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Starting new books and Breaking Boarders.

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SO! I finally started a book I was given for Christmas =) It was from lovely Carol and is beautiful.

On the first page, something I read on the first page one of my sister’s book… way back when she was in comprehensive school… chaned the name of course =)

Lots to add and lots to do…

I have a few more pages started but shh! ūüėČ

And at class a week before last Claire had me making a foldy bewk =)

(at the top of the list is rock star)


the covers are up cycled from a couple of unsure attempts of pictures from months back =)

Okay, a lesson for you to learn in arts and craft:

On Saturday I had a fantastic day with friends. It started when we met up and started searching for the venue of the event we wanted to attend. From one end of Mansfield Road, to the other, to the center of the street.¬† We checked on the internet for the address of the “Culture Box”. One friend said “It’s at Noel Street” and so off we walked. 20 minutes later another friend rang, “Where are you? It’s not on Noel Street, it’s somewhere near Mansfield Road!” and we walked back, UP HILL to meet my lovely Amy, who had found the venue in MINUTES!
The lesson of the story is that when you nick TWO fliers for an event you want to go to…

…don’t just ruin them for use with image transfer solution, take down the address and number of where you’re going. You know, just so you don’t spend an hour walking in humidity and rain looking for the building.

I don’t know about the friends that walked with me, but I thought it was totally worth it! BBQ, lotsa drumming, dancing, improvised music, laughing, learning some more about circus-y tricks. I’ll try and remember to get some pictures next time =)

Here are some of MarieDrouin’s vibrant pictures from Breakin Boarders a couple of weeks back:

Great times =)

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June 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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Robert’s book!

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Right! The book I’m working on for AJing lately belongs to Robert of Once Upon a Stamp. For each person’s book I’ve been collecting bits and bobs or the right colours and interesting textural bits- there’s a bag, per person, of their colours of choice, CHOCCA! But still when Lynn handed me Rob’s book I got a bit of arty anxiety “how could his compare to mine!?” but I’ll be fine! I WILL! ahem ūüėČ

I really enjoyed doing W&C Lynn’s Postcards! Problem is that I’ the second (after herself) to work in the book and I fear the next few people will glare and growl “argh! woman stole the easy ideas!!”

I like the sentence but I’m not sure of the rest =( So this might change before I next hand over the cards

There is another sky
Ever serene and fair,
Such beauty that for a minute
Death and ambition, even love,
Doesn’t enter into this.


I get ideas at the last-minute and in my last-minute wisdom thought “I should do another two cards”. DOH! But class wasn’t on last Monday so maybe If I find time on Thursday between counseling, preparing food for a fuddle and dad’s concert and on Friday after a wake… eek!

Saturday I have rehearsal at Theatre Royal from 10- 4pm and sunday from 11:30, it’ll be¬† scary few days! Help out a social phobe’ and fill in for me? By the way, we’re rehearsing the sorcerer’s apprentice and this is the link for the show. We get to watch a bit of it before we go on and I’m excited! SHH! I dont care it’s for families with kids, I am a kid!

T’other day I went to see Patrick Wolf with Allanah Wolf¬† (see trocks pic in previous entry) and it was a ‘bit of loveliness’ as R&G Lynn would say! An array of instruments and synth, indie/folk/electro and stagey dancing and russian dancing and it perked and cheered me right up!! I luff Mr Rowdy’s gold foil too *swoon* and the voguing… to the point where I didn’t even mind having to make my dad’s birthday cake in the wee hours of the morning when we finally got home! …Well it was that or wake up early to make the cake… despicable habit, that.

I really don’t believe the second voice belongs to Eliza Carthy =o(

SO! Here’s Robert’s orange and pink book, the pages I have started:

…and some fings collected to work with

LOTS to do =D
Next up? Helping Japan’s survivors =)


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March 31, 2011 at 11:04 am

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…and cross dressing.

Yup! It’s all going on this week! And busy Ms. Thrifty is demanding photos…¬† really she only request pictures of me in drag and that hasn’t happened yetso HA I’ll just give you gooey, lovely pictures of cakes that I made, the new additions to my art journal AND the book that I have been given!
Holy triple feature, Batman! (he really said that… just not about my goings on)…

More to come later… when it’s not 3:35am…

Note to self: BAD coffee BAD!

