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Paper Rose! & Cut out + Keep.

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Look what I did!!!

Remember Mother’s Day?

Know those Mother’s Day cards… the ones that have a pretty piece of folded paper inside… on to which you write “To Mum” and “Love from _________” and then “oxoxo” around the printed on sentence that says something like “YOU ARE THE BEST, BETTER THAN ALL THE REST”? Well, that’s what this rose is made of – that pretty paper =)

Want to make one but don’t know what you’ll need? Then I guess it’s good I can show you the link.

I haven’t any floral tape nor sheet music that I can cut up freely (my singing father would scream!) I do, however, have various jewellery wire! Also, in another version of this I printed off lyrics to my sister’s wedding song (in pink ink) and turned those pages in to a rose!! It would only take  a couple of A4 pages to make this.

I recommend you make a practice rose out of scrap paper and cellotape before moving on to making a rose made of pretty paper and hot glue. I made my first rose our of some fliers and adverts that often drop out of my mother’s Ladies Magazine.

This rose *below* was made by Scarlet (How To extraordinaire) and posted at Cut Out + Keep

Nice, eh? Indeed!

My sister, Kyla’s one year anniversary was on Sunday (9th May). She and her Husby, Michael, went to York and Harrogate where she treated him to war museums galore! And that’s why I made the rose =) along with a Lemony style Victoria Sponge cake! Victoria sponge except with lemon juice and zest and sandwiched together with lemony butter icing and lemon curd and drizzled with lemony syrup! …I thought it would be appropriate for spring time and quite traditional =]

One last picture of my rose… that I’m obviously VERY proud of =P

These pictures were taken using my Dad’s Mobile phone because I had lent Sarah my camera for the weekend for her trip to London… I missed my camera dearly… and Sarah too of course! Mais oui…

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May 12, 2010 at 11:40 am

FECK YES! Working & Paper bead tutorial (=

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13 days til holidays! I’m going on holiday to Malaga in thirteen days! I just did a few hours cleaning at my friend’s house for holiday spends and now I’m aching a little in my lower back and my gacky shoulder and it feels GOOD because she sent me on my way with home made seedy bread and books and mango shower gel! mangooooo… are you SURE I can’t drink it? pleeeeeeeeease?

So when I got home I had seedy bread (STILL WARM!) with creamy colslaw (into which I’d grated cheeeeeeeeeese) AND, at the side, butternut squash that I’d flavoured and roasted t’other night and a tomato. Yup. Variety and tasty. Also today the sky had mood swings and went from sunshine, blue skies with bright white fluffy clouds…. to… light grey sky with no light or blue in sight, pelting down hale and rain!!!

At Dee’s house I heard chuckles and “uh oh”s and the quiet *brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* of her sewing machine… and from this gold was made! Just you wait Newstead TreeFest, we’re gonna have some goodies for you this year!

Also, at Dee’s, I moved (pussy cat) Nonie’s food and water bowl (definite cause for her to sleep on your face and suffocate you at night-time… or at least for her to get nervous and antsy!) but at the end of cleaning I put her things back where they belonged and suddenly I was blessed by her furiness with some puddytat-snuggles and hugging! NICE! I didnt think to get a picture of the moment but it involves her laying on your shoulders and snuggling up to you! Cosy and adorable Ms Nonie!

AHH SO! What was it I said I’d upload? PAPER BEADS! Or “Paper Beadz” If ur in wiv the kidz like I iz. Innit.

There are SO so so many Paper Bead Tutorials out there in tintanet world!

Phwore! It’s only when tagging my WordPress entries that I realise how many entries contain paper crafts and such! I’m a stationary nerd if you must know.

Oscar at tea bar (The Art Org) often buys chicken or chips and you get a funky paper bag with it… which I once nicked before it could get greasy.  Yup, allll sorts of paper and allll sorts of funkys.

For this you may bead need:


Right, so, we have a Tesco catalogue, (yup, that’s how my parents roll, Tesco, I ain’t proud but it’s true) and a piece of paper from my Leftlion newspaper, a simply be magazine that fell out of a magazine along with a load of fliers AND some scraps of fabric. the mister men is from a kids sun-faded curtain, the rest was freeeeee from a Spinsters Emporium event!

