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Paper leaves of Poetry & Macbeth(shh!)

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PrettyThrifty and I agree I should be more blabby in blog entries! She says I’m funny (in a nice way!) but she’s the one lent me the words “dust elephants” and sent the text “But it’s impossible to be mr impossible!”

Speaking of… here’s my new (second-hand sewing machine)

It used to be PrettyThrifty’s and was living at her house until recently. So far I’ve been practicing and attempting little bits…

heart-shaped door-hanger! The First attempt looks like a wonky sock. That’s why I need Pretty Thrifty as my tech-support- telling me why it looks like a wonky sock and how I can make it look more “country kitchen” the next time around =o)

At least my cat Casper gets his own christmas stocking this year… so all’s not lost in learning how to craft with a machine.
On Monday, PrettyThrifty and I are going to The Art Organisation so that she  can hand over her beayouuuutiful makes to be put in the new shop.  On that note- thankyou Oscar for lettuce and letting me rant, and WOOP to Kris, a pal who recently joined their team for a bit of painting and work on the new shop! People should employ him *hint hint* and me *more hint* when we apply to places.

SO! New shop… I’m making some items for the shop too and for Crocus Gallery in Lenton (near the Savoy cinema).

On Thursday I had phone counseling so I could stay ‘at home’ on the quite nice day. I blu-tacked my paper shapers to an old sketch book, sat in the garden with a tin of clear varnish and a brush (of sorts)…

after a couple of coats and hours of drying in between I ch-ch-check them out… this was the first time I varnished paper and it feels funny to respond to “what have you been varnishing?”
“paper hearts.”
“hahahaha!…. oh. really? why?”
“yeah, odd for me too!)

I discovered that when painting older paper hearts (and leaves) from an older book with yellow-er pages, it makes the paper translucent and look a little bit like grease-proof paper, which may not sound attractive to you but I see them being used for scrapbooking and mixed-media projects (for a book Pretty Thrifty gave me for my happy 22nd) and newer, creamier pages turn a lot less translucent! But I also enjoy the effect left on the empty pages once I’ve removed the shapes… so they’ll be used for another project! Happy bi-products of creating…

I’ve been thinking about how I might update the brooches (varnish? play book? leaf shapes…?) and have been thinking of stitching them to felt, but I quite like the stiffness from backing them on layers of card… I’ll experiment with them tomorrow =]… in an hour less wee and less rude to my eyes.

I tested with one of the leaves but found that (as lovely and speedy as that was) that the thread was too thin and didn’t make the brooch nearly as lovely and colourful as wanted it to be… but just now, while typing this I’ve had an idea… what if I just use the sewing machine to make my brooch all holey, ready for me to sew through the pre-made holes- to that the stitches are all more even? or not?


On another subject, FOLKSY! I made a second Folksy account for myself for anything I’ve made, intended for more making, and for anything I’ve stash-busted! It’s called CardBored… obviously I was PMTing and moody at the time of thinking of a title ;o)
Here are some fabric beads I made…

ummm… and there was one last thing I wanted to write about before I ran off to bed at 3:30am…

– Blog about my garlands I made for ME and no one else *mwhahhahahahaha*
– Pics of lemon and lime curd I’m making later, in the day light, or in a few days. (If Ms.Thrifty is reading this, a jar is to be saved for you!)
– Embroid, and take pics of paper thangs.
– Mixed media bewk (book)?

wee wee, brush teeth and…

AHH! Arts on Prescription! It isnt up and running again yet BUT there’s an exhibit on at the New Art Exchange… tut, what have they done to the website? I find it hard to find the info now =o(… ahh, yes, the exhibit is of items made at AonP, so I’ll be going on monday or thursday to gawk at nice things =]

I reeeeally need the loo now, bye…

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September 19, 2010 at 2:38 am

[AonP] 2nd to last session =( *pout*

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Right! Just ONE session of arts on prescription left! POO POO POOEY POOP! Yes. That’s my view.

