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Today Sherewood’s Textile Workshop breaks up for Easter holidays!  My birthday is April 9th and we generally go stir crazy when apart for too long so we’ll be meeting up during the holidays for birthday cinema times, a meal, scones and coffee.

So, what’s so fun about college? How do we keep our day?

Well, we start by hanging up our coats and demanding a cup of tea. Always demanding tea. And some cups magically come full of coffee, because that’s what you really wanted when you asked for tea.

Next we complain, chat and laugh about our weeks and wait for the postman…

When the postman comes in, we do this

Except not in pyjamas with musical instruments. That might be a step too far.

Then there a mix of drinking tea and a couple of people getting out the materials and equipment.

{Today my mother came in the shop/college today, chatted up a storm and before she left told my ‘school friends’ how I would never let her kiss me on the lips. Claire exclaimed, “aww, she wont let me do that either!”}

Next, Claire talks to our vacant faces as we warm our hands on our tea. She tells us what cool things we’re making that day and what special stamps we’ll be using! We go “hmm…*brain ticking once every 5 seconds*” and she yells “Yes Claire!” we go *AHH!*Wakes a little bit more*

We slowly get our shiz’ together, grab our materials and work *very hard!

*Terms and Conditions apply: Many more teas will be made by Claire. Someone will “peak” or break down. Lots of chatting and jokes will be made, lots of laughing and cringing. Going for lunch. More laughing and tea. And Tea and laughing. Biscuits. Cake. Tea. Cleaning up.

Next we proudly show off to each other what we’ve made.

Then we get in our transports and go home to lay down in a darkened room or tweet about what’s on telly.


So! Brown bird Dee has a new blog and this inspired me to carry on blogging and typing about creating =) Please prepare for the barrage of projects on the blog blocking you from your daily goings on!



Written by Cherise

March 31, 2012 at 11:00 pm

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  1. Not mentioning any name of course.. But i know who does the ‘peaking’.. 😉


    April 1, 2012 at 2:16 pm

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