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I love comedy! “To whit and to woo… eh ladies?”

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A Simon Munnery quote about how his aims are similar to that of an Owl’s!

Embossed owl that Claire passed on to me, you are distressed and glittery, but I am de-stressed and glittery.

The places I want to visit…

…and places I visited.

Baddie page. Arch nemesis! Hum?

Teeny tiny pictures of my sister and her friend fooling about on holiday “my seat!” “no, mine!”, blarney stone, Jo and a horsey and a couple of gig pics (IamX).

From psychologies magazine: ❤ Psychologies sometimes but stop letting readers think they have to find themselves in your descriptions and then put themselves in to YOUR groups! I much prefer blood types and reading groups!

Amongst other things, has “Reasons to be cheerful” something to do with (now split-up) rock group Engerica? That’s in my head but I can’t find something on the internet to prove they coincide and that my brain dots connect! *pout*

Okay, also, star/starfish I bead-wove and “…and they eternal summer shall not fade” Sonnet 18- that’s how I feel about my fave summers- ones spent with friends of the time in a park or arbouretum or by a waterfall (on a day out in matlock with Ms Thrifty and Mr Stringer).

also a cheap glitter glue doodle – glitter glue from the pound shop! I’m pointing this out because the bird cage i did a whil back was some with something different- pricier – and possibly reasonally so, Stickles. I luff Stickles and their pretty colours (I even bought a pretty teal/aqua one on sale from my local craft shop I Made This) but it turns out pound shop ones work okay too- both take AGES to dry though! =P

a teddy charm dangling from a split ring- grey and silver are better than brown and gold! And, um…. I have some cuddly toys from my baby days.

A recipe for vegetable soup cut from a metro (I’m vegetarian) that i like cooking for people to music- gits me in to my world and my space, also writing saying to close your eyes, listen or read because it gets me in to a space when everything seems too close- a quote from an artist but I can’t remember who =(

also, pictures of my cute little evil gremlin Josie- she’s not mean or evily cheeky anymore- just cheeky =) and Soho Dolls (Maya von Doll) and Vicky Butterfly and The Redwalls.

From a Woman’s Weekly released in 1960s or the 1950s:

combines with the illustrated Metro cover again. The illustrator has “Eye” in their business name but I can’t remember her name! I really enjoyed that Metro cover- a fella proposed to his (possible fiance), a lady advertised her fave band, and someone advertised chopstick jousting, did you see it?

Henry Roth and missing old times:

Crimbo- not religious but a time for family and family friends to show appreciation for each other and to cook a huge amount of food that you eat for three or four days straight.

I’ll show you my never-ending scrapbook page tomorrow- It isn’t quite complete or dry yet!- Also I wish I had a video clip of the page but that would involve me moving the page and Me has rubbed my mascara all over my face =) *yawn*

Tomorrow to do:
~ Hooooooooooooooover for an hour
~ Make lunch and tea for parents
~ Complete my book cover and decide what to make in sewing on Wedneday!! Scary! Shall I make a bag? A dress!? Eek >.< Two women (both called Sarah) are making Skirts, Gemma’s making a dress, Rebecca was doing a kind of embellishing thing  (my fave!) but I’m not sure what it’s called… so, what to choose!?! >.< eek.

But now? Bed time!

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January 24, 2011 at 11:48 pm

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