Oh well. Jade got us one extra session, so, today was our SECOND to LAST and I’m alllllllllllllmost good and ready to finish my canvas! here are (just) a couple of pics!

I ABSOLUTELY piled on the paint right to the end of lesson! See how thick and wet my yellow and purple are? So it’ll be ready for me to doodle on and embroider next week! *cross fingers*

Hmmm, I always take pictures of my work at the end of “class”. Then, when writing this blog entry or looking back at an entry I’d previously written I kind of find myself looking at my work with new eyes… Right now I’m thinking I’ll doodle on the canvas and paint with a silver pen, where before this I’d had planned on using black marker. Sorry! This isn’t riveting but it’s TRUE! =P

I liked my felt picture until I saw my photograph of it days later. >.< DOH! But I’m rectifying that and working on it – I even brought it home with me so I can take the piece back to Arts next Monday and hopefully wow Alma with what Sue’s family and I have been up to in the past few weeks!

Another thing I’ve realised? My teacher last year, Andrea, taught us about differentiating colours that have a hint of blue…

from colours that have a hint of yellow

We were also taught about being selective and trying to restrict ourselves to using just three colours:

So I feel kinda naughty about using teal, yellow, purple, pinks, preens, blues ALL on one ever so small canvas! HOWEVER, all of the colours I’m using are on the “blue” side- slightly cooler tones, so to avoid TOO much clashing. Hopefully it’ll work. If not? PLEH! Who cares!?! I’m enjoying this WAY too much.

The other thing I did in “class”? THIS!

Ooooookay, so, it isnt THAT much, but I DID bring it home with me =D so I can enjoy myself with some beading and embroidery! See that flower? I did french knots! Sue taught me! Hmm, let’s see what stitches I can figue out using the tintanet…

Okay! This can be my “before” picture! In a week I’ll post the “after”! =)

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March 22, 2010 at 6:58 am

[A on P]

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Ha! I enjoy Corrina Rothwell’s illustrations!

I’m poorly boy. Yes I’m a woman but it’s a thing me and my sister would say when ill.

I’m going to the doctors tomorrow for a blood test >.< that’s alright though =) just don’t like waiting. Want to get better, NOW please?

It’s only anemia. I think. Dizzy, overly sleepy, twitchy eyes, sleepless but overly sleepy, headaches, brittle nails, LACK of attention span, pale skin and pale nails, something like Angular C_____itis on my lips, THAT and I was a FAIL of a daughter and spent mother’s day in bed. Sleeping. Then at 6pm I came downstairs, ate Sunday Dinner- which was made by my mother! I then did math until 10 and went to bed again for more sleep. I didn’t even wash the Sunday dinner pots! *pout* I feel guiltyyyy. Plus, listing those symptoms; don’t I sound attractive!


ANYWAY! So, on Monday I drowsily and dizzily went to  Arts where I worked on my canvas! I did painting, worried about about colours and then IGNORED colour worries for a bit and painted some more! =]

Here are some pictures (I LOVED taking pictures involving projections)

and the rainbows!

This is where Jade had Scanned in my picture and then printed it out on to acetate (transparent plastic “paper”) which is made for putting on to an O.H.P (Over Head Projector) and being projected on to other surfaces! WOOP!

I then traced my canvas on to paper a couple of times, held these papers and canvas to the projection on the wall, moved bits around and tried to see which combination I most preferred.

Here’s a section of Sue’s projection!

And here is a picture of my canvas, my paint tester and a baaad test sketch =D That Black Magic tin is FULL to the BRIM of BUTTONS!

Casper inspecting my work!

Here’s a couple of things I did last year at A on P!

Head pains! Loud telly! I’m off =) it’s time for some quiet and some brain-wracking math work! Hope you’re all well!

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March 16, 2010 at 9:49 pm

Arts on Prescription! WOO HOO HOO!

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Todayyyy my OK Go vest top arrived!!!

Okay, Arts on Prescription. Today I started something that will be a work in progress over the next few weeks.

