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Second to Last Day of November

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SO much to finish ready for X-mas! X-mas being “two weeks before 25th December”

Right, here’s what I wrote in my bewk after lunch, before scrapbooking.

“Walking down a street that runs from Hucknall Road to the Sherwood end of Mansfield Road (I say walk, I mean totter over ice), Iplod not working, having forgotten my gloves and scarf, the past week had been spent with me feeling poopy, walking up te sandy main road to the shop at the top of the hill to where Art Journalling had moved, with the wind trying to blow me backwards… imagining Judy Garland playing though my head so as not to go crazy (though, if you know me and I tell you it’s been a Judy Garland day, you’ll know the day was going badly), finally! I get in to the warm shop, am met with smiles, met with a “ay up trouble!” and “got a hot spot over here for you!” and then ALL feels better!

…Though Claire asked me, “Are you okay?”
high dismissive voice “Yeh”
unconvinced “Sure?”
high-pitched “Yeh”
are we sure she’s not psychic?

Mug of mango, spices and mandarin tea later and I’m feeling toasty warm and eating one of Roberts mince pies and feeling even more fine! The hard past week and nasty start to the day was so worth it!

Lynn even looked through my book (after asking permission o’course!) and complimented me lots!! I havent put a picture or her work on this blog but her pages are each and everyone brilliant- impressive scenes! I just thought “ahh, she’s an artist” and moved her skills from my head so that I wouldn’t keep thinking “I could never think to do that with that!” and “How did she…!?” so for her to say “ooh, I love how you did…” and “how did you…?” and “I wish I…” and “did you stamp this birdcage? How did you do it?” so that was HUGE and lovely and full of compliments! Her book theme is birds and it’s so damn lovely with colours I wouldn’t dare use and textures I don’t dare try, so maybe I should tell her that because she seemed a bit blue about what she was doing and wasn’t sure about some of her work.

Today we were missing a couple of people from the lesson, but had gained another two, maybe because of the snow? Even after 10 mins in AJing my ears still asked from the frost- but I had so much fun with the brusso that even with having to borrow bus fare, waking through the brisk cold to class without music or warmth, it was much-needed to make me feel alright again!

Scrapbooking is soon and I’ve just eaten chili non carne and had a coffee at Weatherspoons- got to find a nicer, but cheap, place for food an coffee!- but the coffee will hopefully keep me awake  long enough for us to put glue to paper, have a gas about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” (Stacey or Shaun to win!), X factor – Katie and Wagner finally gone but still mourning the loss of Aiden on telly!

Eyes are feeling droopy, need 30 pence coffee from Textile Workshop! More news later…”

So, here’s what I dunned: This is one A5 sheet, cut in half ready to make pages and so I could show you each side in one picture!

I enjoy the effect from splashing droplets of water on the paper and using the heat gun to dry it up where it lands (also, heat gun made my fingers warm!)it
When I looked at these finished sheets in class it made my eyes widen at how bright they turned out!

Both sides of my second sheet of paper! Also,  I used the sewing machine Lynn had used and sewed on the sheets in bright orange before I cut them in half.

Scrap book page result:

In this lesson we had toooo:
Distress white-core card, use two patterned cards and two plain cards- one white core, corner round (again- but I kinda like that), embellish with buttons, use chipboard (see trainer that has very little to do with the rest of the pic- though we did live in trainers while in muddy Ireland.)

Llama grinning and happy

But then Michael blew him a kiss and the llama stopped grinning, lowered his ears and leant away from Mick.
(later on I scratched/distressed the photos too, though that’s what we should be waiting for next lesson)

HA! love it XD Next week in class? Painting and distressing photos.

Also in art journalling we chatted about Claire’s classes next year! There will be MIXED MEDIA CANVASSES!! Gosh. And in the morning (should I choose to wake at half 7am to get to class on time) we’ll be each taking a book (handmade and pre-painted if we like, or a novel we like even!) and in the lesson we’ll each be given two colours to use ALL term! Our own colours, and these books will be passed around class and each person will work in every ones book in their only two colours!

Right then, off I go, lunch time!

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November 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

FIRST 1st Fri’ Crafts…

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First 1st Friday Crafts in an a while at Dee’s house and we diddddd sewing! we were going to do paper making but feared it would wash away drown the drains when we pegged it out to dry in between the clouds mood swings…

sunshine… rain… sunshine… rain… sunshine… rain… sunshine… JUST STOP!

are the clouds playing peek a boo with us?

ahem, so, anyway… I VERY much want to take part in an eco garments course that Dee justtt finished but get easily scared by the growling sounds my sewing machine likes to make when I get too near.  Dee’s mission? To get me on track, much less clueless and a lot more confident using a sewing machine.

