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Mary Shelley

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So! This was a bit of an addiction for a bit.

A guy on the 1st Series of Next Great Artist spent precious time reading Frankenstein because he had no idea what it’s about. Amidst this artists were frantically creating to work towards their goal. For me, this is like that chap on big brother saying he had never heard of Shakespeare. Blood vessels in my eyes want to pop. I can let you off for not reading it, but how can you not know what it’s about and the meaning!?

Next, less dramatically, I fixed my broken camera. I made one good camera out of two broken ones and a new screen. I felt proud of myself and like a mad scientist for doing this all by myself.

THEN we made monsters in class. So, after all of this malarky and talk, I had to name my creature Mary Shelley.

Mine is the tattooed, bow tied ruffian, Roberts is, um, exposed and endowed, and Claire’s monster has nipnips and a spiffy belt!

and I gave Shelley a back piece

…I get bored being a carer at home, working ‘all day’! Why not get bored sewing a pin up lady on a monster instead!?

Next task… to add my belt!

With Lynn and Jenna’s permission I will show you their monsters in a few weeks when I’ve returned from the holiday =)


Written by Cherise

April 22, 2012 at 2:37 am

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