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I is for… Ice cream!

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I woke at 6:20am, tossed and turned, got ready at 7:15am, ate cereal at 8:00am… 8:15am Ms Thrifty text, 8:15 and 10 seconds class was cancelled, 8:30am woke mum and presented her with cereal, 8:45am… went back to bed!  tee hee hee!

So, went to scrapbooking at half 6, we made word books! Carla has templates for words like HOME, LOVE, FAMILY, BABY and SPORT… however, I decided to improvise and d something else- which impressed Ms. Carla! But it felt pretty easy to figure out =)

What does it say? IRELAND!

I is for… Ice cream!

Eating ice cream in Ireland in autumn? Don’t care how cold it is, we’re having holiday ice cream!

R is for… Awwww (phonetically)!

Okay, so I didn’t really have a letter theme for each page- but I insist on using the ice cream photo!

In the picture, me, my sis and Jo stroking the horsey-bobbo.

E is for… Education! Though, do you like how I almost spelt school? Oops!

L is for… Lemon lellow house! It was all pretty, pine and cosy inside XD


A is for… An engagement?… Ate?… APPETITE! (though having a moment at 12:42am and feeling like appetite doesnt have meaning, but it’s right!)

N is for…. Blarney Stone! Okay, so I ran out of mojo! But here’s Mick laying back and a bit upside down in order to kiss the stone and become more well spoken.

D… Dark Cave? >.<

(above: me doing an impersonation of the lady from House on the Hill- Vincent Price version)

Art journalling and mixed media canvasses starts on Monday! How exciting! Bed time now =)

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February 1, 2011 at 12:26 am

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