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My FREE Reign on Brusso and Pearlescent Paint!

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Tasty and shiny colours!

“It’s nice. It tastes a bit like forever… I like the way colors taste. Except I don’t like crimsons… or turquoises… especially when they put their heads in their shells and won’t play, and when you break their shells to let them out, they DIE…” – Delirium

I had a goldfish once and called it Delirium. I only recently found out that you should have an oxygen pump in the tank- even for goldfish! Or else they’re barely surviving! Oxygenating weed or plant does little to help and doesn’t help at ALL at night-time because at night it only produces Carbon Dioxide! Poop >.< Which is why one of my fish only survived for a few days =( R.I.P Wainwright

ahem, anyway.

In art journalling, term the 2nd, I’ve started on my own book in my colours; purple and teal/greeny.

Carol gave these little lovely pieces of purple card, Claire handed to me the stencils and I dug out the pearlescent paints! I only used them for the first time ever last week!

this is the wind and the mud high on the embankment, like this:

clouds, butterflies and bugs

leaves and  skylark. I can’t wait til there weather’s better and there will be a skylark hovering in the sky!

And though I love the embankment I really don’t recommend anyone visit it =)  I prefer it unbusy!

My aunt is visiting for the weekend and wants to see the sculpture so but dogs and I might visit Mr Byron tomorrow up on the ‘bank. =)

In my art journal i might stick each page to another so that it’s two pages thick- this idea would be nicked from Lynn. I haven’t though to do this with any of my pages so far but it might help for when I get my pages a bit too wet. What do you think?

This page might be about my gig travels… or maybe countryside holidays!

this is the same page and makes me think of concert lights:

Oh well! I’ve been lost in my head for a while, not sure it’s right to be lost but it’s colourful and care free. Though I would like to try doing other things that other art journallers do- like drawing wriggly lines and writing in between them, like making a picture out of words like some people do with poetry, more collages and doodling and patterns! And erm… what else… oh yes! Here are some I made earlier:

Brandnew lyrics, “Okay, I believe you but my tommy gun dont”

Next entry? I’ll show what I made in my last day in scrapbooking and maybe make a “how to” out of it! Scrpbooked Canvas! Hum?

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February 22, 2011 at 10:12 pm

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