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Graffiti! I iz well street,blud =]

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My friends Heather Towle from Nottinghamshire and Diane Radishat from Seattle were excited to visit New Art Exchange for a graffiti workshop hosted by Oxygen Thievez’s Nathan aka Smallkid.

Here he draws up an example for our friend Anna

First he draws with a finepen Anna’s name, then goes around that line with chunky letter outlines.

Next he goes over that outline with a paint pen and colours in the shapes- no need to be too accurate just yet!

For our eyes only, because I forgot to take more pictures, he showed us how to add more detail- shine, stars, cracks, all cool-looking and very effective.

Here’s my end product:

There were alot of genius kids there (Heather included!!) that sped through their graffiti names and even had time to doodle or draw a monter/ alien creature before the workshop had ended! So I’ll just end my attempt graffiti on this medium/high unfinished note.


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April 29, 2011 at 8:07 pm

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