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A Genuine Freakshow

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I went to see a lovely band called A Genuine Freakshow and a skilled lot called Long Dead Signal last night, only £3 pounds for fantastical musics! And and and I gots their album *eeeeee* exciting! Have a listen by clicking on the link? They have drums, a violin, cello, trumpet, guitars and bass and they iz brill! Make me bop around, sing along and remind me of silversun pickups… for some reason. I think they reminded Anna of Polyphonic Spree but with more of an impact =P

Also in my world? I want to use my poundshop bleach pen to do this ribby pic on a t-shirt

(Picture belongs t0 a creative and imaginative winner of MCR competition and I didn’t ask permission so shhh!)

Byt nice, right? Rock n roll but purple and lilac! Can’t be threatening in lilac… unless you have a (pretend) ray gun and a vampire mask in your hand.

SO! Show pic or two:
Long Dead Signal

A Genuine Freakshow

Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. I put their album on to my iPlod today so I could listen and bop and played them on Spotify when I got home in the wee hours of the morning.

Next up! Art Journaling– First class in weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks! Too long, yup? I agree! So, long ago we were all given a big piece of card each, told to cover it in various things, dry and then cover the other side! That took a whole lesson! So when we returned to the pretty card this week I was asked to cut it all up! *arghhhh!* I was thinking “ohhh, if i knew we’d be doing this I could have made it so that a bird stencil picture would be on one page and not be cut in half *OUCHY bird!* and made to live on two separate pages!

However, I folded and cut it up… REPEATEDLY… and all whilst pretending that I’m brave… then I eyed it and bound the pages as instructed (happy happy joy joy again!)

It’s all now A5 size! And each page is something brilliant and empty and ready to fill =) I now think that if I’d have known to plan it all out, have something perfect on each page, then it would have been a bit more restricting! And though I loved the ONE huge page, chopping it to make much much much smaller pages has me focusing on just one tiny part of a huge messy, pretty thing, has me looking as the spray bottle patterns, water marks, rainbow splodges of brusho, brush strokes and the textures in the brusso from my hand prints! And some pages instantly told me what I wanted to put where… others are still a mystery =P

I worry that I’d done too many pages in a short time, but the day after class I got out my brusho sheets from Pretty Thrifty’s First Friday Craft day (possibly last year?) and added some guesso and bits to those too to maybe use for this Journaling malarkey! And I yanked my old big art book from college GCSE art out of the wardrobe because it’s a sin to keep so many pages blank now that they can be put to good use!

Here are some pictures of pages from my art journal…

it has an old “business” card, some scrapbooking paper, a gold-plated wire name pendant saying “liz” (me mams name), and the words are cut from a newspaper abandoned on a train going from Manchester to Norwich on my way home after the MCR gig. The “crafty investment” in the newspaper was that people could share a boat and each pay for rent, fuel and upkeep. And the “Jewel” was about beautiful, expensive houses. Erm. But the upper classes and I have different definitions of jewels and crafty investments!

This page is me and my two eldest nieces. We aren’t so close or attatched at the hip now days, which is sad!

THIS is the first page in my art journal that I started. Claire gave each of us a sheet of paper with art journal promps, Claire said to me nonchalantly, “you can do question three!” which seems hilarious and psychic because suggestion number three is “Write about a ghost from your past. Hide it if you need to.” WHAT!? Is she secretly psychic in finding one of the biggest things in my head? Other promp ideas are “1) what memory do you want to keep forever?”, “2) When was the last time you jumped for joy?”, “4) Have you ever been afraid of someone?”

But art journaling was lovely, we met Claire’s mum and Rob shocked her and us, with the things he’d say. We ate cake. We talked about next years courses (psst! Mixed media canvasses, silver smithery, art journaling pt2, making books!) *drools on the keyboard*

This is the picture from the cover of my Midsummer Nights Dream book, glued on to the back of my art journal. A kind of, “what next?”

Lastly (because it’s acutally 20 to 2 in the morning), look what I did to pelmet viline!!! *machine embroidery happy dance*

I had to write my name back to front! Gold is in the bottom bobbin, brown is in the top reel, gold likes to snap when it’s up top s I had the pelmet viline’s back facing upwards, and just wrote my name back to front in brown.

What else!? Well!

EYE! and with flash so you can really see the gold

I chopped this out from the rest and will make it a pendant or turn it in to a hair clip doodah!  ❤ I like that the back of it is brown too- brown-eyed pride!

And just for old times sake I made this

Okay, so I’m now sleepier than a narcoleptic with insomnia, To DO:

  • charge camera or use other battery
  • text to see if Pretty Thrifty is feeling well enough for crafts tomorrow
  • ask sammy to meet my parents with my front-door key
  • take pictures of scrapbook and upload
  • take picture of the fabric flower I made after the paper rose but before I blogged
  • sleep
  • make snow flakes and christmas tree (shh! secret for now!)

ta ta!


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November 12, 2010 at 7:38 pm

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  1. show off! had to write my name backwards indeed! v v impressive, u r so getting a CherrySimone flavour in ur work, love it!

    pretty thrifty

    November 17, 2010 at 8:18 pm

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