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Leaving homework til the night before class is knackering!

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An update on the last two weeks goes summat like this:

We broke up for half term at Sherewood Workshops (a week later tha everybody else) after our class on Monday the 21st of Feb.

On Thursday the 24th of Feb I met up at Jam Cafe with the lovely Marie and we painted with watercolours; some pictures we painted in preparation for my Art Journalling and some just because! It was “a bit lovely” as Lynn would say – we had soup and hot bread and there was a reative Spanish movie about democracy (English subtitles and people with no voice and a boy with no eyes taught us this!), and tea (I spilled most of my delicious fresh mint tea over the table, on to Marie’s painting and Marie’s lap!) ooooops. A Greenday song called “Warning” comes to mind!

My excuse for such little creativity? My aunt visited and her room was my making room. If she’s anything like me then me disturbing her sleep while I use my LOUD sewing machine could result in me being murdered. Or worse! She might have massacred Rex (my machine)!

So anyway, fighting  cold, I didn’t start my homework til quite late- 3 days before returning to class! Here’s how my pages have changed:

This is the book cover I stitched

These pages will probably change-it was all I could do in mythree days before swapping with everyone in class… however, Robert’s full of flu and Babs was busy! So we’re swapping next Monday instead; I’m glad because now I can complete my final page and make the envelopes in  which my fellow swapsters can leave me a note =) WOOP!

Anyway, I’ve had a cold for an awfully long time now- any one want to take it off my hands (and chest)? *cough cough cough*


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March 8, 2011 at 7:22 pm

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  1. oh pritty!
    me like…
    love how invitational u’ve been to the others to goldly blow..;)

    pretty thrifty

    March 13, 2011 at 10:13 pm

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