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Robert’s book!

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Right! The book I’m working on for AJing lately belongs to Robert of Once Upon a Stamp. For each person’s book I’ve been collecting bits and bobs or the right colours and interesting textural bits- there’s a bag, per person, of their colours of choice, CHOCCA! But still when Lynn handed me Rob’s book I got a bit of arty anxiety “how could his compare to mine!?” but I’ll be fine! I WILL! ahem 😉

I really enjoyed doing W&C Lynn’s Postcards! Problem is that I’ the second (after herself) to work in the book and I fear the next few people will glare and growl “argh! woman stole the easy ideas!!”

I like the sentence but I’m not sure of the rest =( So this might change before I next hand over the cards

There is another sky
Ever serene and fair,
Such beauty that for a minute
Death and ambition, even love,
Doesn’t enter into this.


I get ideas at the last-minute and in my last-minute wisdom thought “I should do another two cards”. DOH! But class wasn’t on last Monday so maybe If I find time on Thursday between counseling, preparing food for a fuddle and dad’s concert and on Friday after a wake… eek!

Saturday I have rehearsal at Theatre Royal from 10- 4pm and sunday from 11:30, it’ll be  scary few days! Help out a social phobe’ and fill in for me? By the way, we’re rehearsing the sorcerer’s apprentice and this is the link for the show. We get to watch a bit of it before we go on and I’m excited! SHH! I dont care it’s for families with kids, I am a kid!

T’other day I went to see Patrick Wolf with Allanah Wolf  (see trocks pic in previous entry) and it was a ‘bit of loveliness’ as R&G Lynn would say! An array of instruments and synth, indie/folk/electro and stagey dancing and russian dancing and it perked and cheered me right up!! I luff Mr Rowdy’s gold foil too *swoon* and the voguing… to the point where I didn’t even mind having to make my dad’s birthday cake in the wee hours of the morning when we finally got home! …Well it was that or wake up early to make the cake… despicable habit, that.

I really don’t believe the second voice belongs to Eliza Carthy =o(

SO! Here’s Robert’s orange and pink book, the pages I have started:

…and some fings collected to work with

LOTS to do =D
Next up? Helping Japan’s survivors =)


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March 31, 2011 at 11:04 am

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  1. pink n orange
    nom nom nom
    i just hemmed kaftan edge one way round n neck on t’other,sigh….
    u lk v cool as babybutch/drag! stay cool for singing,u love it really 😉

    pretty thrifty

    March 31, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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