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Making and Music… but not making music… luckily for you!

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Saturday I went to a concert! My Chemical Romance supported by Lost Alone (Notts pride!) and The Blackout.

Tip for Blackout- Don’t call all women liars, insult Nottingham and then tell us that you’ll be back in April… I will throw rotten eggs when you return.

It was brill, lots of the crowd were lovely and considerate and fragrant and fresh- the last being a perk of a mostly female crowd! This might sound mean toward fellas but Oi! You’re tall! Stop pushing down on me and put your elbows away! *ouch* flops*

There are some brave/mad women following the bands on tour but my friend Allanah and I were ready to flop and squirm in pain before the gig even started!

From the gig we learnt that we really like neon guitars

A vest saying “HELL HERE” would be liked more by me if it said “HELLO THERE”… I’d much prefer it!


You can wear a cardigan and still be flipping cool!


and lights

make me happy

And I learnt that most people just didn’t understand why we were all lining up early!

Here’s the result of a sleepy bust ride home at 1am and sharing earphones after the gig:

You can be a star, you can shine so bright, oh oh, you can be your own spotlight…


Oh so achey now!


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February 20, 2011 at 2:22 am

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