Yesterday she set me on doing zig zaggy lines! Her machine has speeds between “tortoise” and “hare”… I started on tortoise and half way through the day I was on the hare speed!! Woop!
Oops, i left a practice sheet at her house! But my second practice sheet I  turned in to a little phone holder.  Dee meanwhile was clickey clattereing away on her laptop, uploading and labelling pictures. When I showed Dee my phone holder creation she showed me how to machine a chord to attach to the case and then strapped me to the chair until I had completed the project and had hand sewn the phone case to my own skin… possibly because I have problems with loosing my phone… quite often…


I call him Ziggeh (the Nottingham translation of Ziggy)

PEEK A BOO to  my troublesome phone!

The zig zags were (at first) me trying to keep my lines from going wonky, but after being taught how to change the bobbin and what different thinkness threads would do (and many other tricks) I just went a bit happy with the colours… I WARNED that I love orange and purple together! Plus this orange thread is a bit magic and looks pink and coral next to other threads. *swoooooooon colour*

Can YOU see a big nose, long chin, ear and eye?

and… um… fings of late:

  • 89 6 lip balms. yes. i’m an addict. (4 of which are from BalmBox on, one’s rose scented and free with Psychology magazine and one was from I.C.Discounts- Lip Smackers are goood and not tested on animals)
  • Triangle and star shape buttons from a shopping trip with Dee and Pauline (plus a wrotten note to meet her at Cape on 26th of Aug for the launch of the patchwork quilt)
  • A beaded flower in blue, white and silver (made by me!)
  • A flower taken from an old broken  ring that I’m turning in to… something else!

Today I was supposed to do a market wity my friend Rosey but it was cancelled for all the rain so today has been very lazy! So far I’ve:

  • Eaten cereal (Special K with peachy bits!)
  • Watched “the Untold Battle of Britian” that I taped t’other night- focused on the Poles involvement and all they did to help. Sad ending though.
  • Played inthe garden with the dogs.
  • Recieved a very annoying catalogue through the kitchen window while I was washing up peoples pots. Recieving post through the kitchen window was such a novelty that I forgot  to tell the man that I HATE catalogues. So I might turn it in to some paper beads =P
  • Have endured neighbour’s loud thumping party music for hours and hours…
  • Unpacked shopping.

that’s all i’ve done today and it’s nearly 5pm! hmm, off to be productive like the good creative, sleepy person I am.

x x x x

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July 17, 2010 at 3:56 pm

{ Book Binding } Internet has returned so let’s start back dating!

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Today *cough*last friday*cough* my parents RAN AWAY (in a car) to a luuurvely place in Norfolk! Meanwhile I was at Dee’s house having fun with first Friday Crafts.

Also there was Suella! She’s so nice and we had great chats =D

Mais oui, at Dee’s house we did… BOOK BINDING!… well… Dee got around to binding HER book  but Suella and I couldn’t STOP chopping old books and paper!

We also ate nummy souP. And I  now want swede. Is that so wrong? AND I want sweet potato. And cabbage…  This, as they say, “has nothing to do with the price of fish”. But I DO!… By the way, my Wednesday self wants sweet potato and cabbage. My Friday- Tuesday selves wants swede.

What was I saying…

OH! Right, so I thought I’d packed my camera when I set off to Dee’s house… but I hadn’t! SO here are some pictures! and a how to!

Firstly, gather bobs, bits and stuff! These things will come in handy:

As well as:

Paper that has spaces that can be written on! Here there’s a leaflet or two,  paint charts, letters…

… old papers that can be re-used, envelopes from every day letters and occasion cards, pages from books that had a wire spine that had damaged and twisted, magazine picture pages, recipe pages… book pages… what else!??! I think you get the idea =)

I enjoy used boxes as book covers! Nonie and Dee were wonderful enough to donate her old biscuit box to me!

And here’s a box that once contained mini choccy mousses… oh the things my family help me with.

Cut the papers to DOUBLE the length of the front (or back) cover.
And don’t worry about any slightly stout or imperfect pages.

Out of habit I open envelopes down one side but if you open envelopes properly you can use some pritt stick or pva to glue the edge of closing to save having a huge triangle missing from part of your envelope…

Fold your papers in half and combine all of your new old odd pages in to strange and interesting mixed bunches!

… And have your puppy, Lady, sniff  the pages and inspect what you’re up to just as you take a photo for a tutorial…

place your pages in your book cover to check that the book isn’t too skinny (else your spine may will bend and weaken) or too fat. If it is you may have to add another bunch or two of paper… or remove a bunch or two… so that it’s easier to bind your book.

