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MUSIC! Scanners and Once Upon A Time

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Firstly, a pic that reminds me of the brilliant time I had at Ballet Trockadero! Took me ages to grow that facial hair.

On Saturday I’d had 6 hours of rehearsal with the family choir and the family orchestra were sounding freakin’ brilliant, us too =P

warning, LOUD!!

My throat was starting to hurt and Anna (head of our group) told us to drink LOTS of water and don’t talk 😉 however, I was due to meet Allanah banana, have lunch and then make our way to Bodega to see Scanners people for the first time in TWO YEARS! There was no way I was going through that gig without grabbing the oppurtunity to belt along to my fave songs!

I forgot to take pics or videos of the gig so here’s a taping from three years ago of Raw (Tom on drums)

I love it but it’s just my favourite thing to hear live- I was knackered Saurday, it had been a long day and I was lacking sleep but I remember going crazy to this song each time I’ve seen/heard it live and Allanah looking at me like I’m daft… not quite as crazy as dancing guy though =)

SO over to Once Upon A Time

ooooooohhhhhh… aaaahhhhh…. I like lights….

Psst, pre show, audience and philharmonic milling in

Voices, high

low voices

Where’s Wally Dad

There were projections, animations (though Cinderella was a bit creepy), a magician who levitated,audience participation and… us! The family orchestra and our Apprentice’s Sauce was grand and had us dancing!

Also I learned that I found cello spinning to look damn cool.



The next entery will be about either… MY BIRTHDAY or progress made in Robert’s Art Journal =)

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April 5, 2011 at 9:44 pm

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