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HANDMADE NATION *happy dance*

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I’m going to see Handmade Nation tomorrow!

Complainy bit: Lately I’ve been feeling blue. I suppose it’s because I’m always looking ghostly and my tongue is looking pale. I went out on monday for AonP and then on Tuesday for Math before venturing to Nottingham’s Bead Shop for wire and then wandering off home.

If any body buys their next delivery of wholesale packets of 1.2mm silver plated wire then I’ll bite your ankles!

Ahem, so, point is that these were the only times I went out this week – other than my Tuesday trip to the doctors and then Wednesday trip to blood test fellow. I’ve felt headachey and bleuuggghhhhh- to use the technical term.

BUT! I’ve saved my energy, eaten ALOT of beetroot (it doesn’t actuall help with iron deficiency, like many think, but it tastes nice, is a lovely purple and if I don’t eat it the family will leave it in the fridge until it grows a hair style) and I’m feeling positive about going out tomorrow… just to collapse in to a comfy seat at Broadway to watch Handmade Nation: The RISE of ART, CRAFT and DESIGN!

Dee is full of poorliness too but this will be JUST what the cotton doctor ordered! I DID suggest we go with the D.I.Y theme and turn it in to an action fmovie complete with explosions (party poppers and floor bangers) and lots of “Mother eff” type swearing so that it would be like a Densel Washington or Bruce Willis film and will cover up her coughing and my fainting! What do you think? I’ll get the crafty goods ready just in case.

Also there will be the Craft Mafia and other Skilled Nottinghammians in the Mezz Bar doing a loooooooooooooong long craft fayre next to a bar of cakes and tasty things. Poor people. How could you expect them to resist for a WHOLE day!?!

After this I’m going to see my friend’s band play at The Art Organisation. They’re called Baby Godzilla! “Voracious Psycho-Blues” as they say! They’re playing with an alt rock band I cant wait to see again called The Black Fuzz! I hope everyone dances and makes fools of themselves! Can rockers have as much fun as Creatives? I hope so! Don’t let me down friends! Else I’ll readily look daft to support the local Notts Scene.

After that I reckon I’m deserved a nice, quite day in before going to my SECOND TO LAST (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) A on P. PSSH! MORE! MORE! ENCORE!

Written by Cherise

March 19, 2010 at 8:56 pm