However, If you plan to stick things (pictures, menus, inspirational bits etc) in on to your pages at some point then a slightly skinnier book will make the book less *poof* later on, meanwhile you can cut an extra strip of card and glue it on either the inside or outside of your book spine (inside it will be hidden) to strengthen the spine.
ALSO! If you PREFER a thicker book you could sew a pretty button on to your book’s cover and sew some ribbon or thong (not THAT thong!) on the back cover and make yourself a little fastener to stop your thick book from popping open or taking up too much room in your bag.


Using a pencil and a ruler measure the width or your book cover’s spine and divide that measurement between the number of budles (of pages) you have and mark the fractions on the inside of the books spine, then draw lines down the inside of the books spine.

From this, measure half an inch from the top and bottom of the books spine, this, on the crossover, of lines, is where you should make your holes. Then, an inch and half towards the centre is where you should make another two holes.

On the middle fold of each bundles middle page is where you should measure and make the same holes so that you may then sew your bunglers to the spine.

This is the “Nonie’s Biscuit Box Covered Book” and on the other side of my book cover I stuck a picture I couldnt HELP but use! This picture was found in one of Dee’s old, unwanted book, FULL of gorgeously glossy egyptian pictures. And there’s an extra flap for me to stick down to cover my book spine stitching.

However, on a mini cereal box book, I prefer to look at the stitches, and have started sewing the spine using a co-ordinating colour of embroidery silk…

HERE are some other KICK BUM tutorials about the same thing… maybe they’re a little clearer in explaining =P

Cut Out and Keep 1

CO+K 2

AND this is where I stole my mini ceral box project. Except when I saw this project it was in a brilliant book (Eco Book!) Dee had borrowed from the library.

And finally Instructables!

GOOD LUCK! If you have a go or try a different method then let me know!

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April 5, 2010 at 8:37 am

First First Friday Crafts! (old pics!)

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There is a magical powder called brusho and Dee, after spending on these, invited us over for some big making fun!

What we did was draw on to cartridge paper with wax crayons (cartridge paper kicks bum because it doesnt curl up from soggy water colours or too much water), we then gave the paper a water wash with a wide brush and then sprinkled on brusho and a lustre powder to get these amazing speckled, blending effects.

See the gorgeous constellations on my paper? XD
Bleeeeeding, blurring and silver speckles!

And details!

Splodge! Beautiful splodge!and an amazing reverse side!

Check Out this picture!

I over worked this but recently (accidentally!) dropped it outside and didn’t find it again until the morning after… after a night of rain, laying limply in the grass… but after a bit of drying in front of the fire-place Dee noticed these beauuuutiful effects!

Also! This little surprise in the wax! I’d drawn on this paper with a white wax crayon on to a textured background- which the wet brusho enjoyedpicking out very much =D

Luuuuurrrrrvely messy fun with friends!

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March 8, 2010 at 9:05 pm

First Friday Crafts!

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Day-time of Sunday 7th of March: Yesterday at Dee’s First Friday Crafts Day we made BEADZ!

Jan was there toooo! Lovely Jan!

One of the bead types we made involved playing near FIRE!

(my blue and green bead)       =o)

We wraped fiber around a copper pole (I asked Dee and she said you can also use metal knitting needles… as long as you don’t plan to used them for knitting ever again- But that’s where charity shops come in! Just ask the cashire for knitting needles because they keep them all behind the counter… around here the knitting needles are as low as 10-20 pence a pair!)…

…Ooh, yes, so, once you’ve wrapped some fabric around a copper pole or a knitting needle… like this…

You then tie cheap and cheerful yarn around the fabric to keep it in place!

You then wrap some organza around the outside/on top of the other fabric, again, securely tying the organza in place!

Next you can hold the fabric close to hot coles in the fire-place (if you dont have a gas fire).

(Dee’s BEADZ)

I probably don’t need to tell you this but: Fire, as my mum says is, “Burny hot!” So your copper pole/knitting needle needs to be long!

Also, you only need to hold the bead near the flames for seconds at a time for results to happen- so hold for 4 secons, check, hold in for a bit loger etc untl you’re happy with the pretty (and slightly smelly) effects!

(These are my blue and red beads! The one at the bottom was from us playing with a cellophane/foil wrapper from a twix. However, we learned that if you dont put fabric underneath this it sticks to the metal pole and REFUSES to budge!)

Dee brought this to the table- I had never tried it before and I very much like the effect- I’m not going to sell my beads or give them away, MINE thanks! I’ll make a luuurvely necklace to wear with a t-shirt i’m going to customize and wear in the spring and summer months! =D

Oooh, and did you know that Dee has recently got herself a blog? It’s called Pretty Thrifty! Early days yet but before you know it we’ll have the place looking pretty as a picture and she can write a MUCH better how-to to fit along side mine and show us how it’s really done!

Tomorrow? Tomorrow there’ll be an Arts on Prescription entry, a Brusho entry and a paper/plastic beads entry! All good fun!

