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January 2011 so far!

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Hulloooo from cheeky polar bear, Casper!

I nabbed some crafty embellishing packs from Pretty Thrifty Dee, muchly enjoed by Casperpuss… But mainly to use with my scrapbookign and art journalling.

Also, who saw BBC Stargazing!? So cool! Erm, I gave my telescope to my nephew yeaaaaars ago because it confuzzled me, so, here’s what my camera picks up without any help:

Might have to pick up another from a charity shop or boot sale this year =)Here’s what I was looking at from my bedroom window:

(click on link to go to mspa forums)

Right then! Let’s jump back to what I havent shown you yet from last year before we broke up for Christmas!

My fave layout yet I think! I saved that long piece of card for months =P Carla said “You’re insistant you’re going to use that card, aren’t you?” “yessssssss”.

Closer look

(says “beauty”)

T’was a lovely day in the arbouretum in summer time having a picnic, musics from friends and from strangers we adopted who were lounging nearby all for…. Marie! The pic of me (looking like I’m strangling a puppy) is taken by my friend Sammy =D

A couple of weeks later in scrapbooking (after I’d missed a week because of snow or germies) I made thissss:

Let me explain! Whilst I was away Carla had asked everyone to bring a picture of themselves to the next lesson, but I didnt know what she had requested. This is one of very few pictures that I had with¬† me…

…Plus I’d wanted to use this owl paper since i’d seen it at the start of term and it was the last owl sheet! LUCKY.

Also she asked us to use the sewing machine in the layout.

The last description at the bottom might *ahem* be a hopeful opinion rather than fact. I can be a rockstar if I want to.\\\

And this week in Scrapbooking:

Centre: Me and Amy! Faces painted lovingly by a cool lady on-site.
Clock-wise from top left: Louise (Talula) blowing-up a balloon and her friend. Sarah and I came across them at the end of the first day of tree fest in 2009. My luuuuve pot! Very Wonky because I dropped it 4 or 5 times on the way home. Amy made one too! Sarah (Magsy Malone) with biscuits and Dee with knitting. Big smiles! Flutterby Amy and I made for her room or garden our of reed and paper, string, tape and glue =D Amy’s fella made a stick man but was dissed by a kid who said “looks like a spoon!”



I really do love sleep and the night. I prefer to sleep at 4am on.

The pieces of paper (words) are from a review that I cut out are from this flier:

I like the flier so very much too.

In art journalling I punched a flower from of each page of my second art book and after sticking in the flier I noticed this lady peeping through the other side of the page!

I wrote some sad stuff on this page. Then a month or two later didnt want it anymore. So i covered it in layers of gesso and acrylic paint- but it kept showing through! Sooo:

Not quite completed this page – needs more purkle!

“the marvelous is always beautiful, everything marvelous is beautiful, nothing but the marvelous is beautiful.” Andre Bretton.

SO, how were your chrimbos and new years?


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