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Wondering in Between

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When I was a kid I was very curious. I would get the largest, heaviest books from the library, and my mother would struggle to carry them home with us.

I’d look in to a built-in wardrobe in my parent’s bedroom on the first floor.  What if all the clutter at the bottom is concealing a trap door?  Would it led to a room below the ground floor? We haven’t a basement/cellar, I thought I could claim this trap door and have a den down there, though “down there” was actually the living room on the ground floor.

Was there treasure hidden in that large cupboard? My brother’s Danger Mouse Annuals, non-fictional ladybird books about King Richard, Space and the Stars and a book called The Sly Fox.  Also there were books I didn’t care for, cake decorating books of my dad’s, photos and an ornate sword my Mamma Bessie gave to me that I would pull out during a break in rummaging in the cupboard and have a swish and swash of the sword by myself.

I also searched between the county council’s embankment and the back of our tall garden fence, less than a metre in width but the length of our street that hid behind neighbours gardens and homes. In that space I brought my nieces to come see the small world I’d discovered. We dug in to that ground with small implements and found pieces of broken china… Ancient! Valuable! We were discoverers of great worlds we knew little about… other than that we ate our cereal from bowls with a pattern similar to the pieces of ancient pottery we’d found.

Written by Cherise

February 27, 2012 at 9:06 pm

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