Here’s some drawings, I LOVE Jade’s doodles MUCH more and think doodles would have been better but I just thought about the different stages too much >.<

Soooo, stages, 1st step was do draw some designs and ideas, then to start working on felt

This is glitter glue and will dry flat. Next monday I’ll embroider on to it, add buttons, beads and pretty bits.

Also, Jade took with her our designs (Sue made a brilliant picture involving, I think, irises, and her son, Johnny, did a fantastical space/underwater, graffiti inspired design), and Jade will scan our designs on to acetate, which will be projected on to the wall and we will then hold a small canvas to the wall and pick out small bits of our enlarged designs!

I VERY much enjoy Jade’s small canvas that she brought in as an example, she had sewn in to the canvas, added buttons over paint and details added by pen, VERY funky and cool. Whew. Let’s see how we go! =)

OH! AND DON’T DESPAIR! I’ll be making plastic and paper beads at Dee’s house on Friday, then I will tak pictures and put a tutorial on here, AND post my fave paper bead tutorials on here too =D

GRAND but busy days to come! WHEW!


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March 1, 2010 at 10:37 pm

[AonP] Wall Flower, Wheelz! and Selling…

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Wave “Goodbyeeee” to Wall Flower! It has gonned to the home of JulieToo! On with the journal entry with some other memorial pics of Wall Flower…

Julie1 is the Teaching Assistant at AonP and has (flatteringly) been asking me to bring in my jewellery to show people for the past year. Soooo, today, I finally did take in my crafts (inside the legendary paisley box).

Today in Arts there was a Substitute because Jade’s on a lovely holiday with her fella for a family birthday do. The Sub’s name is Julie… for the purpose of this blog will be known at JulieToo… She laid out pictures and photographs of car wheels- more pointedly, the patterns on hub caps!

When she said we would be working in MONOCHROME and drawing circles? TOO HARD! No, really! I’m a fan of acrylics, silk paints and colourful printing!

Right, I think there are three stages of control/painters:
– Watercolour: GO WILD! Maybe? Mot sure about the water-colour people yet.
– Acrylics: Impatient, bit more control but generally liking stronger colours and quicker drying times than…
– Oil: Control, texture, shine and patience.


Fellow “student” Sue did great things in her black and white circles (but admits when she started AonP she was a bit scared of colour)! Drawing patters reminiscent the pictures she liked in a book of Guatemalea Textiles books and drawing flowers.  I was a bit shy with it, just scribbling, though I eventually started drawing the leaves like the ones on my ring and designs that looked a bit celtic-y.

We then cut out the circles, arranged them on paper, stuck ’em down and drew on/ around the outsides.

Here’s what I came up with!

Ch-ch-check it out! I used white paper, black and “nude”, chalk, charcoal and our old friend, MONO-PRINTING!

Sue (fellow student) started AonP a few weeks ago, alone. Then Last week she brought her son, Johnny. Then, this week, she brought her son, Johnny AND her dad. Next week? We’re aiming for her son, dad AND her mother! *cross fingers* We need to keep the numbers up, for the sake of funding- else there’ll be no funding and NO free arts!!! Join us?

Bye bye Wall Flower *waves*

JulieToo’s colour is PINK! Though today she was head to top in TEAL.

Julie1’s colour is RED and she bought a necklace that I love dearly *swoon* and had made a while back- it had crystals of rose quartz and garnet, a deep red rhodonite heart, crystal, red glass beads and a funky handmade cylinder bead as a pendant- with gold plated links that I made by hand!

I very much liked JulieToo, hope I meet her again some time! And of COURSE I like Julie1 very much also, so I’m happy to know my brooch and necklace have FANTSTIC new homes =D

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February 22, 2010 at 8:08 pm


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Thursday: I had counseling then went to meet Morag, then we drove to Alyn’s, it was a great day! =D Walkies, computer, origami craft, cakes, chocs, cooking yummy pasta, manic street preachers, fantastic loop pedal music,sculptures, bewks, sunshine, rosemary, ducks, dogs, cannels, trees and boats. Here are some pretty pictures (as always the link opens in a new window). That or just scroll down!

