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Angelina fibres and Needle Felting =)

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Last week Claire started me on to something new, adorable and fun.


Do you know how to make such things? I had an idea after seeing it done at Harrogate Stitch and Knit but figured it had to be trickier than it appeared.

All it needed was a sheet of freezer paper, angelina, an iron and ironing board ! And then sequins, ribbon, lace, yarn and whatever else for embellishing.

this is foil-y eyelash yarn!

It all works like a sparkly sandwich…

Just lay out some angelina fibres (I do it quite thinly, Claire does it little thicker, but neither of us use much)

Fold over the freezer paper


Unfold paper

Lay down some ribbon, lace, sequins… NICE FINGS.

Lay a fine layer of angelina

Fold over the freezer paper




Except… then Claire showed me how to needle felt, and felt in to angelina!


So, angelina + felt =

and the back?


And it’s really a brilliant, un pricey thing! The needles (huge things!) were two for £1.50ish, the bags of felt and angelina cost not much more than that per colour and £2.something for a cocktail of colours!

And… I made a couple of ladybirds!


and then


Two is larger than One, because I couldn’t remember how much felt I had used for ladybird One, and so One has tiny, happy button eyes and lives with Claire and Two has big green bead eyes and lives with me =D

Later, mooore felting  and some sewing and free machining =)

Written by Cherise

July 5, 2011 at 9:35 am

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