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Paper leaves of Poetry & Macbeth(shh!)

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PrettyThrifty and I agree I should be more blabby in blog entries! She says I’m funny (in a nice way!) but she’s the one lent me the words “dust elephants” and sent the text “But it’s impossible to be mr impossible!”

Speaking of… here’s my new (second-hand sewing machine)

It used to be PrettyThrifty’s and was living at her house until recently. So far I’ve been practicing and attempting little bits…

heart-shaped door-hanger! The First attempt looks like a wonky sock. That’s why I need Pretty Thrifty as my tech-support- telling me why it looks like a wonky sock and how I can make it look more “country kitchen” the next time around =o)

At least my cat Casper gets his own christmas stocking this year… so all’s not lost in learning how to craft with a machine.
On Monday, PrettyThrifty and I are going to The Art Organisation so that she  can hand over her beayouuuutiful makes to be put in the new shop.  On that note- thankyou Oscar for lettuce and letting me rant, and WOOP to Kris, a pal who recently joined their team for a bit of painting and work on the new shop! People should employ him *hint hint* and me *more hint* when we apply to places.

SO! New shop… I’m making some items for the shop too and for Crocus Gallery in Lenton (near the Savoy cinema).

On Thursday I had phone counseling so I could stay ‘at home’ on the quite nice day. I blu-tacked my paper shapers to an old sketch book, sat in the garden with a tin of clear varnish and a brush (of sorts)…

after a couple of coats and hours of drying in between I ch-ch-check them out… this was the first time I varnished paper and it feels funny to respond to “what have you been varnishing?”
“paper hearts.”
“hahahaha!…. oh. really? why?”
“yeah, odd for me too!)

I discovered that when painting older paper hearts (and leaves) from an older book with yellow-er pages, it makes the paper translucent and look a little bit like grease-proof paper, which may not sound attractive to you but I see them being used for scrapbooking and mixed-media projects (for a book Pretty Thrifty gave me for my happy 22nd) and newer, creamier pages turn a lot less translucent! But I also enjoy the effect left on the empty pages once I’ve removed the shapes… so they’ll be used for another project! Happy bi-products of creating…

I’ve been thinking about how I might update the brooches (varnish? play book? leaf shapes…?) and have been thinking of stitching them to felt, but I quite like the stiffness from backing them on layers of card… I’ll experiment with them tomorrow =]… in an hour less wee and less rude to my eyes.

I tested with one of the leaves but found that (as lovely and speedy as that was) that the thread was too thin and didn’t make the brooch nearly as lovely and colourful as wanted it to be… but just now, while typing this I’ve had an idea… what if I just use the sewing machine to make my brooch all holey, ready for me to sew through the pre-made holes- to that the stitches are all more even? or not?


On another subject, FOLKSY! I made a second Folksy account for myself for anything I’ve made, intended for more making, and for anything I’ve stash-busted! It’s called CardBored… obviously I was PMTing and moody at the time of thinking of a title ;o)
Here are some fabric beads I made…

ummm… and there was one last thing I wanted to write about before I ran off to bed at 3:30am…

– Blog about my garlands I made for ME and no one else *mwhahhahahahaha*
– Pics of lemon and lime curd I’m making later, in the day light, or in a few days. (If Ms.Thrifty is reading this, a jar is to be saved for you!)
– Embroid, and take pics of paper thangs.
– Mixed media bewk (book)?

wee wee, brush teeth and…

AHH! Arts on Prescription! It isnt up and running again yet BUT there’s an exhibit on at the New Art Exchange… tut, what have they done to the website? I find it hard to find the info now =o(… ahh, yes, the exhibit is of items made at AonP, so I’ll be going on monday or thursday to gawk at nice things =]

I reeeeally need the loo now, bye…

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September 19, 2010 at 2:38 am

WHAT iz youz bin doin’ blud?

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WELL! I had a couple of days with the Pretty and Thirfty Dee! Read about it here. Yup yup, great time cackling and laughing with my Queens of magical creativity! and DAMN that was good hot chocolate! Also, I have this little piece of lapis lazuli….

Beautiful! and with golden flecks

from the nice man Mick Lawlor at the crystal shop on Canning Circus. Luminosa? WHEN I know how to make silver jewelery with silversmithery techniques I will buy FUCK LOADS LOTS of such stones and other pretty things and set them how they deserve to be displayed *sigh* one day…

Here’s another blue stone I love (but a cheeky man-made stone)

It has me thinking of starry nights, the universe and icey pavements.


What might I have been up to recently?