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March 15, 2011 at 3:34 am

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Leaving homework til the night before class is knackering!

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An update on the last two weeks goes summat like this:

We broke up for half term at Sherewood Workshops (a week later tha everybody else) after our class on Monday the 21st of Feb.

On Thursday the 24th of Feb I met up at Jam Cafe with the lovely Marie and we painted with watercolours; some pictures we painted in preparation for my Art Journalling and some just because! It was “a bit lovely” as Lynn would say – we had soup and hot bread and there was a reative Spanish movie about democracy (English subtitles and people with no voice and a boy with no eyes taught us this!), and tea (I spilled most of my delicious fresh mint tea over the table, on to Marie’s painting and Marie’s lap!) ooooops. A Greenday song called “Warning” comes to mind!

My excuse for such little creativity? My aunt visited and her room was my making room. If she’s anything like me then me disturbing her sleep while I use my LOUD sewing machine could result in me being murdered. Or worse! She might have massacred Rex (my machine)!

So anyway, fighting¬† cold, I didn’t start my homework til quite late- 3 days before returning to class! Here’s how my pages have changed:

This is the book cover I stitched

These pages will probably change-it was all I could do in mythree days before swapping with everyone in class… however, Robert’s full of flu and Babs was busy! So we’re swapping next Monday instead; I’m glad because now I can complete my final page and make the envelopes in¬† which my fellow swapsters can leave me a note =) WOOP!

Anyway, I’ve had a cold for an awfully long time now- any one want to take it off my hands (and chest)? *cough cough cough*


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March 8, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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I love comedy! “To whit and to woo… eh ladies?”

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A Simon Munnery quote about how his aims are similar to that of an Owl’s!

Embossed owl that Claire passed on to me, you are distressed and glittery, but I am de-stressed and glittery.

The places I want to visit…

…and places I visited.

Baddie page. Arch nemesis! Hum?

Teeny tiny pictures of my sister and her friend fooling about on holiday “my seat!” “no, mine!”, blarney stone, Jo and a horsey and a couple of gig pics (IamX).

From psychologies magazine: ‚̧ Psychologies sometimes but stop letting readers think they have to find themselves in your descriptions and then put themselves in to YOUR groups! I much prefer blood types and reading groups!

Amongst other things, has “Reasons to be cheerful” something to do with (now split-up) rock group Engerica? That’s in my head but I can’t find something on the internet to prove they coincide and that my brain dots connect! *pout*

Okay, also, star/starfish I bead-wove and “…and they eternal summer shall not fade” Sonnet 18- that’s how I feel about my fave summers- ones spent with friends of the time in a park or arbouretum or by a waterfall (on a day out in matlock with Ms Thrifty and Mr Stringer).

also a cheap glitter glue doodle – glitter glue from the pound shop! I’m pointing this out because the bird cage i did a whil back was some with something different- pricier – and possibly reasonally so, Stickles. I luff Stickles and their pretty colours (I even bought a pretty teal/aqua one on sale from my local craft shop I Made This) but it turns out pound shop ones work okay too- both take AGES to dry though! =P

a teddy charm dangling from a split ring- grey and silver are better than brown and gold! And, um…. I have some cuddly toys from my baby days.

A recipe for vegetable soup cut from a metro (I’m vegetarian) that i like cooking for people to music- gits me in to my world and my space, also writing saying to close your eyes, listen or read because it gets me in to a space when everything seems too close- a quote from an artist but I can’t remember who =(

also, pictures of my cute little evil gremlin Josie- she’s not mean or evily cheeky anymore- just cheeky =) and Soho Dolls (Maya von Doll) and Vicky Butterfly and The Redwalls.

From a Woman’s Weekly released in 1960s or the 1950s:

combines with the illustrated Metro cover again. The illustrator has “Eye” in their business name but I can’t remember her name! I really enjoyed that Metro cover- a fella proposed to his (possible fiance), a lady advertised her fave band, and someone advertised chopstick jousting, did you see it?

