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My first day in Mixed media Canvasses

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A taster session for Sorcerer’s Apprentice at Notts’ Theatre Royal!
Sorcerer’s Apprentice:

I’d sung at NTR before but something has me feeling a bit fangirl-ish about being on that stage =)
Some stickers backstage:

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD RYAN ADAMS!!!

It was luffly and enjoyable so I’ll be returning for rehersals on Sunday- 10am til 4pm! Och.
Ahem, so, Monday!

In Mixed Media Canvasses we worked on having lotsa layers of inks, card and heat some heat embossing! None of us have glued anything in place yet seeing as we like to moves things about and keep things as a work in progress until we’re happy with the looook, but maybe it’ll look like this at the end…

Layer one:

Layer twoooo:

anddd layer three? or a bit of an embellishment:


and in Art Journalling- the return of the tea (and coffee) drinking chatterboxes!

In this (new) term of Art J-ing each student has chosen two colours each and these two colours will apply to their own book as their book is passed around and each of us will work in someone elses book for two weeks each… Are you confused yet? I’m sorry!

My books colours are purple and teal! And I just bought my book today =) A nice (hard backed) plain canvas. I bought it from Paperchase

They also had this lovely item:

but I worried the vibrant loveliness would be too imposing!

Also, I think i’d rather rummage through my own bits of loveliness and make a good cover decoration *cross fingers for funky success!*

Here are the people and the colours they chose:
Barbara: Ochre and Kingfisher
Carol: Blue and Purple
Me!: Teal and Purple
Claire: Sepia and Turquoise
Lynn: White and Cream
Lynn: Red and Green
Robert: Pink and Orange

I’m pretty excited to get stuck in! Until then we’re all collecting bits and bobs, dribs and drabs for each others books and flicking through eye candy books!

tasty colours, oui?


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February 10, 2011 at 9:39 pm

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