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Jack Frost nipping at your nose?

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Blogger and crafter, lovely Lynne, has featured my William Wordsworth, Sky of Bliss paper brooch on her blog!
This is my first time being featured on someone else’s blog so… exciting!

I’m not sure what’s the norm to do next, but I just wrote a thank you on her blog =)

Isn’t Christmas lovely?

(My sister’s tree!)

*chompchompchomp* I hope people enjoyed =)

For my grand-nieces:

Playing with my X-mas prezzies:

Thought I needed inkpads but pound shop felt tips work!

Carol at Art Journaling gave me this book:


but but but but but…. what…. it’s too pretty to use! I used the kiddy versions of these books as a child! Draw a picture and then write a story to go with it… sooo…..
But don’t worry, I WILL use it –  for art journalling of course!

2010 Review

What have I achieved
An award/certificate or some such to say I’m good at math! Woop for that, right? I worked through my math book relgiously attended every lesson, erm, except for two lessons in a row where I showed up at what I thought was 1pm but was 2pm- I don’t think about it too much- I was just thankful when my friend, reassured me that I wasn’t loosing my marbles.
Also I made myself ready for Christmas markets.
Last year on the way to counseling I “sulk bought” little things like a psychologies magazine and cereal bar each week, and on sale sugar snap peas or an avocado…and this year… didn’t so much! Except for the “2 boxes for £1.20!” strawberries next to my new counseling place- they’re properly tastey and ripe ones!
I take a book and pen with me everywhere so I can vent, write notes, ideas, funny things… and to prevent me buying over-priced notebooks in desperate, paper and penless moments. 

Review your goals and intentions
To be more organised

I’m not tidy. But I tidy more as well as cleaning and tidy around the house alot more. And, as my friend Dee pointed out to me- this year I haven’t lost my jewellery stall bag and haven’t had to pull an allnighter before a stall.

2011 Goals:
This next year I hope to save money- to save more than £27 a week and hopefully put something in my savings account- to do this by taking on a part time job.
AND! Stop biting my nails and skin.


Happy new year!

…Ah! then, if mine had been the Painter’s hand,
To express what then I saw; and add the gleam,
The light that never was, on sea or land,
The consecration, and the Poet’s dream;
I would have planted thee, thou hoary Pile
Amid a world how different from this!
Beside a sea that could not cease to smile;
On tranquil land, beneath a sky of bliss.

Thou shouldst have seemed a treasure-house divine
Of peaceful years; a chronicle of heaven;-
Of all the sunbeams that did ever shine
The very sweetest had to thee been given.


Written by Cherise

January 1, 2011 at 9:58 pm

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  1. yes, good resolutions and kjndly stocktaking, it’s so important to remember what last year’s yardstick was to see the new growth
    keep blossoming sweets!

    pretty thrifty

    January 11, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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