Friday: Preparing for the craft fayre, worrying too much and a break down 😉 yup, that’s all.

Saturday: Crafty Fayre! pretty lights!

Next, a quick trip home with my craft goodies and then right back in to Nottingham for the Dave Gorman Comedy Show.

This is Gorman.
I didn’t take this picture.

I like the links on his links page on his website.

Sunday: I edited pictures, listed 3 more things on Folksy (WOOP!), blogged, made some sunday dinner and… is that all?

We had a teacher called Jess, she was lovely! With her, Jade, Julie, Me and the other three students learnt about silk painting, techniques, effects and that we can use marker pens and iron silk (which makes the silk paint fix TOO!).

Sprinkling on salt wet paint, dripping water on to the painted silk and dripping lighter paint on to darker paint all make funky and beaoooouuuuutiful effects!

I used green marker pen as Gutta, it isn’t fail safe but is pretty and cheap!

Gold and silver marker pens are better gutta!

look up, see the blue, yellow and green circles- tie dye effect with silk paint- painting lines with water on to the silk did that. The yellow blue and purple petal above that speckled effect is from salt.

The bronze below is real gutta.


picture I traced!… repeatedly

And the pretty by-products of silk painting!

Um. Now. Two things. Misplaced my phone again.
And… I bought some guttas, silk paint and silk from ebay. And paper sandwich bags.
I’m sorry.
Craft day at mine some time to make up for it?
I didn’t spend much at least! And t’will be replaced in funds *pout* doh! >.<

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February 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm

Arts On Prescription <3

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I LOVE Love love love Arts on Prescription… of A on P/AonP.

Here’s what I did in the first week:


This is my plaque/ tile thingy-whosit! See the faint pattern on it? Under that is two-sided sticky-tape which holds on an array of sequins, foam shapes, string, wire to make the faint patterns that you see here.

Haha, I should have probably taken pictures along the way. RIGHT! So I did a rubbing with the crayon then enhanced sections, did even more rubbing for other textures, coloured in with water-colour pencils, felt tips, crayons, fine liner pens for details etc.  I just went crazy- playing with EVERYTHING I could find and adding it to a small bit of paper =P

HERE began my love of sequins.

So I rummaged through Jade’s tub of sequins, picked out these sizely fellas, placed them like this, placed paper on top and got rubbing with a crayon!

This is just what I did at the end of “class”, but I just picked out details, did it all swirly, flowery- slightly thorny from a medieval arts style book that Jade had brought in to inspire us.

I’m known at A on P for decorative/ arts and crafty styles. Jade calls it fantasy.


This week we played with layering tissue paper and oil pastels- picking out details with BLEACH, felt tips and metallic pens =D

ahem… it DID get to a point where Jade joke “oh! she’s found the sequins again!”
This is inspired by the INFAMOUS chinese picture of a wave; which seems subtle in the way of colour, but then has lots of sharp edges and harsh liney detail.

I did this as a mountain with POINTY bits (notice the tiny pointy confetti too?) and the orbs around it as a colourful sky (ahem, if you saw the other enteries, you’d know I SWOON at the sight of pretty skies =P). I then used bleach to take away bits, but to add a patterny detail- slightly indinay detail, because bright indiany colours and patterns and I are in LOVE.

Did you notice that it’s 2:40am and even WITH spell checker my words are going awry? haha.

And then at the end of “class” I did this!:

This is just where I can rush and make something using bits I didnt dare use earlier in “class”, where I can dar use new colours and things that may not go well. So in THIS picture I’ve used some oil pastels (which plesantly suprised me). I wasn’t keen on oil pastels in the past- used to be a chalk pastel snob only- but now I very much enjoy the smudging and blending =D

Mais oui, in this pic I drew bits from Elma’s work- Elma found that she could paste tissue over her pen drawing and still see the outline clearly! I then shaded in the leaves slightly with oil pastels. Smudges and crinkled what I could. Just played a little bit.

The END! again. One… two blogs more. Then I’ll go to bed!

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February 2, 2010 at 2:47 am