MaKiNg PeNdAnTs! & Sitting with flowers & taking pictures!

Orange with blue and orange with puple makes my eyes happy and my heart swoon…

AND… STARFISHY! Made at my cool brother in law’s birthday bbq!

Last but not least… today the weather is:

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July 15, 2010 at 7:56 pm

Folksy Listing some Yellows!

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Hi there! Right, I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve clothes and bobs and bits but I hardly ever buy! Because spending money is bad and being financially responsible is good. Pssh! SO! I have to, as they say, live vicariously through bracelets that I make to go with outfits I’ll never buy!

Sooo! Let’s start with lellows!

Here’s my yellow, silver, grey butterfly and flower bracelet!

And somethings that inspire them!

IamX! ❤

Every year I have a yellow, black and silver phase- fashion be damned!

I used to call this the daisy chain ring (the back looks like a chain.)

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March 14, 2010 at 2:21 am

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Folksy {Forgive me father for I have sinned…}

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Forgive me father for I have sinned, I did it once before and I’ll do it again… (Alkaline Trio lyrics, i think, that or I made it up…)

I have this problem with listing things. I have 6 or 7 Michael Ball programmes on my bookshelf (Oi! Mum bought them, NOT me!) that my parents once asked me to list on ebay a year or two ago. I have a small “Goth Box” at the top of my wardrobe over-spilling with fluffy purple boot muffs, pinstripe corset tie made by my brother’s crazy ex and a satin skirt bought for £60 from void… ALL waiting to go on ebay!

Also I have lots of bobs and bits I’ve made that NEED listing on Folksy.

Sooo, I was watching Big Bang Theory on 4OD while cropping pictures and listing things on Folksy… “Colour me impressed” Dee said via text. Then my sister Michaela called asking me to take her to our leader (Mother) and off I wondered… downstairs… and I can’t blame downstairs NOR my sister or the telephone, it’s ME letting myself get distracted again!

What had I been doing for the past hour from half 5 to half 6pm? I chopped up a butternut squash that has sat, waiting to be used for WEEKS. Googled “roast butter nut squash”. Read a few recipes and then wandered off to the kitchen to invent three flavours of roast squash and it is YUM but smells (for some reason) like sausages.
Squash: is coated in oil, butter (two things that occurred in each internet recipe), then one-third I made mexican-y, one-third chinese and one-third rosemary and garlic, then, for good measure, I added some sliced onion and a couple of apples. YUMYUMYUM

Notice mum’s hand in the picture? She dislikes clutter in photos. But if I were to “After” shot; in which the cling film had been moved, you would then see our toaster on a tray scattered with crumbs! Ewwww!

Also- please no one tell my mother that I wrote that? I’ll be homeless if I dare leak out secrets of the house hold!

SO! Moral of the story; DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

On here I will write a TO DO LIST and then, to prove that I have carried out the tasks listed I will take a picture of the completed task or a screen shot of said task!

To Do…. No, Really!
– Load new items to Folksy:

~Big brooches Done! See!?
~Little Brooches
~Miscellaneous brooches
~ Greetings cards
– Put Michael Ball Concert Programmes on Ebay
– Write blog address on remaining business cards
– Design and order more business cards
– Physically price new items for Saturday’s craft fayre so that I might hopefully…
– Go to the ball *cough cough* I mean “Nottingham Lights Night”
– Organise bag for Saturday Fayre
– Make peanut butter cookies?
– Make wire hearts/ paisley?
– Photograph, measure and write descriptions for goth clothes, listn THOSE on ebay TOO!

hmm, what else might there be? Golly gosh! Not sure I’m liking this to do list idea any more!

*reads through content of blog* OH! That reminds me! *Adds one more thing to the to do list: goth box*

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February 11, 2010 at 12:16 am

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Bed time?

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Today I’ve eaten not only pizza, but curry too! Naughty, oui? Yum! home-made at least.

Now, women and gentlemen, I’ve discovered a way to make uploading my stock on to Folksy even more boring and arduous!! It’s called Pixlr and it’s really rather good for cleaning up my pictures and easy to use after a bit of a fiddle to find out what each button does! Saying this, I have never used such a thing (photo editing) before so it might be easier for others.

See? I can white-out the back ground!

Has anyone seen my phone lately? The battery seems to have died or maybe my phone has no signal- mais oui, I’ve tried ringing myself and it was “unavailable”.

OOH! I forgot to take pics to show you what I’ve been doing lately in the creative world… oh well! Sleepy now!

Bon nuit!


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February 7, 2010 at 11:16 pm

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