Something I FORGOT to put on the picture that you’ll need is a bbq skewer, knitting needle, chopstick or some such!

See the pretty colour? NO need to spend on silly papers that you’ll hardly see!

Or would you prefer pinks and teal?

Yellow? Pink? Blue? You get me?

Tear out your page and either ruler lines on to it or just triangles by eye and have your knitting needles and glue at the ready!

Next! Press thee wide part of the paper against your knitting needle or whatever you’re using…. and TWIZZLE!

Add a spot of glue, spread it down the strip with your fingers (because it’s fun that way =D) and twizzle some more!

And finally, rest, until dry, on something shiny! The point being that you don’t want your beads to rest on anything that will absorb the glue and cause the bead and resting surface to bond….

… the way that this purple folder and my bob the builder beads bonded. Oops. Nothing wrong with a bit of accidental folder decoration =)

See what else you can do? Wrap them in sparkly sari silk thread that is given to you by your dearest friend Dee

or cut triangles of colourful tartan fabric… orrr take advantage of the old valentines product advert pages that are covered in pictures of red and polka dots!

And if you’re like me you’ll just enjoy the new addiction that is getting down, dirty and sticky… making paper beads:

Making paper beads ain’t anything new, so you can either buy them here:

These stunning fair trade beads are made by the Acholi women in Uganda, using recycled and rolled paper.

“Upcycling” is the latest trend in the craft world – Upcycling is taking something that is destined for the rubbish bin and transforming it into something of value and beauty!

These beautiful “upcycled” beads are made by the Acholi tribeswomen of Uganda using old magazines destined for landfill. The women of the Acholi tribe formed a beading collective after they were forced to flee their villages in Northern Uganda due to a civil war. They resettled in the capital city, Kampala, where the sale of these amazing beads means that they are now able to afford the school fees for their children.

Else you could check out these other fantastically pretty tutorials!

And to end? Ben Harper!

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May 1, 2010 at 10:10 pm

{ Book Binding } Internet has returned so let’s start back dating!

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Today *cough*last friday*cough* my parents RAN AWAY (in a car) to a luuurvely place in Norfolk! Meanwhile I was at Dee’s house having fun with first Friday Crafts.

Also there was Suella! She’s so nice and we had great chats =D

Mais oui, at Dee’s house we did… BOOK BINDING!… well… Dee got around to binding HER book  but Suella and I couldn’t STOP chopping old books and paper!

We also ate nummy souP. And I  now want swede. Is that so wrong? AND I want sweet potato. And cabbage…  This, as they say, “has nothing to do with the price of fish”. But I DO!… By the way, my Wednesday self wants sweet potato and cabbage. My Friday- Tuesday selves wants swede.

What was I saying…

OH! Right, so I thought I’d packed my camera when I set off to Dee’s house… but I hadn’t! SO here are some pictures! and a how to!

Firstly, gather bobs, bits and stuff! These things will come in handy:

As well as:

Paper that has spaces that can be written on! Here there’s a leaflet or two,  paint charts, letters…

… old papers that can be re-used, envelopes from every day letters and occasion cards, pages from books that had a wire spine that had damaged and twisted, magazine picture pages, recipe pages… book pages… what else!??! I think you get the idea =)

I enjoy used boxes as book covers! Nonie and Dee were wonderful enough to donate her old biscuit box to me!

And here’s a box that once contained mini choccy mousses… oh the things my family help me with.

Cut the papers to DOUBLE the length of the front (or back) cover.
And don’t worry about any slightly stout or imperfect pages.

Out of habit I open envelopes down one side but if you open envelopes properly you can use some pritt stick or pva to glue the edge of closing to save having a huge triangle missing from part of your envelope…

Fold your papers in half and combine all of your new old odd pages in to strange and interesting mixed bunches!

… And have your puppy, Lady, sniff  the pages and inspect what you’re up to just as you take a photo for a tutorial…

place your pages in your book cover to check that the book isn’t too skinny (else your spine may will bend and weaken) or too fat. If it is you may have to add another bunch or two of paper… or remove a bunch or two… so that it’s easier to bind your book.

