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hot damn!

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so, we didn’t have class for TWO WHOLE WEEK. So I’ll put here what to do other than craft!

So, I visited the Luminarium (by Architects of Air) at Lakeside Arts Centre. You haven’t been? You should go! Anyway, a Luminarium visits once a year for a week at a time. Last year we got a visit from Levity2 (there is no levity1… I know, I know, don’t ask, I don’t know). My FAVE bit from Levity2 is this ‘ceiling’.

from the outside:

(these pics are borrowed from the architects of air webby)

And, sorry to ruin the magic, this is what it looks like WITH flash:

Look at all the pretty diamonds they piece together! and the dots!

This year we had LevityTHREE (and yet, where’s LevityOne, ay?)
Day one I went with:

Daniel, Amy…

…lovely Zara

Image by Marie Drouin

…and genius Marie who was off taking photographs with her technical camera.

It was 26 degrees that day, even hotter in the inflatable sculpture.

Lovely and relaxing though:]

chillin’, looking up at one of my fave bits of this one

Day TWO:

We posed before going in boats… it was a long queue! We’re boats people.

L-R: Amy, Alberto, Sam, Anna (again!)

Amy : Be a praying mantis!

Anna “what’s a praying mantis?”
Sam”it’s a kind of fish I think”
Me “I’m an evil one with the stuff on the legs who eats the man one”
…and then there’s Alberto’s brilliant ‘praying’ mantis.

Thankyou to Shay Perry from Linby Primary School for his praying  mantis obsession, else I might not have known how to pose.

We rowed!

amy and I were purple/lilac pirates in our two person purple/lilac canoe and crashed in to people when we could… only once or twice by accident.

Amy and I sang “Just around the river bend” from Pocahontas and THE song from POTC by Klaus Badelt.

We were speedy and I felt stronggg!

Sammy, Alberto and Amy sang “rock the boat (don’t rock the boat baby)”

After a looooonnnggg wait for Luminarium I really hoped that my beautiful friends would enjoy this thing I’d spent a week trying to convince them to see and over an hour we spent in a queue for. So, I take the billions of pictures as a great response!

through all this amy was having me pose, it was very fun!
then she asked me to look sad, like I would cry. I can cry on demand… as long as I havent had just a brilliant time! So to help the sad thoughts she said “look sad! like you’re going to cry. like a water buffalo died and it’s YOUR fault”

But the intruding camera edging in on my peripheral vision and on my sad thoughts and Amy saying “WAATTTEERRRR BUFFALOOOOO had me laughing til I couldn’t breathe.

moooreee silly smurf coloured poses

we only left when the workers warned us they were closing and about to deflate

Also, we fed geese, ate out

(twice Japanese- this is sweet and sour tofu, once brazilian and twice cake. Mwhahahahah!)

I’d never eaten brazilian food before and by the vibrancy of brazil I was thinking before the restaurant what the food might be like. I had black bean fritters with cashew and peanut paste and salad, Sammy had a meaty curry and Alberto had a prawny curry type dish that was very coconutty and tasted yum! But they had no vegetarian curry option so at home the next day I looked it up and made my own brazil style veg’ curry. Brazilians seem to like two types of meat and two types of sausage all inside one meal… so I did quorn chicken and quorn sausage in my version! Brazilian curry has ginger, lime and coconut as well as curry powder and is very yummy!

Also to pass time there was a Maniere Des Bohemiens album launch! There was a fantastic violin quartet, a sweet band I enjoy called We Show Up On Radar

This and following images by brilliant Marie Drouin!

and… Maniere Des Bohemiens!

These people were also at Sounds on the Downs at Lakeside Arts Centre behind the University, on after a hilarious, brilliant band called Satsuma who most memorably did a cover of “I wanna be like you” from Jungle Book.

Later on it poured with rain at the festival and we had to wait a while, hiding in tents, until we could paddle through huge puddles and find the bus, face paint smudged to hell!

Green Fest:


Also I walked the sausage dogs (who are actually cavvies) through sunshine, streams and mud.

… but I crafted too =) LOTS.

And spent money on craft items that have yet to arrive and I’m waiting, excitedly, like a kid before christmas!

… also i bought two pair of handmade earrings, a new release comedy book by Jon Richardson (no relation) and a £1.50 pair of shoes…but we’ll let that go 😉 shh!

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