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KILLJOYS, MAKE SOME NOISE about painting and printing!

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“Look alive sunshine…” ha, brainwashed by that now- so catchy! Radio people say new tour dates will be posted tomorrow!

I forgot, way back when I posted a blurry pic of the birdcage with the heart inside? This is something I did in my Art Journal beforeeee the cage:

and under the “cusp of insanity” doodah, done a week later when i was feeling grey/blue:

From Monday last week I’d been feeling extra blue, got worse each day until Thursday when tears were involved!

Friday I was broken.

Saturday… there was something that would help… the metre of pelmet viline from superstar Dee and her lovely friend, my very (very) old (a few of them dried up to a crisp) tubes of acrylic and some paint brushed I bought weeks ago from the pound shop.

Not so keen on this one… but it will be saved!

Something oh SO pleasing about painting your hand…

…and then pressing it to pelmetine (what I shall call pelmet viline!)

Right then! Explanations for things in the background!
– Rectangle-y stamp for making acrylic or gesso lines- good for patterns or writing in/on the lines.
– Old ribbon tube with elastic glued on in various widths around the outside- also for liney goodness!
– Egg carton rescued from the recycling bin with acrylics in it! I love the smell/ feel of that card! So lovely!
– Dad’s pint glass used as a painty water jar.There’s a clean jam jar in the kitchen windowsill… shall I swap them?

Likessss but there’s more to do on this one too- I want to sew on the hands- not in a painful way! just the outline… possibly.

This next one, I was a bit nervous of what to draw, so I did a lily using pastels.

Also! When you’ve painted, if you keep putting water on top of the already damp paint then the fabric goes paler and paler and paler… I want to machine on this too- on the flower!

By the way- these will all be turned in to book covers! You might have wondered why they were all off centre and not abiding… the rule of… threes is it?

Better now?

And these are my little tester bits! so i know how my stamps will appear, who much i like fading the paint in patches and if oil pastel would work and not smudge on everything it touches! Phew, it’s good! =)

The aftermath is secondary…

Tar for reading! Next entry: Art Journaling and Scrapbook classes!

Written by Cherise

November 30, 2010 at 3:51 am

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  1. caught pinkhanded!
    i have internet,out of the blue?! happy dance
    sorry you have been so blue, you are making such lovely things it shouldn’t be so judy g………..xxxxxxxxx

    pretty thrifty

    December 1, 2010 at 11:46 pm

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