However, If you plan to stick things (pictures, menus, inspirational bits etc) in on to your pages at some point then a slightly skinnier book will make the book less *poof* later on, meanwhile you can cut an extra strip of card and glue it on either the inside or outside of your book spine (inside it will be hidden) to strengthen the spine.
ALSO! If you PREFER a thicker book you could sew a pretty button on to your book’s cover and sew some ribbon or thong (not THAT thong!) on the back cover and make yourself a little fastener to stop your thick book from popping open or taking up too much room in your bag.


Using a pencil and a ruler measure the width or your book cover’s spine and divide that measurement between the number of budles (of pages) you have and mark the fractions on the inside of the books spine, then draw lines down the inside of the books spine.

From this, measure half an inch from the top and bottom of the books spine, this, on the crossover, of lines, is where you should make your holes. Then, an inch and half towards the centre is where you should make another two holes.

On the middle fold of each bundles middle page is where you should measure and make the same holes so that you may then sew your bunglers to the spine.

This is the “Nonie’s Biscuit Box Covered Book” and on the other side of my book cover I stuck a picture I couldnt HELP but use! This picture was found in one of Dee’s old, unwanted book, FULL of gorgeously glossy egyptian pictures. And there’s an extra flap for me to stick down to cover my book spine stitching.

However, on a mini cereal box book, I prefer to look at the stitches, and have started sewing the spine using a co-ordinating colour of embroidery silk…

HERE are some other KICK BUM tutorials about the same thing… maybe they’re a little clearer in explaining =P

Cut Out and Keep 1

CO+K 2

AND this is where I stole my mini ceral box project. Except when I saw this project it was in a brilliant book (Eco Book!) Dee had borrowed from the library.

And finally Instructables!

GOOD LUCK! If you have a go or try a different method then let me know!

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April 5, 2010 at 8:37 am


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Shh! Don’t tell anybody but this is a backdated entry- actually written at 02.02am on 30th of March but posted to look like it was written on 26th of March…

SO! Dad’s show last night was excellent! And the rocky road went down a treat! My brother had 4 peices before we even left the house – HANDS OFF!

I’d never made Rocky Road (or Tiffin) before, nor had I even eaten Rocky Road (nor Tiffin or Fridge Cake) before this first attempt so to get myself on the right track I consulted the oh great Tintanet. And Bing can feck off, every body knows Google’s the bestestest.

(words in italics are LIES or opinions)

The first result on Google for “Rocky Road” was this recipe By Nigella Lawson:

(words in colour are my input!)


No one is ever going to complain about having one of these in their lunchbox, and they’re pretty handy to have around in a kitchen for a quick, snatched burst of energy at any time. This is a lie, however, they ARE handy around the kitchen if you want a sweetie, nomnom or if your sugar-addict brother is visiting… and they get eaten pretty quickly if you take them to a SoundSwell Show!


125g/4½oz soft unsalted butter
300g/10½oz best-quality dark chocolate, broken into pieces
3 tbsp golden syrup
200g/7¼oz rich tea biscuits
3/4 of a jar of Maraschino Cherries, a dash of the liquer from the jar and a greatering of Chili (I keep chillies in the freezer because I’m a WHUSS and can’t handle much as a time- this way they don’t go icky AND they’re nice and hard so I can just finely great some in to food as I go) for the ADULT RockyRoad
Sultanas and Dried Citrus Peel and roughly chopped Jaffa Cakes for the Kid-safe version.
100g/3½oz mini marshmallows

2 tsp icing sugar, to dust


1. Heat the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a heavy-based saucepan over a gentle heat. Remove from the heat, scoop out about 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted mixture and set aside in a bowl.
2. Place the biscuits into a plastic freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin until some have turned to crumbs but there are still pieces of biscuit remaining.
3. Fold the biscuit pieces and crumbs into the melted chocolate mixture in the saucepan, then add the marshmallows, orange peel and jaffa cakes, chilli and cherries . With the Kids version I found that if you add Marshmallows while the chocolate mix is quite hot then the marshmallows MELT! This is then GREAT FUN to stir the mix- seeing stringy marshmallow webs everywhere- but people may prefer their mallows not to loose composure 😉
4. Tip the mixture into a 24cm/9in square baking tin and smooth the top with a wet spatula.
5. Pour over the reserved 125ml/4½fl oz of the melted chocolate mixture and smooth the top with a wet spatula.
5. Refrigerate for about two hours or overnight.
6. To serve, cut into 24 fingers and dust with icing sugar.
7. Give bowl to mother to scrape because she was SO supportive of your blue mood and of your need to put odd things in to the tiffin.

