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Bonjour, desole!

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I’ve been a busy makererer, crafting candy canes, beaded bauballs and stars for chirstmas earrings and paper brooches for various places for christmas! First place stocked was  The Hopkinson Gallery, tomorrow I’ll do Crocus Gallery in Lenton (near the Savoy Cinema), hopefully in the weekend I’ll get to a friend’s shop in Hucknall (of which 25% of profits will go to charity!)

Lately I havent even had time to Art Journal *shock horror!*

last bit of art journalling I did!

…and yet… last thing I did in art journalling:

*stimpy*stampy*stompy*heat embossing, sticky tape and glitter!*

But I have some Art Journal background drying right nowwww in my big sketch book!

But at the weekend where did I go!?
Well, Saturday I went to Crocus with Magsy Malone

Too meet and catch-up with Alyn

That evening there was Floodit…

…but at home help was needed so I wasn’t able to attend even though I wanted these two designs:

However! Magsy Malone to the rescue!! We ran off to Dotty Perkins, bought a couple of plain tees (ultra stylish for Sarah, mega normal for me!) and off she went to Floodit with our friend Maty and got our tees screen printed! Ain’t she lovely! So sarah has the doggy printed on to her tee and I have a doggy tee and a “life is wonderful” tee! Well ‘cited to see them- ahem, and Magsy Malone of course!

And on Sunday, amidst me nervously beading like a lunatic, my friend’s baby’s naming ceremony! Um, his name?

…Dylan Jack Goatcher! I made this for him and one for each of my grand-nieces Katie and Sarah-May. They get theirs in their christmas sacks- you know you’re an adult when, on holiday in October, you’re sewing kid’s christmas gifts in your spare time.

I’ll try to update sooner next time!



Written by Cherise

November 24, 2010 at 10:35 pm

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