Henry Roth and missing old times:

Crimbo- not religious but a time for family and family friends to show appreciation for each other and to cook a huge amount of food that you eat for three or four days straight.

I’ll show you my never-ending scrapbook page tomorrow- It isn’t quite complete or dry yet!- Also I wish I had a video clip of the page but that would involve me moving the page and Me has rubbed my mascara all over my face =) *yawn*

Tomorrow to do:
~ Hooooooooooooooover for an hour
~ Make lunch and tea for parents
~ Complete my book cover and decide what to make in sewing on Wedneday!! Scary! Shall I make a bag? A dress!? Eek >.< Two women (both called Sarah) are making Skirts, Gemma’s making a dress, Rebecca was doing a kind of embellishing thing¬† (my fave!) but I’m not sure what it’s called… so, what to choose!?! >.< eek.

But now? Bed time!

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January 24, 2011 at 11:48 pm

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January 2011 so far!

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Hulloooo from cheeky polar bear, Casper!

I nabbed some crafty embellishing packs from Pretty Thrifty Dee, muchly enjoed by Casperpuss… But mainly to use with my scrapbookign and art journalling.

Also, who saw BBC Stargazing!? So cool! Erm, I gave my telescope to my nephew yeaaaaars ago because it confuzzled me, so, here’s what my camera picks up without any help:

Might have to pick up another from a charity shop or boot sale this year =)Here’s what I was looking at from my bedroom window:

(click on link to go to mspa forums)

Right then! Let’s jump back to what I havent shown you yet from last year before we broke up for Christmas!

My fave layout yet I think! I saved that long piece of card for months =P Carla said “You’re insistant you’re going to use that card, aren’t you?” “yessssssss”.

Closer look

(says “beauty”)

T’was a lovely day in the arbouretum in summer time having a picnic, musics from friends and from strangers we adopted who were lounging nearby all for…. Marie! The pic of me (looking like I’m strangling a puppy) is taken by my friend Sammy =D

A couple of weeks later in scrapbooking (after I’d missed a week because of snow or germies) I made thissss:

Let me explain! Whilst I was away Carla had asked everyone to bring a picture of themselves to the next lesson, but I didnt know what she had requested. This is one of very few pictures that I had with¬† me…

…Plus I’d wanted to use this owl paper since i’d seen it at the start of term and it was the last owl sheet! LUCKY.

Also she asked us to use the sewing machine in the layout.

The last description at the bottom might *ahem* be a hopeful opinion rather than fact. I can be a rockstar if I want to.\\\

And this week in Scrapbooking:

Centre: Me and Amy! Faces painted lovingly by a cool lady on-site.
Clock-wise from top left: Louise (Talula) blowing-up a balloon and her friend. Sarah and I came across them at the end of the first day of tree fest in 2009. My luuuuve pot! Very Wonky because I dropped it 4 or 5 times on the way home. Amy made one too! Sarah (Magsy Malone) with biscuits and Dee with knitting. Big smiles! Flutterby Amy and I made for her room or garden our of reed and paper, string, tape and glue =D Amy’s fella made a stick man but was dissed by a kid who said “looks like a spoon!”



I really do love sleep and the night. I prefer to sleep at 4am on.

The pieces of paper (words) are from a review that I cut out are from this flier:

I like the flier so very much too.

In art journalling I punched a flower from of each page of my second art book and after sticking in the flier I noticed this lady peeping through the other side of the page!

I wrote some sad stuff on this page. Then a month or two later didnt want it anymore. So i covered it in layers of gesso and acrylic paint- but it kept showing through! Sooo:

Not quite completed this page – needs more purkle!

“the marvelous is always beautiful, everything marvelous is beautiful, nothing but the marvelous is beautiful.” Andre Bretton.

SO, how were your chrimbos and new years?


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January 12, 2011 at 12:32 am

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Second to Last Day of November

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SO much to finish ready for X-mas! X-mas being “two weeks before 25th December”

Right, here’s what I wrote in my bewk after lunch, before scrapbooking.

