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and this is MY United K. of “whatever”!

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To Do:

  • Show y’all what I dunned in Scrapbooking. I didn’t go to Art Journalling this week! Disgusting, I KNOW! But I still did lots in my Art-J book! Lovely stuff! And my Scrapbook page is immense and never-ending!
  • What I didded in sewing and plan to finish and take to my class next Wednesday to go, “Hi Ladies! See what I completed!”
  • Sleep at normal o’clock *frown* I slept normal Mon’ night and Tues, but not tonight *checks clock that says 02:16am*
  • Return one too – see-through top and one too long dress tomorrow
  • Upload pics of the beautiful roses the Cake Decorating Students make from sugar-paste and show them to my sister! (I’m not in the class but saw some decorations drying during another class!)

Erm. DONE now =)

Written by Cherise

January 20, 2011 at 2:22 am

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