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Mixed media canvas & Studio shoes

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Firstly, HELLO! from a rock star wannabe to a real rock star!!! Ms D Thrifty thought you might like that =) I will dig out my alternative tentacles hoodie and maybe sew it and make it look less… well… punk? Sorry but it really is holey baggy (it was my brother’s) and now I know how I should probably fix it =P Then I can wear it again but without fear that it might fall apart =D

Okay! So Queen C (tutor of mixed media canvasses AND art journalling) got us started on a lovely lil’ canvas.  And after one lesson this is the result =D

It might look like “WOW! All that in one class!?” because that’s how it feels for me… but an added bit of trivia is that we tend to start the lesson with a nice catch up and chat about our week and a cuppa… so really, look, all that in one session PLUS a lovely big chat! We do good work don’t we =D

Another bit of trivia: Though I could, if I want, shrink down this picture a bit so it fits in the blog better, but I want you to see the size of my hands. I see my hands every day, but I saw this and thought “ooer, tiny!” but then I put my hand to the screen and sadly realised this photo is a ‘actual size’ picture. I’m a bit magic. Like a leprechaun.

This week the canvas turned in to this:

I’m kinda proud of all these layers and the… everything! I luff it! It’s like something finally ‘clicked’. Week ago we each had an A5 piece of card to work with and I was having issues and difficulty with the background anddd the foreground. Ouch. And it felt awkward. But I’m happy with this X-D *happy happy joy joy*

Still not complete but I’m getting there =)

Also we had a stoodio shoe day =D Shoes so dangerous and ouchy that they’re best worn when not standing. Like… when in the studio! We forgot to take pictures though so we’ll be doing it again soon hopefully =D That night I had a spectacularly evily painful  cramp in my calf muscle, could the two thing be connected? Maybe I wont stand washing tea cups and stencils while wearing the studio shoes next time- the warning’s in the shoe title!!

Next up, art journalling =)

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May 26, 2011 at 12:02 pm

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