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weird, quick and clever never ending scrapbook page

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Videoooo of folding pages- mute it? it’s all shuffly and whispery!

Carla took pics of my heat embossing- said it was quite advanced to not use an ink pad or stamps in heat embossing! Here’s the picture I wanted to fill in:

I took with me my chosen colour of embossing powder but then I saw Carla’s pretty, sparkly (so many sparkles!) colours (so many colours!) and decided to do primary colours.

Proud of myself? Having fun? A bit =)

Note: have to remove all of the photos from the page else the heat gun will ruin them and possibly make them go all bubbly- havent tried it though, so bubbly pictures might be a nice effect on any pics you don’t like- like all the one’s my parents used to accidentally take of the ground or the sky.

Gold pollen anddd more colouring in:

And then coloured in parts of the heat embossing that didnt take

So I’m almost done! Just need to finish the last (back) page and do some corner rounding on photos!

Also, look what came from America today!

I never grew out of my spending pocket-money on fountain pens and notebooks phase… >.< but aren’t they pretty!?

and and and look what I baked!

choc/fudge cookies and date and ginger cookies… happy family! I was going to take them to class today but I been a bit ill soooo >.<

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January 26, 2011 at 11:01 pm

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