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[A on P]

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Ha! I enjoy Corrina Rothwell’s illustrations!

I’m poorly boy. Yes I’m a woman but it’s a thing me and my sister would say when ill.

I’m going to the doctors tomorrow for a blood test >.< that’s alright though =) just don’t like waiting. Want to get better, NOW please?

It’s only anemia. I think. Dizzy, overly sleepy, twitchy eyes, sleepless but overly sleepy, headaches, brittle nails, LACK of attention span, pale skin and pale nails, something like Angular C_____itis on my lips, THAT and I was a FAIL of a daughter and spent mother’s day in bed. Sleeping. Then at 6pm I came downstairs, ate Sunday Dinner- which was made by my mother! I then did math until 10 and went to bed again for more sleep. I didn’t even wash the Sunday dinner pots! *pout* I feel guiltyyyy. Plus, listing those symptoms; don’t I sound attractive!


ANYWAY! So, on Monday I drowsily and dizzily went to  Arts where I worked on my canvas! I did painting, worried about about colours and then IGNORED colour worries for a bit and painted some more! =]

Here are some pictures (I LOVED taking pictures involving projections)

and the rainbows!

This is where Jade had Scanned in my picture and then printed it out on to acetate (transparent plastic “paper”) which is made for putting on to an O.H.P (Over Head Projector) and being projected on to other surfaces! WOOP!

I then traced my canvas on to paper a couple of times, held these papers and canvas to the projection on the wall, moved bits around and tried to see which combination I most preferred.

Here’s a section of Sue’s projection!

And here is a picture of my canvas, my paint tester and a baaad test sketch =D That Black Magic tin is FULL to the BRIM of BUTTONS!

Casper inspecting my work!

Here’s a couple of things I did last year at A on P!

Head pains! Loud telly! I’m off =) it’s time for some quiet and some brain-wracking math work! Hope you’re all well!

Written by Cherise

March 16, 2010 at 9:49 pm