Above: Adult
Below: Child-safe “Muuuuum! Where’s the corner of this Rocky Road gone?”
“I had to test it”

Mi madre thought these were a danger to human-kind and so cut the pieces again in  to 2cm squares. Still they were ALLLL polished off by SoundSwell and their audience members.


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March 26, 2010 at 1:01 am

First Friday Crafts!

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Day-time of Sunday 7th of March: Yesterday at Dee’s First Friday Crafts Day we made BEADZ!

Jan was there toooo! Lovely Jan!

One of the bead types we made involved playing near FIRE!

(my blue and green bead)       =o)

We wraped fiber around a copper pole (I asked Dee and she said you can also use metal knitting needles… as long as you don’t plan to used them for knitting ever again- But that’s where charity shops come in! Just ask the cashire for knitting needles because they keep them all behind the counter… around here the knitting needles are as low as 10-20 pence a pair!)…

…Ooh, yes, so, once you’ve wrapped some fabric around a copper pole or a knitting needle… like this…

You then tie cheap and cheerful yarn around the fabric to keep it in place!

You then wrap some organza around the outside/on top of the other fabric, again, securely tying the organza in place!

Next you can hold the fabric close to hot coles in the fire-place (if you dont have a gas fire).

(Dee’s BEADZ)

I probably don’t need to tell you this but: Fire, as my mum says is, “Burny hot!” So your copper pole/knitting needle needs to be long!

Also, you only need to hold the bead near the flames for seconds at a time for results to happen- so hold for 4 secons, check, hold in for a bit loger etc untl you’re happy with the pretty (and slightly smelly) effects!

(These are my blue and red beads! The one at the bottom was from us playing with a cellophane/foil wrapper from a twix. However, we learned that if you dont put fabric underneath this it sticks to the metal pole and REFUSES to budge!)

Dee brought this to the table- I had never tried it before and I very much like the effect- I’m not going to sell my beads or give them away, MINE thanks! I’ll make a luuurvely necklace to wear with a t-shirt i’m going to customize and wear in the spring and summer months! =D

Oooh, and did you know that Dee has recently got herself a blog? It’s called Pretty Thrifty! Early days yet but before you know it we’ll have the place looking pretty as a picture and she can write a MUCH better how-to to fit along side mine and show us how it’s really done!

Tomorrow? Tomorrow there’ll be an Arts on Prescription entry, a Brusho entry and a paper/plastic beads entry! All good fun!

Good night!


Earlier in the “day”: at half-past midnight on Sunday the 7th of March:

Dee is a genius and created her “First Friday Crafts” and, on the first Friday of each month, we go to Dee’s to do some wonderful creative things!

We’ve dont knitting, brusho (I haven’t uploaded pics from this, have I? I’ll do it tomorrow.  Between making paper beads, Folksy listing, listening to the LAST EVER Jon Richardson radio show on 6 music, making sunday AND constructing the newly bought bird table… OKAY! I’ll do it on Monday after A on P!), of, and we’ve done Plaster Of Paris…ing… more pictures! and we’ve done printing! (Yup, of that I have uploaded pictures!)

SO! To Do:
– Construct Bird table
– Stand it somewhere that casper can’t reach
– Take pictures of Busho work and of  my plaster of paris construction
– Do some more folksy-ing. Possibly with a blog feature about the new fashionable button bracelets.
– Do an entry to say/ show what I’ve been up to today with Dee and Jasc- minus the yarn porn and minus mine and Jasc’s singing songs.

