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Starting new books and Breaking Boarders.

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SO! I finally started a book I was given for Christmas =) It was from lovely Carol and is beautiful.

On the first page, something I read on the first page one of my sister’s book… way back when she was in comprehensive school… chaned the name of course =)

Lots to add and lots to do…

I have a few more pages started but shh! 😉

And at class a week before last Claire had me making a foldy bewk =)

(at the top of the list is rock star)


the covers are up cycled from a couple of unsure attempts of pictures from months back =)

Okay, a lesson for you to learn in arts and craft:

On Saturday I had a fantastic day with friends. It started when we met up and started searching for the venue of the event we wanted to attend. From one end of Mansfield Road, to the other, to the center of the street.  We checked on the internet for the address of the “Culture Box”. One friend said “It’s at Noel Street” and so off we walked. 20 minutes later another friend rang, “Where are you? It’s not on Noel Street, it’s somewhere near Mansfield Road!” and we walked back, UP HILL to meet my lovely Amy, who had found the venue in MINUTES!
The lesson of the story is that when you nick TWO fliers for an event you want to go to…

…don’t just ruin them for use with image transfer solution, take down the address and number of where you’re going. You know, just so you don’t spend an hour walking in humidity and rain looking for the building.

I don’t know about the friends that walked with me, but I thought it was totally worth it! BBQ, lotsa drumming, dancing, improvised music, laughing, learning some more about circus-y tricks. I’ll try and remember to get some pictures next time =)

Here are some of MarieDrouin’s vibrant pictures from Breakin Boarders a couple of weeks back:

Great times =)

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June 28, 2011 at 4:25 pm

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