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Mug Shot:

Miss Lady Frekle-Nose Richardson:
Commited crime a few times before. Looking guilty. But not sorry. Only sorry she got caught. Also sniffing the table in hopes of getting her stuff back.


Vicitm: Casper Richardson
Vicitm is now rattled, hungry and isn’t happy with just cat biscuits and water.
Also, today was Scissor Sicters (Women Only) Craft Group! What did I do today? Cleaned up Ladies mess of foil cat food packets left throughout the house, hoovered for a bloody long time and waited in for Aunt, Uncle and their kids to arrive… So doing the criminal pet thing was just a bit of fun for me =]

Look what I just made!

I like it, but it doesnt really do the job i’d hoped of holding my earrings nicely. More tampering I think! Maybe more levels and absoloutely more glue.


And lastly, for now, the flower I made before blogging last night!



Written by Cherise

November 13, 2010 at 5:30 pm

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