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jog over the past few weeks

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2 out of 3 dogs like snow. Lady is a dog. She stands in snow. 1 out of 3 dogs pretend to die when you tell them to go out and do “business”…

What would you rate her acting?

Moving on…






Messy hobbies that smell of chocolate and/or coffee are fun!

Making Pretty Dee Thrifty’s Birthday cake!

And is the only time the kitchen is bearable temperature during ice days!

In sewing class we are asked to bring in two half metres of fabric to make a frilly apron that covers the waist down… but for baking I really need a rain mac’…

Went in my hair too! Note to self: Electric whisk OFF!

WOOOOOO! Um. Gimme!?

Thank you XD *licks the screen*

X mas card holder and decorations makinggg

Then off to Kyla’s for *ahem*shh!* ordering parents x mas prezzies!


Tad chilly

Disco-coloured craft fayres with Marie Drouin. And the Queen. And some people who are really Knitty Gritty…

Jooyyyyy and love for the lighting!

Making X-mas cards for art journallers

For Lyn

And, erm, gesso snow effect bi- products? Messy laptop

Master of Ceremonies snowman card for Robert and his family! Years ago (’06 or 2007) I made Allanah a Chris Corner snowman card (kinda similar but with a black and yellow/gold and sequin theme) and I can’t remember it too well but I love such things!One day I’ll get my top hat back from Magsy Malone and make a Glam/Electro/Joel/Chris inspired snowman!

Casper the friendly polar bear helping me Facebook! Note the gesso with ill-placed lid, lil clove dangly sachet, birthday candle pen, blue acrylic paint and white gel pen. Wonderful things!

And in Art Journalling, not a tremendous amount of work being done- I completely blame it on this:

Thanks Carol! Tasty num.

Oh, and did I mention its Crimbo?

The little golden fabric diamonds contain xmas smellies- I made them! Great idea by Dee!
For the past three years my fave crimbo song has been:

07: sung by rufus wainwright or diana krall
in 08: sung by ella
’09: verve Crimbo songs remixed version sung by Ella.

AND in sewing machine class I finished my bag!

other side ❤ big enough to contain the kitchen sink I carry with me to and from class!

this year my fave x-mas song is :


cosy feeling inside!

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December 22, 2010 at 12:32 am

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