“Walking down a street that runs from Hucknall Road to the Sherwood end of Mansfield Road (I say walk, I mean totter over ice), Iplod not working, having forgotten my gloves and scarf, the past week had been spent with me feeling poopy, walking up te sandy main road to the shop at the top of the hill to where Art Journalling had moved, with the wind trying to blow me backwards… imagining Judy Garland playing though my head so as not to go crazy (though, if you know me and I tell you it’s been a Judy Garland day, you’ll know the day was going badly), finally! I get in to the warm shop, am met with smiles, met with a “ay up trouble!” and “got a hot spot over here for you!” and then ALL feels better!

…Though Claire asked me, “Are you okay?”
high dismissive voice “Yeh”
unconvinced “Sure?”
high-pitched “Yeh”
are we sure she’s not psychic?

Mug of mango, spices and mandarin tea later and I’m feeling toasty warm and eating one of Roberts mince pies and feeling even more fine! The hard past week and nasty start to the day was so worth it!

Lynn even looked through my book (after asking permission o’course!) and complimented me lots!! I havent put a picture or her work on this blog but her pages are each and everyone brilliant- impressive scenes! I just thought “ahh, she’s an artist” and moved her skills from my head so that I wouldn’t keep thinking “I could never think to do that with that!” and “How did she…!?” so for her to say “ooh, I love how you did…” and “how did you…?” and “I wish I…” and “did you stamp this birdcage? How did you do it?” so that was HUGE and lovely and full of compliments! Her book theme is birds and it’s so damn lovely with colours I wouldn’t dare use and textures I don’t dare try, so maybe I should tell her that because she seemed a bit blue about what she was doing and wasn’t sure about some of her work.

Today we were missing a couple of people from the lesson, but had gained another two, maybe because of the snow? Even after 10 mins in AJing my ears still asked from the frost- but I had so much fun with the brusso that even with having to borrow bus fare, waking through the brisk cold to class without music or warmth, it was much-needed to make me feel alright again!

Scrapbooking is soon and I’ve just eaten chili non carne and had a coffee at Weatherspoons- got to find a nicer, but cheap, place for food an coffee!- but the coffee will hopefully keep me awake¬† long enough for us to put glue to paper, have a gas about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” (Stacey or Shaun to win!), X factor – Katie and Wagner finally gone but still mourning the loss of Aiden on telly!

Eyes are feeling droopy, need 30 pence coffee from Textile Workshop! More news later…”

So, here’s what I dunned: This is one A5 sheet, cut in half ready to make pages and so I could show you each side in one picture!

I enjoy the effect from splashing droplets of water on the paper and using the heat gun to dry it up where it lands (also, heat gun made my fingers warm!)it
When I looked at these finished sheets in class it made my eyes widen at how bright they turned out!

Both sides of my second sheet of paper! Also,  I used the sewing machine Lynn had used and sewed on the sheets in bright orange before I cut them in half.

Scrap book page result:

In this lesson we had toooo:
Distress white-core card, use two patterned cards and two plain cards- one white core, corner round (again- but I kinda like that), embellish with buttons, use chipboard (see trainer that has very little to do with the rest of the pic- though we did live in trainers while in muddy Ireland.)

Llama grinning and happy

But then Michael blew him a kiss and the llama stopped grinning, lowered his ears and leant away from Mick.
(later on I scratched/distressed the photos too, though that’s what we should be waiting for next lesson)

HA! love it XD Next week in class? Painting and distressing photos.

Also in art journalling we chatted about Claire’s classes next year! There will be MIXED MEDIA CANVASSES!! Gosh. And in the morning (should I choose to wake at half 7am to get to class on time) we’ll be each taking a book (handmade and pre-painted if we like, or a novel we like even!) and in the lesson we’ll each be given two colours to use ALL term! Our own colours, and these books will be passed around class and each person will work in every ones book in their only two colours!

Right then, off I go, lunch time!

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November 30, 2010 at 3:33 pm

Bonjour, desole!

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I’ve been a busy makererer, crafting candy canes, beaded bauballs and stars for chirstmas earrings and paper brooches for various places for christmas! First place stocked was¬† The Hopkinson Gallery, tomorrow I’ll do Crocus Gallery in Lenton (near the Savoy Cinema), hopefully in the weekend I’ll get to a friend’s shop in Hucknall (of which 25% of profits will go to charity!)