Easy, right? Okay! another to do: DON’T fall asleep whilst typing this (when did it become 3 minutes past midnight!?! The question is in the answer, I’m sure, but it isn’t allowed to be midnight yet! I demand…)

RIGHT! I’m so snoozy that I’ll have to do the beady How Tos tomorrow after some sleep! Nighty night xxx

5 Mins after this I clicked “shut down” I had fallen asleep where I sat… until 4am… when I woke up, shut the laptop lid, switched of the bedroom light, climbed n to bed and passed out again, this time until 8am =D


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March 7, 2010 at 12:34 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY RICHARDSON! (brownie mug cake recipe)

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Today was mum’s birthday and mum and dad’s anniversary!

So, I woke at half 9am, ran downstairs, let out the dogs, and… got to making a brownie mug cake for mum and dad!

RIGHT! This recipe is for one chocolate mug cake… apparently… but I mixed the goop in a breakfast bowl and then poured half in to two separate mugs, I suggest you do the same!

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional), 2 table spoons of chocolate chips and two table spoons of chopped walnuts
a small splash of vanilla extract
1 large coffee mug

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well. Add the egg and mix thoroughly.

Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla extract, and mix again

my monkeys were being terribly helpful! by… um… keeping themselves busy…

NEXT!:  Split the mix in to two mugs so that each mug is just below half way “filled”. Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes at 1000 watts.  Your cakes will rise by double!

In the picture at the top of this entry the cake looks SO very shiny… because I added chocolate frosting!!!

So, to mum’s room I went, with a SPOON and we ate half of one mug cake each and left the other downstairs to greet dad as he came home from work! …First time I’ve ever had brownie or cake for breakfast….

mwhahahaha! I did a cheeky verse =D

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March 3, 2010 at 10:54 pm

“best ever chocolate cake… just so happens to be vegan”

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Choc at the back and vegan choconana at the front. Honestly the vegan one tastes nicer
and more chocolatey.

It is my brother’s birthday tomorrow!
AND I made a cake for the making day at Dee’s yesterday, it was Vegan Choconana

Here’s the Recipe:

1 and 1/4 cups of flour
1 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of cocoa
1tsp of baking soda
1/2tsp of salt
1 cup of warm water
1tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup of vegetable oil
1tsp of apple vinegar
3 chopped and sliced ripe bananas


Pre-heat the oven to 350F OR 180C

The only rule to cakes is to mix the dry ingredients first and to add and mix the wet ingredients secondly!

Line and or grease the cake tin (with oil if you’re vegan). Or go to B&M Bargains to get a load of silicone cases. Nifty things!

Bake for 30 minutes. Prick its centre with a knife, if it comes out clean then it has keweked nicely =) He it is with icing:

When it’s cooled you could make a glaze using a warm  pan- melt 4tsp of vegan marge and add 1/2 cup of sugar, 2tsp milk and 2 tsp cocoa.

For Stefan (my big bro) I made a chocolate sandwich cake.


6oz S R Flour
2oz Cocoa
8oz Sugar
8oz Margarine
4 eggs

Which I also cooked at 180c for 35-40 mins

When it had cooled I sandwiched the cake together using chocolate frosting (2 or tablespoons of melted marge, little bit of milk, lots of cocoa and icing sugar) and strawberry + red currant jam…

… Teffybum likes sugar and sweetie things….

SO! *sigh* Lastly (in real life- it was the first cake I made that night) Fred’s birthday was earlier this week and for this group of friends and himself I made a Victoria Sponge cake which is four and eight:

8oz of flour, butter and marg’ and 4 eggs.

Again I sandwiched it with jam and vanilla butter icing (leave out the cocoa, add a tsp of vanilla escence)

Sooooooooooooo, I have this friend- no, really! I do! And her name’s Marie, she’s a photographer which and amazing eye! From her I bought a birthday for my brother. It took a while and I had to go through a process of selections until I narrowed it down to two catagories of “Card/ photograph brother will like the most and will want to frame  and mount on the wall” and “Photograph I like the most right now and want to frame and mount on my wall”

The fallen angel is his and much like the pictures Stefan used to take and the rose is mine =P because I like flowers, dew drops and the genius of  macro setting on cameras. To prove this, here’s a picture of some freaky fabric that Dee was printing on to (se the pretty swirls?). They’re just water droplets but they didn’t properly settle or absorb and looked glittery in the light.

OOH! And our work endorsed by Nonie!

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February 6, 2010 at 3:52 pm