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my birthday update! (back dated)

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twenty threeeeeeeee years old

doing homework and graffiti using knitting old pyjama trousers.


There was a heatwave and it was  a lovely day

Alberto & Lily


Steve, Amy…


Ms D Thrifty

NO I haven’t shrunk, but I did take these pictures whilst laying down, sunbathing.
My birthday part two:

Kyla vanilla ice creaming the cakes she made for meeee

99 style cupcakes 😉

strawberries and cream cakes, fudge crispie cakes, lemon zest drizzle cakes, choc’ cherry crispie cakes, cranberry and orange cakes.

and and and non- toxic glitter!!

bestest jelly ever made by kyla


Birthday part THREE: art journalling & mixed media canvasses

Cake from Amy D there were stickers TOO!

Birthday part 3.5:

Next to munch cake from Robert!

Full of cake now *flop*

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April 12, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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