Lately I havent even had time to Art Journal *shock horror!*

last bit of art journalling I did!

…and yet… last thing I did in art journalling:

*stimpy*stampy*stompy*heat embossing, sticky tape and glitter!*

But I have some Art Journal background drying right nowwww in my big sketch book!

But at the weekend where did I go!?
Well, Saturday I went to Crocus with Magsy Malone

Too meet and catch-up with Alyn

That evening there was Floodit…

…but at home help was needed so I wasn’t able to attend even though I wanted these two designs:

However! Magsy Malone to the rescue!! We ran off to Dotty Perkins, bought a couple of plain tees (ultra stylish for Sarah, mega normal for me!) and off she went to Floodit with our friend Maty and got our tees screen printed! Ain’t she lovely! So sarah has the doggy printed on to her tee and I have a doggy tee and a “life is wonderful” tee! Well ‘cited to see them- ahem, and Magsy Malone of course!

And on Sunday, amidst me nervously beading like a lunatic, my friend’s baby’s naming ceremony! Um, his name?

…Dylan Jack Goatcher! I made this for him and one for each of my grand-nieces Katie and Sarah-May. They get theirs in their christmas sacks- you know you’re an adult when, on holiday in October, you’re sewing kid’s christmas gifts in your spare time.

I’ll try to update sooner next time!



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November 24, 2010 at 10:35 pm

A Genuine Freakshow

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I went to see a lovely band called A Genuine Freakshow and a skilled lot called Long Dead Signal last night, only ¬£3 pounds for fantastical musics! And and and I gots their album *eeeeee* exciting! Have a listen by clicking on the link? They have drums, a violin, cello, trumpet, guitars and bass and they iz brill! Make me bop around, sing along and remind me of silversun pickups… for some reason. I think they reminded Anna of Polyphonic Spree but with more of an impact =P

Also in my world? I want to use my poundshop bleach pen to do this ribby pic on a t-shirt

(Picture belongs t0 a creative and imaginative winner of MCR competition and I didn’t ask permission so shhh!)

Byt nice, right? Rock n roll but purple and lilac! Can’t be threatening in lilac… unless you have a (pretend) ray gun and a vampire mask in your hand.

SO! Show pic or two:
Long Dead Signal

A Genuine Freakshow

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I put their album on to my iPlod today so I could listen and bop and played them on Spotify when I got home in the wee hours of the morning.

Next up! Art Journaling– First class in weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! Too long, yup? I agree! So, long ago we were all given a big piece of card each, told to cover it in various things, dry and then cover the other side! That took a whole lesson! So when we returned to the pretty card this week I was asked to cut it all up! *arghhhh!* I was thinking “ohhh, if i knew we’d be doing this I could have made it so that a bird stencil picture would be on one page and not be cut in half *OUCHY bird!* and made to live on two separate pages!

However, I folded and cut it up… REPEATEDLY… and all whilst pretending that I’m brave… then I eyed it and bound the pages as instructed (happy happy joy joy again!)

It’s all now A5 size! And each page is something brilliant and empty and ready to fill =) I now think that if I’d have known to plan it all out, have something perfect on each page, then it would have been a bit more restricting! And though I loved the ONE huge page, chopping it to make much much much smaller pages has me focusing on just one tiny part of a huge messy, pretty thing, has me looking as the spray bottle patterns, water marks, rainbow splodges of brusho, brush strokes and the textures in the brusso from my hand prints! And some pages instantly told me what I wanted to put where… others are still a mystery =P

I worry that I’d done too many pages in a short time, but the day after class I got out my brusho sheets from Pretty Thrifty’s First Friday Craft day (possibly last year?) and added some guesso and bits to those too to maybe use for this Journaling malarkey! And I yanked my old big art book from college GCSE art out of the wardrobe because it’s a sin to keep so many pages blank now that they can be put to good use!

Here are some pictures of pages from my art journal…

it has an old “business” card, some scrapbooking paper, a gold-plated wire name pendant saying “liz” (me mams name), and the words are cut from a newspaper abandoned on a train going from Manchester to Norwich on my way home after the MCR gig. The “crafty investment” in the newspaper was that people could share a boat and each pay for rent, fuel and upkeep. And the “Jewel” was about beautiful, expensive houses. Erm. But the upper classes and I have different definitions of jewels and crafty investments!