Good night!


Earlier in the “day”: at half-past midnight on Sunday the 7th of March:

Dee is a genius and created her “First Friday Crafts” and, on the first Friday of each month, we go to Dee’s to do some wonderful creative things!

We’ve dont knitting, brusho (I haven’t uploaded pics from this, have I? I’ll do it tomorrow.  Between making paper beads, Folksy listing, listening to the LAST EVER Jon Richardson radio show on 6 music, making sunday AND constructing the newly bought bird table… OKAY! I’ll do it on Monday after A on P!), of, and we’ve done Plaster Of Paris…ing… more pictures! and we’ve done printing! (Yup, of that I have uploaded pictures!)

SO! To Do:
– Construct Bird table
– Stand it somewhere that casper can’t reach
– Take pictures of Busho work and of  my plaster of paris construction
– Do some more folksy-ing. Possibly with a blog feature about the new fashionable button bracelets.
– Do an entry to say/ show what I’ve been up to today with Dee and Jasc- minus the yarn porn and minus mine and Jasc’s singing songs.

Easy, right? Okay! another to do: DON’T fall asleep whilst typing this (when did it become 3 minutes past midnight!?! The question is in the answer, I’m sure, but it isn’t allowed to be midnight yet! I demand…)

RIGHT! I’m so snoozy that I’ll have to do the beady How Tos tomorrow after some sleep! Nighty night xxx

5 Mins after this I clicked “shut down” I had fallen asleep where I sat… until 4am… when I woke up, shut the laptop lid, switched of the bedroom light, climbed n to bed and passed out again, this time until 8am =D


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March 7, 2010 at 12:34 am

Some day my prince will come…

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Yesterday I smiled and grinned for MOST of the day, I think.

To the tunes of Miles Davis I had a creative day with Dee (yes THE one and only Dee) and Jan. Jan’s LOVELY!

Where to start!?! Well, pictures will help me tell tales of what Dee and Jan taught me.

Firstly we drew our designs on to paper. I misunderstood and thought it would be a mono-printing type activity, instead it was stamp-like! I remember that Dee or Jan said they thought I might design smaller but I drew a HUGE indian-ish, feather or leaf-thing! Which had its faults in not being robust enough- so, with Dee’s advice I re-drew and bulked it out a bit. =) Making lines as thick as she suggested.

Then, from the base up we pressed hard on to the lines of our designs to leave an imprint on the foam below.  The foam was that what you would lay under linoleum flooring and had a plastic film on the back.

We peeled this off and put our stamp type things on to cardboard to make the stamp inflexible.

Here it is =D It’s a bit dotty.  I found it easier to use my pencil to poke dots through the paper on to the foam and then to draw in to the foam, itself, with a pointed but blunt tool that Dee’s hubby had once rescued from a skip. I suppose a pen, other end of  a pencil or any thing else would do nicely too!

Though some of the lines arent perfectly covering the dots or are slightly wonky it didn’t show on the prints at all!

see? =D This was my first go. I Chose prussian blue, gold and flesh tint….

THEN we tried our stamps on gold tissue! Very happy with our results! =D

…meanwhile, Jan’s first go had a MUCH more exciting and bright autumnal colour theme! With added gold and bronze to each paint to give it a sparkly finish!

And then Dee blew BOTH of your minds out of the water with her pretty dotty mix and effects.

SO, along Jan went playing with her stamps.

Here are some of my pictures…

I LUUURRRVE this one and can’t wait to embroider beads on to it!

And here’s one I made with Jan’s colour pallet! Mwhahaha!

with both of these I painted the back ground, and on this one (below) I double stamped.

I made some other stamps too!

heart/strawberry, sun (it looks baaad i know, but the resulting print made me veeery happy!) woop woop for the moon and tweet to the bird…

The paisley isn’t up to my standards but, again, the print looks EXCELLENT! =D You really can’t tell from the stamp, alone… [right now I’m watching a pigeon in the garden]. Heart. Simple but good stuff =)

The star aint great when printed,  the bulb is poop-ish, the heart doesn’t please me but I love the bird =D it’s the negative of the one above- just the left overs but I like it more than the original =D

See? PRETTY Paisley! With SPARKLES!

OOH! That reminds me- Mum got me a pretty box from The Big Jumble Sale at the John Godber Centre in Hucknall. It’s fantastic and BEAUTIFUL and mine all mine!


…Back to the stamps, oui?

…and more?…

heart shape light bulb

play time!

on fabric! Very happy with these =D

and leaves/feathers on brown paper. Burgundy/red with copper is

golds, yellows, red and green

and printed on to a scanned picture of my jewellery! Thanks Dee!

Next to come? Going to show you CAKE! yum…

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February 6, 2010 at 2:53 pm