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Montreuil sur Mer & Two Notre Dames

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Requested pictures!

Byyyyeeee Dover

Our first beach!

MY BOAT. Like how Mick turned my jeans up so I wouldnt get them wet? Looking cool.

Gaufre chantilly (YUM!) Nice and hot.

In Étaples.
In Étaples they were having a Festial of Gôut… don’t worry, that means taste. In the tourist office they had some samples of fish andddd

The Maéris museum is attatched to the Tourism Office and is all about the fishing history in Étaples sur mer.  I don’t eat sea food so I didn’t read the signs and just enjoyed the sea life and things like stroking this…

This ones name is Bernard… see?

It made me jump and nearly scream when this scallop moved!

And Kyla screamed when I touched this anenome; it’s an anemone really but I forget it’s called that.

Those are all the things I touched. These are thigns I didnt touch =)

Colin the cod ^ (Kyla and Mick bought breaded cod fillets called Colin)


A sinking boat…

(my friend)

I made a fire =)

I want curly lamposts!

Kyla had me roll down the hill =D

Thank fashion for knitted leggins =P
I also forget leggins are really called leggings.

Beussent Chocolate Factory

I bought a chocolate conker (see above).  Michael Bought a long, violet flavour, chocolate covered marshmallow.

Machines moving white, milk and dark chocolate

This lady was painting faces in empty ghost molds =) she was smiley

English tourrr

Samples for us and the school kids!

And orange colour white choc for the chocolate pumpkins they made…

Model Village


This is kitten Mimi or Meow Meow or No Name. She lives at this Model Village. As do a couple of other cats.

Olive and beetroot juice from the salad, yummm

there was a sign saying not to need them but I took some of Kyla and Mick’s sandwich ham and fed her… then she wouldnt leave =P

And on to darker pictures…

beach twoooo

Here we bought a macaroon each, I had coconut, Kyla had salted caramel flavour and Michael had pistachio…

Le Chat Bleu

… are you no more use than a chocolte tea pot?


Le Fin

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October 28, 2011 at 7:13 pm

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