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no matter how much you scream and bang your head at a gig after lining up for 7 hours in an icy cold que and making costume-y bits for the show , if there’s an outburst in a room of hundreds of people screaming “you’re beautiful!” then it can’t be too naughty to enjoy.

before that? Well, the week after I… went on holiday… with my sister and her husby to Norwich/Yarnmouth-type area!(cue picture spam)

I on that holiday, a lot of food firsts!
First ever:
– truck stop food
– cheese and mushroom omelette
– Jamaican curry
– eating nearly two tubs of ben & jerrys (cherry garcia and phish food) ice cream in a week.
– eating melted ice cream every day (the freezer didn’t work!)
– eating psychedelic cauliflower! (romanesque, is it?) we just called it psychadellic cauliflower… “when are we eating psychadellic cauliflower?” “how should we cook __________?” “what should we serve with__________” “how about cooking leaks, cheese sauce and curly fries with _______ and making it a kind of cheese and (psychedelic) cauliflower?”

hahaha- just realised mick's carrying my handbag for me (as made by pretty thrifty)

When we came home from holiday I had to pack for a gig trip to Manchester (Picadilly!) and make a bandana for a hint of a costume for seeing the band with my friend Allanah Larrikin.

The Hatters Hostel in Manc’ was a pleasure to stay in! and I shall go back- next time with Pretty ‘Dee’ Thrifty so we can nerd it up in the museums the funky streets where creative people might dwell!

Yesterday my little grand-nephew Elias came over for a visit with his mummy, Cherish. They grow-up so fast *sniffles*… no really! He’s teething! The last time i saw him all he did was flop in peoples arms, cry, poo, eat and sleep- this time there were sounds, teething, smiling, giggling and “a-gah!”

While on holiday I collected fliers of things we did and enjoyed and painted some pictures of birds I saw at a wildlife park (<3 birds)

and then at manc i collected fliers of things going on in the area, however, we were only there for one night, so it was all in vain, but I wanted to a collage of all the things I didnt do (in the background) and a mosaic (possibly?) or a pile of pictures of the only thing we did get to do (went to a gig and slept in a hostel) i suppose i could have taken pictures of the colouring in we did in the que (to take our minds off of the cold in a 7 hour wait for doors opening) and pics of the not nice pet shop we went to and the trip to macdonalds to defrost our bones an hour before the show… but… nah.

And here’s what Pretty ‘Dee’ Thrifty did when playing with pelmet viline at her house earlier today…

This started out looking like “the very hungy catapillar” but now i’m not sure I like it, however, there are some good parts so I shall cut out some sections or use it on the cover of a book for someone I don’t see often *ahem* for christmas. yup. ded cheekeh.

hungry pataciller

AND… last little dribs and drabs, todayyy, look what arrived!!!!!!!! From BalmBox on

yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! i want to make pumpkin cheesecake now! and the gummybear one smells lovely like Snapple XD

ALSOOO arrived was my Extra Nice Ok Go album with an extra touch of nerdiness in the lyric booklet:

❤ eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD

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October 30, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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