.

Mine’s the yellow one!

I began painting my indian thang on the other side.

Written by Cherise

February 8, 2010 at 11:54 pm