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Russian Roulette

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Someone pressed my feminist button. Which happens to be on my arse.

Handsy college people, want to play a harsh game of Russian Roulette? 1 in 4 men and one in 3 woman are assaulted (and not necessarily a one time things- honestly, I’ve lost count!) So when my bum’s groped it makes all these things fly in my head- the need to kick you in the painful area between your knee and ankle, and then the “boy parts”, next the need to scream abuse at you. Why? Because though there are 12 of you young men and I don’t know which on did it, I feel like I could take on you all.

One. Boy. Part. At. A. Time.

Thankfully I had tutor Michelle with me, a fantastic woman who, with out her I wouldn’t have written a statement and reported these rude, cheeky, vile kids, and without her, I’d have attempted to hurt those lads like I wish I could hurt all the other nasty, foolish people in my timeline of assault.

Does this sound nasty? Well I’m helping to bring down a percentage…

Months ago there was a trend on Twitter, (hashtag) something like “I never told…” this was off the back of a statistic that about 95% of rape and 90% of assault goes unreported. Women posted stories of what they’d never reported. Some “trolling” men suggested it was woman’s faults or that it was the right place for us to be lower than men. I was so angry! And yet I never #inevertold.I was scared of my friends reading it.

But today I posted this on twitter.

I tweeted
I felt bold
I still do and I typed, in response to “I never told…”
“So today I’ll say this: I got groped at college today. And it was reported, all with the help and support of my tutor Michelle and Sharon.”

Less than 18 months ago I wouldn’t have felt able to do this. I would blame myself. I still did today, for all of 3 seconds I sat thinking “is it what I’m wearing? Does it matter?” before I thought, “What am I thinking? That’s absolute bullshit!”
So what next? Official actions have been taken. And, quite empoweringly, my first installation will be there for all to see for 2 weeks in college reception. What’s it about? Silencing after trauma from assault. Which seems laughable after today!
Cherrybomb xx

Written by Cherise

November 19, 2012 at 10:04 pm

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