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PHEW! So much to get through….

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WELL! After posting my Friday entry Dee rang me to say that, while welcome, I didn’t HAVE to do a workshop at the weekend! WOOP! So that left me free to chillax over the weekend *happy dance*.

Sooooooo, at the weekend Dee and I sold at an even called Space For Life. EcoWorks were there as well as LandRoots.

It was a sweet event (sweet as in “nahh man, sweet!” or “wickid!”)… though I did have parsnip and honey cake… ahem, yes, and I made dreamy doodahs on Dee’s workshop…

Dreamy Doodah

Our table… Loooonnnngggg

Other people creating in Dee’s Workshop

And Dee knitted

And sold her yarns. Yarrrrrns. YARRRRGHH! *pirate* ahem. Sorry.

As well as badges, Andy Postman CDs, bags, baby cardigans, Pendants and Crafty Goodness!

here’s MY stall!

During quiet moments I did some painting!

Here’s my painting bit =)

As soon as I saw the white fabric I STUCK my hand in brown paint and had some gooey fun. Poster paint smells nice.

Don’t worry- as soon as people came to my stall I washed my brown/blue/yellow hand.

Is it okay that I’m brainwashed by this old Barenaked Ladies song? *happy boppy dance*

WOO HOO HOO It’s all been done!

Oh! So! Back to Space for Life…

There was this Free Shop and there were some shoes that I wanted to adopt… See their floral shiny-ness? *swoon*

But they were a little too tight =(

There were reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally large fruits

Yummmmmmmmmmmm. A little girl picked up the orange and ran away… she looked like a to scale Thumbelina.

On the Sunday Marie Drouin came to sell her luuuurvey pictures…

Nick found some interesting clothes in the Free Shop, I’m not sure some of them suit him, namely, the pink t-shirt made for an 8 year old, and this article…

Though He did some work too…


*sigh* Good days… good times…


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March 1, 2010 at 10:09 pm


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Thursday: I had counseling then went to meet Morag, then we drove to Alyn’s, it was a great day! =D Walkies, computer, origami craft, cakes, chocs, cooking yummy pasta, manic street preachers, fantastic loop pedal music,sculptures, bewks, sunshine, rosemary, ducks, dogs, cannels, trees and boats. Here are some pretty pictures (as always the link opens in a new window). That or just scroll down!

Friday: Preparing for the craft fayre, worrying too much and a break down 😉 yup, that’s all.

Saturday: Crafty Fayre! pretty lights!

Next, a quick trip home with my craft goodies and then right back in to Nottingham for the Dave Gorman Comedy Show.

This is Gorman.
I didn’t take this picture.

I like the links on his links page on his website.

Sunday: I edited pictures, listed 3 more things on Folksy (WOOP!), blogged, made some sunday dinner and… is that all?

We had a teacher called Jess, she was lovely! With her, Jade, Julie, Me and the other three students learnt about silk painting, techniques, effects and that we can use marker pens and iron silk (which makes the silk paint fix TOO!).

Sprinkling on salt wet paint, dripping water on to the painted silk and dripping lighter paint on to darker paint all make funky and beaoooouuuuutiful effects!

I used green marker pen as Gutta, it isn’t fail safe but is pretty and cheap!

Gold and silver marker pens are better gutta!

look up, see the blue, yellow and green circles- tie dye effect with silk paint- painting lines with water on to the silk did that. The yellow blue and purple petal above that speckled effect is from salt.

The bronze below is real gutta.


picture I traced!… repeatedly

And the pretty by-products of silk painting!

Um. Now. Two things. Misplaced my phone again.
And… I bought some guttas, silk paint and silk from ebay. And paper sandwich bags.
I’m sorry.
Craft day at mine some time to make up for it?
I didn’t spend much at least! And t’will be replaced in funds *pout* doh! >.<

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February 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Rumaging for answers in the pages! =D It’s contagious!

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Mais oui, today I will (hopefully):

-Make some hearts and paisley pendants

– Make peanut butter cookies

– Price and prepare my new things for the craft fayre tomorrow:

– Charge my camera’s battery and upload yesterday’s pictures

– Do a blog entry for yesterday (It’s called, *atchoo!* Day out with Alyn & Morag)

– Shower, dress in warm clothes and go to Light Night in Nottingham! (Click on Light Night to see the story! Don’t worry, my links open in a new window.)

– Then to come home and make/pack food and drinks for tomorrow!

-Then? Collapse in a heap on my bed… until bright and early tomorrow morning!

On Sunday (Valentines Day) expect a recipe for Peanut butter cookies and other foodie tips AND pics of what sparkly things I made today! OOH! AND of LIGHT NIGHT!

Pics of  Last years Light Night, accidentally stumbled upon by myself, John Berridge and Piotr Skowroński… yes, I copied and pasted his surname…

THIS is a water feature!


The Council House

Old Hard Rock Cafe/ New Vienna

Nottingham Wheel Returns (>.<) and they put out a stage and have musical performances…

Illuminated trees at Notts Castle

Okay, so my pictures of the night may not show it to be a fantastic, amazing beautiful night but it IS! And it seems that most people stumbled upon it last year, possibly this year too, but it should be advertised better and people should seek it out- various places in Nottingham are doing great things and putting on theatrical processions and doing fantastical story telling, some will be ghostly and some will be historical, but definitely all events to see (if only you could be in two or three places at once!) and absolutely something I’m VERY excited about!

See you later alligator.

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February 12, 2010 at 11:30 am

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you…

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I like sleeping.

But here, I am, awake and nervous and doing bobs and bits to prepare for two craft fayres I’m selling at over the weekend.

More sleep please?

It will be SO cold tomorrow and I’ll be out in the morning time, nowhere near warm enough, singing songs to myself and whoever listens to try and take my mind from the hours ahead until I can scuttle home and climb in to bed with my electric blanket on FULL, defrosting then cooking my bones!

Ahem. Sorry for my blue thoughts.

Here are some thing’s I’ve been making:

who doesn't like paisley!?


Craft fayres really do make me so blue and nervous. But tomrrow I’ll be standing by my friend Dee Fairchild as she sell’s her beautiful things and then my photgrapher friend Marie Drouin will come for a visit!


Flowers were the first things I learned to make in beadweaving.

I love this. the colours. Makes me feel as happy as a hippy. Are hippies happy?

So...where was I... OH! yes! Right, well, the first flower I ever made, it was red, and I turned it in to a ring and wore it for SO so so long. Never would take it off. It possibly walked off, annoyed and tired for having to be used for so long....

Brrrr, baby, it’s COLD outside!

I love this, somebody duet with me?

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December 11, 2009 at 2:28 pm