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7 Days, 12 Hours, 27 Minutes

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Until I start at South Notts. Degree here I stumble!

Today was Claire’s first day back working at Textile Workshop, my first day back to making cards.

It was a productive day!

And Amanda F**ing Palmer, In My Mind “I’m exactly the person that I want to be” Introduced to me by Dee, which is funny because I failed to properly introduce A.F.P to D.E.E =)


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September 17, 2012 at 8:20 pm

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13 Days, 8 Hours, 36 Minutes…

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until I enrol for the first year of my Foundation in Visual Arts Course!

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August 28, 2012 at 11:24 pm

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Mary Shelley

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So! This was a bit of an addiction for a bit.

A guy on the 1st Series of Next Great Artist spent precious time reading Frankenstein because he had no idea what it’s about. Amidst this artists were frantically creating to work towards their goal. For me, this is like that chap on big brother saying he had never heard of Shakespeare. Blood vessels in my eyes want to pop. I can let you off for not reading it, but how can you not know what it’s about and the meaning!?

Next, less dramatically, I fixed my broken camera. I made one good camera out of two broken ones and a new screen. I felt proud of myself and like a mad scientist for doing this all by myself.

THEN we made monsters in class. So, after all of this malarky and talk, I had to name my creature Mary Shelley.

Mine is the tattooed, bow tied ruffian, Roberts is, um, exposed and endowed, and Claire’s monster has nipnips and a spiffy belt!

and I gave Shelley a back piece

…I get bored being a carer at home, working ‘all day’! Why not get bored sewing a pin up lady on a monster instead!?

Next task… to add my belt!

With Lynn and Jenna’s permission I will show you their monsters in a few weeks when I’ve returned from the holiday =)


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April 22, 2012 at 2:37 am

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Happy 24th!

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It’s happened, I’m 24.  And I don’t remember ever being so excited for a birthday, except maybe when I won two tickets to see a band, in London, on my birthday.

I didn’t have a party or picnic planned other than to meet friends here or there, wherever.  Firstly I met Jenna and Lynn for coffee and birthday treats!


Then Jenna, Rosie and I went to the cinema and watching The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel! I love how long the title is =D
As we left the cinema we found Boe.

This chap and Boe were off to a fashion show =) I love him! Boe’s very heavy.

Then we had a lovely meal at Wagamamas!

My next birthday time was on an infamously unlucky day. I don’t believe in such things but thought “cherry from my scone and Claire has dropped a small piece of her scone! Must be Friday 13th!” but later she broke her arm and conked her head! Underestimated the power of  back luck on scepticism!

So, what makes my April Showering, arm breaking, icy cold birthday so flipping great? ME! I’m going on holiday soon, a hot one, for the first time in two years. And what’s much more than that, is that I’m starting uni this year!

Uni. I may not be the best, but I don’t  I just never thought I’d ever go I never thought I’d apply, that I would get in, that I could keep up with it… But I’m going to experiment with what they let me play with, I’ll make and I’ll enjoy what I do.

One day I’d like to work in/with an art gallery. Do events. Music’s all good and fine but with my friends at old Art Org we booked film, theatre, music, live art, artistic performance… Can’t go back to more basic events now. I can see myself doing it.

Art’s worth doing and it’s worth being big, especially in smaller galleries and communities. I can’t wait to be a bit further in that world.

Sadly, now, I don’t quite know what art is! =P other than, “if I don’t absolutely understand it, then it’s art” but I know I’ll  keep trying to find out the answer, and I’ll enjoy working at it.

What really sums it up is this:















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April 22, 2012 at 2:19 am

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Luminarium or Crete?

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This is the Luminarium,

Today, my friend Alyn Mulholland told me about this opportunity to work on making a piece of a new Luminarium!

“Dear all,

We need 10 people for this fantastic project so if you have anyone who is interested please let me know asap. We are offering you a unique opportunity to get involved with creating a sculpture called the Luminarium. You will be creating a window for a structure which is exhibited around the world- see link:

If you are interested in taking part in the workshops you don’t have to be an artist, nor have any special skills just get in touch with us to book your place (10 available) for May 1st either 10-1, 2-4. You can join both workshops or just one and need to wear old clothes. You will also be able to attend an event to see the window you created later in the year. This is a really exciting chance to be part of art amazing piece of art.”

I’ll be in Crete while this workshop takes place and am very disappointed that I’ll miss out.

The Luminarium is a bit magic.  Wonderment. Fun. Relaxing. Disorienting.

I hope I meet one of the people who have worked on this when I visit one of the Architects of Air’s creations in the summer at Lakeside Arts Theatre.

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April 16, 2012 at 8:15 pm

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Today Sherewood’s Textile Workshop breaks up for Easter holidays!  My birthday is April 9th and we generally go stir crazy when apart for too long so we’ll be meeting up during the holidays for birthday cinema times, a meal, scones and coffee.

So, what’s so fun about college? How do we keep our day?

Well, we start by hanging up our coats and demanding a cup of tea. Always demanding tea. And some cups magically come full of coffee, because that’s what you really wanted when you asked for tea.

Next we complain, chat and laugh about our weeks and wait for the postman…

When the postman comes in, we do this

Except not in pyjamas with musical instruments. That might be a step too far.

Then there a mix of drinking tea and a couple of people getting out the materials and equipment.

{Today my mother came in the shop/college today, chatted up a storm and before she left told my ‘school friends’ how I would never let her kiss me on the lips. Claire exclaimed, “aww, she wont let me do that either!”}

Next, Claire talks to our vacant faces as we warm our hands on our tea. She tells us what cool things we’re making that day and what special stamps we’ll be using! We go “hmm…*brain ticking once every 5 seconds*” and she yells “Yes Claire!” we go *AHH!*Wakes a little bit more*

We slowly get our shiz’ together, grab our materials and work *very hard!

*Terms and Conditions apply: Many more teas will be made by Claire. Someone will “peak” or break down. Lots of chatting and jokes will be made, lots of laughing and cringing. Going for lunch. More laughing and tea. And Tea and laughing. Biscuits. Cake. Tea. Cleaning up.

Next we proudly show off to each other what we’ve made.

Then we get in our transports and go home to lay down in a darkened room or tweet about what’s on telly.


So! Brown bird Dee has a new blog and this inspired me to carry on blogging and typing about creating =) Please prepare for the barrage of projects on the blog blocking you from your daily goings on!



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March 31, 2012 at 11:00 pm

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I’m not the type to jump. Full of fear that I’ll regret a move that I’ve made and that I couldn’t back step. Had it always been this way? I think so. I wouldn’t jump from heights, jump because of fear and I wouldn’t leap for what I want, if other people were involved.

But I recently jumped. While this filled me with worry and anxiety and thoughts of “Can I deal with what comes my way? Will I fail? Will it be too much?” It’s certainly something I never saw for my future.

As a child I thought “I’ll never be a nurse, firefighter or astronaut” but I also never thought I would never go to University or work my way towards a Foundation or a Degree. I couldn’t see myself surviving school. Melancholic little girl.

But here I am after years of anxiety, depression, timidness and insecurity. I don’t know where I’ll end up but I know that it will be a colourful journey and I’ll enjoy getting there!


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March 2, 2012 at 8:10 pm

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