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[AonP] 2nd to last session =( *pout*

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Right! Just ONE session of arts on prescription left! POO POO POOEY POOP! Yes. That’s my view.

Oh well. Jade got us one extra session, so, today was our SECOND to LAST and I’m alllllllllllllmost good and ready to finish my canvas! here are (just) a couple of pics!

I ABSOLUTELY piled on the paint right to the end of lesson! See how thick and wet my yellow and purple are? So it’ll be ready for me to doodle on and embroider next week! *cross fingers*

Hmmm, I always take pictures of my work at the end of “class”. Then, when writing this blog entry or looking back at an entry I’d previously written I kind of find myself looking at my work with new eyes… Right now I’m thinking I’ll doodle on the canvas and paint with a silver pen, where before this I’d had planned on using black marker. Sorry! This isn’t riveting but it’s TRUE! =P

I liked my felt picture until I saw my photograph of it days later. >.< DOH! But I’m rectifying that and working on it – I even brought it home with me so I can take the piece back to Arts next Monday and hopefully wow Alma with what Sue’s family and I have been up to in the past few weeks!

Another thing I’ve realised? My teacher last year, Andrea, taught us about differentiating colours that have a hint of blue…

from colours that have a hint of yellow

We were also taught about being selective and trying to restrict ourselves to using just three colours:

So I feel kinda naughty about using teal, yellow, purple, pinks, preens, blues ALL on one ever so small canvas! HOWEVER, all of the colours I’m using are on the “blue” side- slightly cooler tones, so to avoid TOO much clashing. Hopefully it’ll work. If not? PLEH! Who cares!?! I’m enjoying this WAY too much.

The other thing I did in “class”? THIS!

Ooooookay, so, it isnt THAT much, but I DID bring it home with me =D so I can enjoy myself with some beading and embroidery! See that flower? I did french knots! Sue taught me! Hmm, let’s see what stitches I can figue out using the tintanet…

Okay! This can be my “before” picture! In a week I’ll post the “after”! =)

Written by Cherise

March 22, 2010 at 6:58 am

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you…

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I like sleeping.

But here, I am, awake and nervous and doing bobs and bits to prepare for two craft fayres I’m selling at over the weekend.

More sleep please?

It will be SO cold tomorrow and I’ll be out in the morning time, nowhere near warm enough, singing songs to myself and whoever listens to try and take my mind from the hours ahead until I can scuttle home and climb in to bed with my electric blanket on FULL, defrosting then cooking my bones!

Ahem. Sorry for my blue thoughts.

Here are some thing’s I’ve been making:

who doesn't like paisley!?


Craft fayres really do make me so blue and nervous. But tomrrow I’ll be standing by my friend Dee Fairchild as she sell’s her beautiful things and then my photgrapher friend Marie Drouin will come for a visit!


Flowers were the first things I learned to make in beadweaving.

I love this. the colours. Makes me feel as happy as a hippy. Are hippies happy?

So...where was I... OH! yes! Right, well, the first flower I ever made, it was red, and I turned it in to a ring and wore it for SO so so long. Never would take it off. It possibly walked off, annoyed and tired for having to be used for so long....

Brrrr, baby, it’s COLD outside!

I love this, somebody duet with me?

Written by Cherise

December 11, 2009 at 2:28 pm