This page is me and my two eldest nieces. We aren’t so close or attatched at the hip now days, which is sad!

THIS is the first page in my art journal that I started. Claire gave each of us a sheet of paper with art journal promps, Claire said to me nonchalantly, “you can do question three!” which seems hilarious and psychic because suggestion number three is “Write about a ghost from your past. Hide it if you need to.” WHAT!? Is she secretly psychic in finding one of the biggest things in my head? Other promp ideas are “1) what memory do you want to keep forever?”, “2) When was the last time you jumped for joy?”, “4) Have you ever been afraid of someone?”

But art journaling was lovely, we met Claire’s mum and Rob shocked her and us, with the things he’d say. We ate cake. We talked about next years courses (psst! Mixed media canvasses, silver smithery, art journaling pt2, making books!) *drools on the keyboard*

This is the picture from the cover of my Midsummer Nights Dream book, glued on to the back of my art journal. A kind of, “what next?”

Lastly (because it’s acutally 20 to 2 in the morning), look what I did to pelmet viline!!! *machine embroidery happy dance*

I had to write my name back to front! Gold is in the bottom bobbin, brown is in the top reel, gold likes to snap when it’s up top s I had the pelmet viline’s back facing upwards, and just wrote my name back to front in brown.

What else!? Well!

EYE! and with flash so you can really see the gold

I chopped this out from the rest and will make it a pendant or turn it in to a hair clip doodah!¬† ‚̧ I like that the back of it is brown too- brown-eyed pride!

And just for old times sake I made this

Okay, so I’m now sleepier than a narcoleptic with insomnia, To DO:

  • charge camera or use other battery
  • text to see if Pretty Thrifty is feeling well enough for crafts tomorrow
  • ask sammy to meet my parents with my front-door key
  • take pictures of scrapbook and upload
  • take picture of the fabric flower I made after the paper rose but before I blogged
  • sleep
  • make snow flakes and christmas tree (shh! secret for now!)

ta ta!


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November 12, 2010 at 7:38 pm

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Art Journal and Scrapbooking

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Hullooooooooooooo! I’m in a poopy¬†rut of sleeping from 4am to 12pm! Eek.¬† DOesn;t help that I come home at 10:30 and behave like it’s day time by having tea, chatting with family, organising/todying and blogging! ūüėČ

Today I wore my new dress! Like like like! and I wore it with burgandy tights XD

Today in art journaling¬†we were given a huuuuuuuuuuuuge¬†sheet of thick paper (or normal card), brusso¬†(as seen on “Dee’s First Friday Crafts”), gesso, sponges, mister bottles (little spray tubes), brushes, water and… foam stamps… and plastic/rubber patterned rolling pins as bought from early learning centre!

this is the result of Robert’s page:

Phwore, right? So much colour and depth!

and now for my page!

after doing this… Claire said, “right! after this, I want you to turn it over, and do it all over again!”

my response, “*gasp* really?”

claire, “yeah?”

me, *grin looking like this sideway¬†face: XD* “eeeeee¬†yaaay”

yup! so, back:

(I added black brusso¬†to the gesso¬†and for the green swirlies¬†I sprayed a stamp with a mix of leaf green brusso¬†and water) for the other swirlies¬†and birds I sprayed a stencil I’d layed down. pretty birdies!

moree hand prints XD it’s fun!

Luuurve it!

SO that’ll make two journal pages (or more if I want to make a smaller book!

Okay, so whyyyy, can’t¬†the class be moooree¬†longererer!

Then, in scrapbooking:

pic of me and my two eldest nieces on a biiiiig slide. We were a terrible trio indeed. Note that they’re wearing ginger spice inspired union jack dresses, I’m not. Yay for denim skirt days!

Want to see my brusso hands? Robert actually bleached his before leaving! But I wasn’t fussed- just makes the loveliness last longer!

So colourful that my tights are red, my hands are blue, purple and green, my scarf red, pink and green and my chocolate brown and green. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Right, nearly 3am. ta ta!


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October 12, 2010 at 1:45 am

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