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BIRDS: Keep on trockin’

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Here I am at midnight! I just finished reading a book in bed. I’m not sure reading’s good for me; It leaves me restless and sometimes I refuse to sleep so that I can get further. Sometimes I put down my book and wander off and sulk because it’s getting to part I’m not comfortable with…

So that’s what happened today! And it took me to Hucknall to meet Ms P. Thrifty, a thread hanger and (ex?) blogger. This reminded me I have yet to blog, as if the thought of updating had done anything but hang over my head.

FIRSTLY thank you to Dee for calling my home tonight and talking to my mother (who thought I was sleeping) to let me know I’d left my phone at her home. Because of this I give her a pic of me in (kinda) drag:

me in the bow tie!

A day of Trockadero! Beautiful, hilarious and addictive! I’ve asked for the first and second dvd for my birthday!

the dancer here is Paul aka Ida Nevasayneva. Read the dancers brilliant character names here.

…and look at my eyelashes I wore for the show!

PHWORE! Eyelash weight lifting! I luff the two little black feathers =)

Moving on! Look at these eggs that class mate Lynn gave to me in exchange for cakes for the class:

The darker eggs were actually a mahogany shade of dark brown with black speckles but my camera loves to change the colour of any items that show a hint of red. One parent actually thought that I’d painted the eggs in class! I know we aren’t always very grown up to do a class of messy creativity and cake eating but we don’t paint eggs!

Class mates enjoyed these extra fruity cakes so much that I wonder if these may be an intrinsic too to taking over the world!

Cake 2: Mum’splainer fruit cake for her to take to friends for her birthday

Cake 3:
Date and walnut cake with coffee frost filling to stick the two layers together and plain icing/ coffee heart and sprinkles for the top (so there isnt tooooo much icing!).

Okay, so it’s 12:46am now so I’m goin to go to bed! Hopefully, after dog walking tomorrow I can update some more =)

Next you can expect pics of my white and cream postcards made for lynns book and photos and an idea of what I’m working on next!

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March 28, 2011 at 11:52 pm

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