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Art Journal and Scrapbooking

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Hullooooooooooooo! I’m in a poopy rut of sleeping from 4am to 12pm! Eek.  DOesn;t help that I come home at 10:30 and behave like it’s day time by having tea, chatting with family, organising/todying and blogging! 😉

Today I wore my new dress! Like like like! and I wore it with burgandy tights XD

Today in art journaling we were given a huuuuuuuuuuuuge sheet of thick paper (or normal card), brusso (as seen on “Dee’s First Friday Crafts”), gesso, sponges, mister bottles (little spray tubes), brushes, water and… foam stamps… and plastic/rubber patterned rolling pins as bought from early learning centre!

this is the result of Robert’s page:

Phwore, right? So much colour and depth!

and now for my page!

after doing this… Claire said, “right! after this, I want you to turn it over, and do it all over again!”

my response, “*gasp* really?”

claire, “yeah?”

me, *grin looking like this sideway face: XD* “eeeeee yaaay”

yup! so, back:

(I added black brusso to the gesso and for the green swirlies I sprayed a stamp with a mix of leaf green brusso and water) for the other swirlies and birds I sprayed a stencil I’d layed down. pretty birdies!

moree hand prints XD it’s fun!

Luuurve it!

SO that’ll make two journal pages (or more if I want to make a smaller book!

Okay, so whyyyy, can’t the class be moooree longererer!

Then, in scrapbooking:

pic of me and my two eldest nieces on a biiiiig slide. We were a terrible trio indeed. Note that they’re wearing ginger spice inspired union jack dresses, I’m not. Yay for denim skirt days!

Want to see my brusso hands? Robert actually bleached his before leaving! But I wasn’t fussed- just makes the loveliness last longer!

So colourful that my tights are red, my hands are blue, purple and green, my scarf red, pink and green and my chocolate brown and green. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

Right, nearly 3am. ta ta!


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October 12, 2010 at 1:45 am

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